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By benzyme12/2/2022
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Health & Safety , Security
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Series of thebaine poisonings from poppy...
By acacian11/16/2022
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Mitigating Purging and Vomiting
By JeesYesterday, 3:12 PM
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Can't There Be More Than One Right...
By BundleflowerPower12/2/2022
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Lazy alkaloid salting combos (CISLO)
By Loveall11/27/2022
No New Posts Plant Analysis and Substance Testing
TLC test kits support , DanceSafe (No Access)
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Help me indentify this Ipomoea species
By downwardsfromzeroYesterday, 6:31 PM
No New Posts High quality topics compilation
DMT-Nexus quality topics compilation , External quality topics
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Are there any Mass Spectrometry analyses...
By Lost ape8/23/2022
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Different solvents to extract dmt?
By NailheadjakeToday, 7:05 AM
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Soxhlet for MHRB A/B?
By maximumexp384Today, 2:11 AM
No New Posts Introduction Essay  (3 Viewing)
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Greetings, i'm confused
By downwardsfromzero11/30/2022
No New Posts First steps in Hyperspace  (4 Viewing)
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The CEV have gone away..
By RolinwamaToday, 3:02 AM
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Enigmaticus , Hyperspace Lexicon , SHE
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More Easily Accessed Enigmaticus Archive
By Held In Amber10/24/2022
No New Posts Coalition for Entheogenic Liberty  (2 Viewing)
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Man in Cork who tried to treat his...
By Jagube11/26/2022
No New Posts DMT - Quality experience reports  (2 Viewing)
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I Blame the Impulse
By TheHermeticShaman8/27/2022
No New Posts DMT Experiences  (1 Viewing)
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DMT "nothing to see"
By starway7Yesterday, 12:33 AM
No New Posts DMT Extraction paths
1,742 Topics
16,746 Posts
Lye/Limonene/Benzoic acid
By Loveall12/2/2022
No New Posts Advanced/Enhanced chemistry  (10 Viewing)
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Chemical Guide to classic Psychedelics...
By Brennendes WasserYesterday, 11:06 PM
No New Posts DMT Allies extraction  (1 Viewing)
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What is PEG-400 extracting from Syrian...
By moyshekapoyre8/27/2022
No New Posts Changa  (2 Viewing)
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How does your changa look like ?
By VegasNightStar11/25/2022
No New Posts Ayahuasca  (2 Viewing)
856 Topics
9,317 Posts
Phalaris Project
By Sidisheikh.mehrizToday, 9:21 AM
No New Posts Pharmahuasca  (1 Viewing)
338 Topics
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Very easy pharmahuasca recipe
By Tomtegubbe10/19/2022
No New Posts Vaping/Smoking  (1 Viewing)
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Yocan Orbit Best Ever For DMT
By some one11/22/2022
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convection perfection!..easy top...
By starway711/28/2022
No New Posts Eco friendly extraction teks
92 Topics
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D-limonene extraction guide for first...
By Loveall4/2/2022
No New Posts The Ethnobotanical Garden  (21 Viewing)
524 Topics
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My garden endeavors
By SoloistToday, 10:09 AM
No New Posts Health and Lifestyle  (4 Viewing)
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TEK: Ultimate Life Bio-Hacking ::...
By voyaj11/24/2022
No New Posts Sustainable living
152 Topics
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Cleaning air. DIY air cleaners.
By roninsina10/13/2021
No New Posts Cacti
Generic , Cultivation , Preparation , Experience reports
1,617 Topics
21,257 Posts
433 mg Mescaline Citrate report
By GibsonToday, 2:55 AM
No New Posts Iboga
188 Topics
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Iboga disappearing from the wild in...
By Camalonga7/5/2022
No New Posts Harmalas  (2 Viewing)
919 Topics
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Purification after manske
By Loveall11/24/2022
No New Posts Mushrooms
Generic , Cultivation , Preparation , Experience reports
1,202 Topics
14,566 Posts
Confront A Yeti, Build Confidence
By murklanYesterday, 9:02 AM
No New Posts LSD, LSA, LSH  (4 Viewing)
580 Topics
7,547 Posts
Change of perspective
By potnoble11/5/2022
No New Posts Salvia Divinorum  (1 Viewing)
463 Topics
5,962 Posts
Salvinorin Cyclodextrin Complexation for...
By Ferrum11/28/2022
No New Posts Bufotenine and 5-MeO-DMT  (2 Viewing)
364 Topics
5,394 Posts
'Please refrain from licking...
By Tomtegubbe11/9/2022
No New Posts Other Psychoactives  (8 Viewing)
1,469 Topics
19,235 Posts
By SoloistToday, 2:36 AM
No New Posts Humor and Fun  (1 Viewing)
353 Topics
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Funny pictures.
By Loveall11/3/2022
No New Posts Help and Advice for Healing
485 Topics
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Trauma and control and “the get over on...
By BundleflowerPower10/23/2022
No New Posts Methods of Exploring Consciousness  (7 Viewing)
233 Topics
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Do you believe in telepathy.
By Dozuki11/4/2022
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mju9's midjourney ai art thread
By necromanteumYesterday, 8:36 PM
No New Posts Real world traveling
Mayan wonders
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Status of Ayahuasca and psychedelics in...
By Triptofaun7/16/2022
No New Posts Spirituality & Mysticism
439 Topics
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Parallels of DMT experience in fire...
By 33221111/5/2022
No New Posts Science  (1 Viewing)
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Artemis mission and what we might find...
By downwardsfromzero11/22/2022
No New Posts Philosophy  (5 Viewing)
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Void's Skepticism Delineation
By Voidmatrix11/14/2022
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