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Is heptane Re-X worth it? Options
#1 Posted : 2/3/2024 4:11:07 AM
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Hello Forum,

If I understand the Internet correctly Heptane re-x tek is more "selective" than naphta and will extract pure DMT while filtering out other alkaloids. But if I also correctly understand those other alkaloids that are being removed by heptane wash are also psychoactive and are part of the experience.
Heptane re-x reduces about 20% of the input product, so the question is:

a) Does this tek remove 20% of waste that was sitting in the input product and the 80% that comes out of it is really what was there that had any value


b) it is an exchange - you have less spice but it's prettier

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#2 Posted : 2/3/2024 2:57:29 PM

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It depends on the DMT you're starting with. If it's freeze precipitated material from A/B with aliphatic naphtha on MHRB it'll be comprised overwhelmingly of DMT with some proportion of oligomers (low MW polymers). Other solvents may pull additional minor and trace alkaloids. In the case of other starting materials ACRB and Desmanthus illinoiensis will frequently contain a significant proportion of NMT; beyond that, you're in the woods and had better do your homework.

But back to, and given, the question I think it safe to assume the initially mentioned case. The answer depends on how meticulously you performed the extraction in the first place. If you got all that right it is largely a case of aesthetics, i.e. b).

And if you keep hold of your re-x solvent the losses can be further minimised by running it through a mini A/B.

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