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Forum Locked Announcements and Suggestions  (3 Viewing)
News , Personal announcements , Suggestions , Events
881 Topics
12,337 Posts
Forum migration is complete: HERE IS THE...
By downwardsfromzero2/4/2024
Forum Locked Safety
Health & Safety , Security
487 Topics
6,836 Posts
after mild covid...
By ShamensStamen1/9/2024
Forum Locked DMT Discussion  (21 Viewing)
2,834 Topics
36,413 Posts
Here there are dragons.
By Falcata1/26/2024
Forum Locked Open Discussion  (29 Viewing)
5,094 Topics
62,532 Posts
This is the thread that never ends...
By The Traveler2/16/2024
   RESEARCH (new members can post here)
Forum Locked Collaborative Research Project  (12 Viewing)
376 Topics
9,888 Posts
Reasons for taking LSD
By Kobranek2/1/2024
Forum Locked Plant Analysis and Substance Testing  (7 Viewing)
TLC test kits support , DanceSafe
470 Topics
4,435 Posts
Hippophae - sea-buckthorns
By downwardsfromzero2/2/2024
Forum Locked High quality topics compilation
DMT-Nexus quality topics compilation , External quality topics
121 Topics
422 Posts
What is ok to talk about with the...
By acacian2/3/2024
   WELCOME AREA (new members can post here)
Forum Locked FAQ - All your basic questions and answers  (65 Viewing)
9,580 Topics
77,918 Posts
Is heptane Re-X worth it?
By downwardsfromzero2/3/2024
Forum Locked Welcome discussion  (177 Viewing)
12,939 Topics
130,022 Posts
Harmine vs. harmaline
By Chaska2/1/2024
Forum Locked Introduction Essay  (28 Viewing)
8,532 Topics
48,919 Posts
By DexterMTripp2/3/2024
Forum Locked First steps in Hyperspace  (33 Viewing)
5,038 Topics
41,430 Posts
Dark entities and the wound mirror !
By Mr°Joie1/29/2024
Forum Locked Projects
Enigmaticus , Hyperspace Lexicon , SHE
210 Topics
4,216 Posts
Mind Surgery
By PsyDuckmonkey11/15/2023
Forum Locked Coalition for Entheogenic Liberty  (5 Viewing)
379 Topics
5,939 Posts
The DMT Book: Call For Papers
By bezevo11/9/2023
Forum Locked DMT - Quality experience reports  (3 Viewing)
60 Topics
1,637 Posts
By pointy hat3/12/2023
Forum Locked DMT Experiences  (43 Viewing)
2,656 Topics
26,215 Posts
DMT and Psilocybin
By Voidmatrix2/3/2024
Forum Locked DMT Extraction paths
1,793 Topics
17,438 Posts
The Pyramid Method
By Fluorescent Leaf1/31/2024
Forum Locked Advanced/Enhanced chemistry  (16 Viewing)
746 Topics
9,597 Posts
Autolab - Automatic Laboratory
By Blind_Goat1/26/2024
Forum Locked DMT Allies extraction  (3 Viewing)
163 Topics
1,999 Posts
Extracting Caapi Leaves
By brokedownpalace101/9/2024
Forum Locked Changa  (15 Viewing)
659 Topics
8,057 Posts
CHRUNGA! Crushed rue seeds + synthetic...
By starway71/31/2024
Forum Locked Ayahuasca  (11 Viewing)
876 Topics
9,655 Posts
CWE: Decanting and/or egg white tek?
By psychonautt1/28/2024
Forum Locked Pharmahuasca  (6 Viewing)
343 Topics
4,079 Posts
Very easy pharmahuasca recipe
By brokedownpalace101/17/2024
Forum Locked Vaping/Smoking  (12 Viewing)
535 Topics
6,131 Posts
Brainstorming for new vaping technology
By fractals4life1/22/2024
Forum Locked Other  (6 Viewing)
278 Topics
3,693 Posts
Businessman’s Ayahuasca -- MHRB Water...
By A Single Step12/31/2023
Forum Locked Eco friendly extraction teks  (3 Viewing)
94 Topics
2,598 Posts
Extracting freebase dimethyltryptamine...
By DancinDog1/17/2024
Forum Locked The Ethnobotanical Garden  (6 Viewing)
533 Topics
5,335 Posts
The Acacia Grow Thread
By acacian1/25/2024
Forum Locked Health and Lifestyle  (4 Viewing)
294 Topics
4,135 Posts
Cold exposure (cold showers, ice baths,...
By ephedra1/27/2024
Forum Locked Sustainable living  (5 Viewing)
153 Topics
1,996 Posts
Nuclear fusion advancements
By compulsimple3/22/2023
Forum Locked Cacti
Generic , Cultivation , Preparation , Experience reports
1,664 Topics
22,256 Posts
pulling crystals from tea
By Loveall2/2/2024
Forum Locked Iboga  (3 Viewing)
191 Topics
1,814 Posts
My Ibogaine Experience
By Exitwound9/18/2023
Forum Locked Cannabis
Generic , Cultivation , Preparation , Experience reports
185 Topics
2,360 Posts
Converting CBD to THC using only Zeolite...
By THanoC1/23/2024
Forum Locked Harmalas  (17 Viewing)
952 Topics
11,041 Posts
Coffee and Syrian Rue
By ShamensStamen1/19/2024
Forum Locked Mushrooms
Generic , Cultivation , Preparation , Experience reports
1,236 Topics
14,888 Posts
400mg Lemontek'd Pan. Cyanescens
By bIRD_1/24/2024
Forum Locked LSD, LSA, LSH  (9 Viewing)
590 Topics
7,610 Posts
By brokedownpalace101/31/2024
Forum Locked Salvia Divinorum  (5 Viewing)
469 Topics
6,017 Posts
Quidding evaporated tincture? Would this...
By Loveall1/26/2024
Forum Locked Bufotenine and 5-MeO-DMT  (8 Viewing)
370 Topics
5,507 Posts
2020 Bufotenine Extraction TEK +...
By Brennendes Wasser1/23/2024
Forum Locked Other Psychoactives  (24 Viewing)
1,484 Topics
19,346 Posts
Vaporization of Melatonin...
By downwardsfromzero1/30/2024
Forum Locked Humor and Fun  (7 Viewing)
366 Topics
5,417 Posts
Funny chat quotes
By RhythmSpring2/1/2024
Forum Locked Help and Advice for Healing  (9 Viewing)
501 Topics
7,439 Posts
To which of Dante Aligheri's rings...
By bIRD_1/27/2024
Forum Locked Methods of Exploring Consciousness  (1 Viewing)
236 Topics
3,011 Posts
Do you believe in telepathy.
By Technomancy1/29/2024
Forum Locked Music/Art/Literature  (33 Viewing)
AI Art
1,657 Topics
20,361 Posts
Ecstatic Jester (psychedelic art)
By downwardsfromzero2/3/2024
Forum Locked Real world traveling  (1 Viewing)
Mayan wonders
120 Topics
1,117 Posts
☽ ✧ Le voyage to México ✧ ☾
By ephedra10/29/2023
Forum Locked Spirituality & Mysticism  (7 Viewing)
452 Topics
6,029 Posts
The Egg
By Falcata1/21/2024
Forum Locked Science  (8 Viewing)
842 Topics
6,920 Posts
Long Covid, Serotonin, and Memory
By LizKing1/27/2024
Forum Locked Philosophy  (19 Viewing)
690 Topics
13,134 Posts
The unsettling reality of today's...
By dragonrider2/3/2024
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