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[HELP US CLEAN] Cleaning up the threads...
By The Grateful One4/25/2017
No New Posts Safety
Health & Safety , Security
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Have you cleaned up lately?
By Metashaman4/28/2017
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He only felt numb?
By syberdelicYesterday, 7:25 PM
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Observing close eye visuals as a means...
By Use any name4/28/2017
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Poorly understood family of AYAHUASCA...
By Cognitive HeartYesterday, 10:57 PM
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TLC test kits support
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LSD Blotter Testing Results
By AnotherToday, 11:04 AM
No New Posts High quality topics compilation
DMT-Nexus quality topics compilation , External quality topics
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By ijahdan3/8/2017
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how is it any different?
By melotikaciToday, 8:28 AM
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GVG vs. Nectar Collector
By zikzakToday, 7:41 AM
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some insight about myself
By ComplexityToday, 11:31 AM
No New Posts First steps in Hyperspace  (13 Viewing)
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Differences in trips between yellow and...
By starway6Today, 2:19 AM
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Hyperspace Lexicon work thread
By slewb3/20/2017
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Man Steals Soda While On DMT(?)
By Metashaman4/24/2017
No New Posts DMT - Quality experience reports
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Detailed 1st DMT experience
By MindRider4/12/2017
No New Posts DMT Experiences  (11 Viewing)
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Strange Experience (for me)
By DeltaSpiceToday, 10:38 AM
No New Posts DMT Extraction paths
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Cybs Max Ion with added Fibre
By Kerberos4/24/2017
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just some xtals
By Complexity4/27/2017
No New Posts DMT Allies extraction  (1 Viewing)
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Is Mexican MHRB prone to emulsions?
By waitwhatwhere4/7/2017
No New Posts Changa  (7 Viewing)
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Solvent free DMT enhanced leaf - warm...
By downwardsfromzero4/24/2017
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Dynavap - OmniVap and M
By ziggus4/20/2017
No New Posts Ayahuasca  (7 Viewing)
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caapi leaf tea colors after brewing?
By starway64/19/2017
No New Posts Pharmahuasca
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An Evolution
By DmnStr84/16/2017
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smoking DMT vs oral DMT/ayahuasca
By Metashaman4/26/2017
No New Posts Eco friendly extraction teks
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Bufotenine veg oil extraction ?
By intosamadhi4/14/2017
No New Posts The Ethnobotanical Garden  (1 Viewing)
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Acacia Acuminata Lost All Leaves (HELP!)
By --Shadow4/12/2017
No New Posts Health and Lifestyle  (4 Viewing)
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How to make a proper tea-aka water...
By justB6124/6/2017
No New Posts Sustainable living  (1 Viewing)
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Where to start healing open wounds
By Infectedstyle4/3/2017
No New Posts Cacti
Generic , Cultivation , Preparation , Experience reports
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My First Bridgesii
By The Grateful One4/26/2017
No New Posts Iboga  (2 Viewing)
164 Topics
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Voacongine fumerate
By JAi4/23/2017
No New Posts Harmalas  (2 Viewing)
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cwe works surprisingly well
By exquisitus4/12/2017
No New Posts Mushrooms
Generic , Cultivation , Preparation , Experience reports
866 Topics
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Psilocybin Tincture: to heat or not to...
By explorer7Today, 9:37 AM
No New Posts LSD, LSA, LSH  (4 Viewing)
495 Topics
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Kash LSA Extraction dosage
By Aum_Shanti4/27/2017
No New Posts Salvia Divinorum  (1 Viewing)
390 Topics
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Listening to Nature Sounds
By enthdimensionYesterday, 3:00 AM
No New Posts Bufotenine and 5-MeO-DMT  (1 Viewing)
287 Topics
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5 Hive (5-MeO-DMT forum)
By null244/27/2017
No New Posts Other Psychoactives  (11 Viewing)
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Is this normal for MDMA?
By Invoker4/25/2017
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"Famous last words"...
By RingwormToday, 4:16 AM
No New Posts Help and Advice for Healing  (1 Viewing)
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Because without you, I am nothing
By DmnStr84/21/2017
No New Posts Methods of Exploring Consciousness  (4 Viewing)
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Lucid hypnagogia (and a little astral...
By MasonJarBong4/9/2017
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Music Bin
By hug46Today, 9:55 AM
No New Posts Real world traveling  (1 Viewing)
Mayan wonders
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Mojave Desert Gatherings?
By cubeananda4/5/2017
No New Posts Spirituality & Mysticism
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Advaita Vedanta - ancient wisdom
By Koornut4/28/2017
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Confirmation of Quantum Resonance in...
By fathomlessness4/18/2017
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In what scenarios have you realized ego?
By Use any name4/26/2017
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