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The Traveler
#1 Posted : 2/4/2024 2:45:02 AM

"No, seriously"

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Dear DMT-Nexus members!

As all good things that come and go; today we say 'goodbye' to the old and say 'hello' to the new.

As was long overdue, we migrated the old forum of the DMT-Nexus to our new adventurous home:


All accounts from the old forum are migrated to this new platform with as much of your data as possible. However, three important pieces were not migrated:

* Password: To access the new forum you use the same username as for this forum, and use the password that is send to you on this old forum by PM. Please change your password on the new forum to a new one as soon as you visit it to ensure your security on the new forum!

* Email address: For privacy reasons, email addresses were not migrated to the new forum. To ensure you can recover your password in the future, please update your profile on the new forum with your current email address.

* PMs: To preserve privacy, PMs from the old forum have not been transferred and will not be available on the new platform.

With a lot of nostalgia in my heart, and a hidden tear, I will now say goodbye to this old forum, I hope that she will feel right at home in her archived retirement form. Love

So with this all said and done, the old forum will stay as an archive, mostly since many external sites have links to topics and posts on the old forum.

For now: I hope to see you all on the other side!

Kind regards,

The Traveler

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#2 Posted : 2/4/2024 3:25:14 AM

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Thank you so much for such thoughtful and diligent work to improve all of our experiences Love

One love
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#3 Posted : 2/4/2024 12:47:15 PM

Boundary condition

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Holy moly, it's worked! (Of course it would Very happy )

Thanks to all involved for the amazing hard work - now, onwards to the next bit… Santé!

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