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Forum Attitude and Support
Welcome to the DMT-Nexus.

Below are some sincere ideas that represent the perspectives of most of our members about what the nexus means to us:

• We EMBRACE those who have curiosity about or experience of voyaging in the worlds of spice (DMT) .
• Spice takes us to worlds BEYOND egos and personalities.
• Spice journeys can be harrowing. Those undergoing them need SUPPORT from travelers who have gone before them.

If you’ve cruised the forum you have surely seen that the nexus is different from any other forum.

• We respect each other and support each other, because we know that anyone willing to make these journeys automatically deserves respect and support.
• We mostly avoid the petty types of forum fights and cliques seen on many forums because our topic is anything but petty.
• We understand that members have a variety of experiences and opinions because the universe is infinite—and no one can really carve a piece off for himself and declare it the “only truth.”
• Most of us are generous in giving love and support because we know how much love and support we need ourselves.

Since most of our members agree about the above, we don’t really have much need for rules. We aren’t school children here; and most people here have long ago determined to reach beyond the rules that culture and society are so eager to set. Be that as it may, below we list some points that can serve well as a guide to the types of posts that work best in the community:

• It’s easy to be humble: There are many professional chemists and scientists here; and there are also many who have travelled extensively in the world of spice.
• Being aggressive or contentious won’t do anything for you here. You’ll quickly find that people won’t respond to you if they feel your intentions are aggressive or petty.
• It follows from the above: If someone unthinkingly treats you in an aggressive or petty manner it’s best to just ignore them.

There are a few clear points of consensus which for “practical reasons” all posters have agreed to honor:
• No discussion is allowed about selling drugs or prices of drugs.
• No discussion is allowed about synthesis of illegal substances, since it requires highly dangerous and watched chemicals.
• We wish to discourage “reckless” exposure of spice preparation or use. Members don’t post videos on those topics on youtube. Most of our members in fact flag such videos on youtube whenever possible. Those interested in our rationale can find threads discussing youtube videos.
You have to be at least 18 years or older!

Here’s hoping you can learn and contribute, and support and be supported!

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