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[HELP US CLEAN] Cleaning up the threads...
By slewb11/19/2015
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please somebody help me. brain zaps
By Sakkadelic11/23/2015
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"I touched my face in...
By TattvamasiYesterday, 9:46 PM
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Amount of water per each acid boil?
By wolf8312Today, 1:47 PM
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Acacia Identification Thread
By Astro84Today, 9:18 AM
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Acacia identification help
By Astro84Today, 6:00 AM
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By samnaav11/10/2015
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Question regarding pulls during...
By stitchYesterday, 7:50 PM
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Amanita Muscaria - Holy Grail Method tek
By travshaToday, 3:45 PM
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Blue Tiger
By XuroYesterday, 4:14 AM
No New Posts First steps in Hyperspace
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Ayahuasca vibrations
By ValmarToday, 2:48 PM
No New Posts Integration guide for Entheogenic work (No Access)
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By null248/3/2015
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Blood Moon SHE 9-27/28 2015 (2:30am UTC)
By downwardsfromzero10/1/2015
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Recent New Yorker Article on Erowid
By Nitegazer11/18/2015
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So I spoke in TONGUES for the first...
By Intezam10/22/2015
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Given a taste after so long...
By LowHP11/13/2015
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Harmalas / Cyb's Tek Side by Side
By jayroccoToday, 8:03 AM
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Dry ice to precipitate NMT carbamate out...
By Talkswithtrees11/23/2015
No New Posts DMT Allies extraction
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Extracting Alkaloids from M. Speciosa...
By SpartanIIYesterday, 4:31 PM
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I have a personal announcement...
By Sunshine Recorder11/15/2015
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VaporGenie Liquid Pad
By d*l*bYesterday, 2:23 AM
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Master Plant Dieta - Mama Coca
By rOm11/20/2015
No New Posts Pharmahuasca
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So, Lemon Balm Aya/Pharma... Most people...
By concombres11/10/2015
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A new, important idea--must read!
By Spaced Out 211/19/2015
No New Posts Eco friendly extraction teks
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Extracting DMT with ethanol, vinegar and...
By xaYesterday, 9:48 PM
No New Posts The Ethnobotanical Garden
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what's going on here? (trichocereus...
By entheogenic-gnosis11/21/2015
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Soylent and other food replacements
By ComplexityYesterday, 3:59 PM
No New Posts Sustainable living
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Bamboo and other natural material...
By Muskogee Herbman11/18/2015
No New Posts Cacti
Generic , Cultivation , Preparation , Experience reports
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I moved into an apartment that...
By NathanielToday, 2:01 PM
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What to expect?
By UgraKarma11/21/2015
No New Posts Harmalas
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[Work Space] No filter, No reduce Syrian...
By downwardsfromzero11/16/2015
No New Posts Mushrooms
Generic , Cultivation , Preparation , Experience reports
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Amanita Muscaria - Holy Grail Method
By travsha11/20/2015
No New Posts LSD, LSA, LSH  (3 Viewing)
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Telepathic Unity
By Sphorange11/14/2015
No New Posts Salvia Divinorum
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Salvinorin Olfactory Embodied Memory...
By Inner Paths11/24/2015
No New Posts Bufotenine and 5-MeO-DMT
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5-MeO-DMT - freebase or HCl salt?
By UgraKarma11/20/2015
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MDMA - healing, meditation, realization
By NotTwo11/24/2015
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Ridiculous DMT Mis-Information
By entheogenic-gnosisToday, 12:51 PM
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Seasonal affective disorder / winter...
By UfostrahlenYesterday, 9:26 PM
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Vipassana meditation enhances REM sleep
By BancopumaToday, 2:00 PM
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Nexian Book Club Poll
By adamToday, 7:32 AM
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Information On a great healing center in...
By Julz11/22/2015
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Black Magic/Curse... ?
By SphorangeToday, 1:10 AM
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Myths of the American Mind - Scientism
By ValmarToday, 2:44 PM
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Terence McKenna ~ TV Is A Drug
By ValmarToday, 2:39 PM
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