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chat endlessly reloading
By The Traveler1/15/2022
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One thousand days, alcohol free
By Dirty T1/15/2022
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Advice for converting Fumarates to...
By brand_new_beinYesterday, 9:54 AM
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How does your "launch site"...
By FridgeYesterday, 11:21 AM
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~Phalaris = The Way Of The Future~
By Sidisheikh.mehriz1/12/2022
No New Posts Plant Analysis and Substance Testing
TLC test kits support , DanceSafe (No Access)
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..from The Alkaloids
By downwardsfromzero1/5/2022
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Simulated binding of DMT and Psilocin /...
By MachineCogElf11/29/2021
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Nafta inclusions inside the DMT lattice?...
By Smoker rootYesterday, 9:56 PM
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Liftmode THH
By ava69Today, 2:59 PM
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Hi everyone!
By TokiToday, 1:55 AM
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What’s a good dose of DMT fumarate?
By ava691/14/2022
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-The Nexian- Member Contribution
By potnoble10/12/2021
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Decriminalize Nature movement in the US
By Loveall12/21/2021
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By seagull12/22/2021
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God---is he still breathing?
By seagullToday, 1:58 PM
No New Posts DMT Extraction paths
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Unexpected occurrences with q21q21 tek
By LevanahYesterday, 10:51 AM
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Drug purification questions
By shroombee1/7/2022
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recrystalizing dmt freebase?
By Dirty T11/1/2021
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Unsavory characters in hyperspace
By Exitwound1/15/2022
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Iceers' annual ayahuasca report
By donfoolio12/22/2021
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HPBCD DMT sublingually active under...
By ava69Today, 1:00 PM
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Foolproof way to vape DMT (Mighty...
By Rolinwama1/13/2022
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Altering the DMT experience using...
By Rolinwama1/13/2022
No New Posts Eco friendly extraction teks
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Extracting DMT with ethanol, vinegar and...
By downwardsfromzero11/23/2021
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Some Psychotria and Mimosa Photos for...
By emong1/14/2022
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Kratom for vasoconstriction
By starway71/5/2022
No New Posts Sustainable living
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Cleaning air. DIY air cleaners.
By roninsina10/13/2021
No New Posts Cacti
Generic , Cultivation , Preparation , Experience reports
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Ethyl acetate approach
By CheelinToday, 2:29 PM
No New Posts Iboga
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Preparation for Ibogaine flood (after...
By UgraKarma12/2/2021
No New Posts Harmalas  (4 Viewing)
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Ethyl Acetate Approach for Harmala
By _Trip_Yesterday, 10:14 PM
No New Posts Mushrooms
Generic , Cultivation , Preparation , Experience reports
1,175 Topics
14,190 Posts
An Aqueous-Organic Extraction Method for...
By benzyme1/15/2022
No New Posts LSD, LSA, LSH  (2 Viewing)
569 Topics
7,460 Posts
By benzyme1/15/2022
No New Posts Salvia Divinorum  (4 Viewing)
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So what’s the proper technique
By Voidmatrix12/15/2021
No New Posts Bufotenine and 5-MeO-DMT  (1 Viewing)
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5meo advice wanted
By null2412/31/2021
No New Posts Other Psychoactives  (8 Viewing)
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Kratom Withdrawals/Tolerance/etc
By artificer12/21/2021
No New Posts Humor and Fun  (1 Viewing)
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Funny pictures.
By null241/4/2022
No New Posts Help and Advice for Healing  (2 Viewing)
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MS and the healing ability of...
By _Trip_Today, 12:54 AM
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Anyone here like stargazing &...
By ajlala12/27/2021
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The Art of Art Van D'lay
By downwardsfromzero1/8/2022
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Mayan wonders
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Little trip to the south of germany
By potnoble5/2/2021
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By Tomtegubbe1/7/2022
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Simultaneous Production of Psilocybin...
By Quetzal71/3/2022
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The Importance of Ritual.
By emongToday, 2:13 PM
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