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[HELP US CLEAN] Cleaning up the threads...
By LoveallYesterday, 9:54 PM
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How long to avoid adderall before...
By Tengukashi7/8/2018
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Honestly, is extracting DMT worth a...
By obliguhlToday, 7:17 PM
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Would it be safe to swim on acid?
By WolfnippletipToday, 7:55 PM
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Mr&mrs Mcshulfman's Bufotenin...
By honeybearToday, 5:07 PM
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Free lab test for your (garden or local)...
By KloudQ7Today, 5:19 AM
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By ijahdan3/8/2017
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Failed Extraction
By pete666Today, 8:27 PM
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Asking 4 Help---no more beating around...
By red291113Today, 8:05 PM
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echo "hello nexians"
By LoveallYesterday, 9:43 PM
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I'm not having a good first DMT...
By LoveallToday, 5:46 PM
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Timewave Zero and the Synchronized...
By Intezam7/15/2018
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Is marijuana illegalization a dangerous...
By Loveall7/2/2018
No New Posts DMT - Quality experience reports
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By Nydex5/31/2018
No New Posts DMT Experiences  (9 Viewing)
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Journeyed with my wife.
By dimensionalDToday, 11:08 AM
No New Posts DMT Extraction paths  (1 Viewing)
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Sub Vinegar for Distilled H20 in Max Ion
By downwardsfromzero7/16/2018
No New Posts Advanced/Enhanced chemistry  (3 Viewing)
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Is it possible to purify DMT by...
By benzyme7/15/2018
No New Posts DMT Allies extraction
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AeroPress for faster filtering?
By Chan7/4/2018
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New Enhanced Leaf Rig
By dimensionalD7/15/2018
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E-Cig: Amazing Atomizer - Divine...
By some one7/15/2018
No New Posts Ayahuasca  (5 Viewing)
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How to get rid of the gunk/sentiment on...
By downwardsfromzero7/16/2018
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First experiences with pharma;...
By jamie7/15/2018
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A new, important idea--must read!
By downwardsfromzero7/16/2018
No New Posts Eco friendly extraction teks  (1 Viewing)
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Desmanthus illinoensis success PICS
By skoobysnax6/21/2018
No New Posts The Ethnobotanical Garden  (4 Viewing)
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cutting back Mimosa Hostilis for...
By skoobysnax7/16/2018
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The Secret-Alchemist Club Anti-Nausea...
By ShamensStamenToday, 7:29 PM
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The (intentional) soapmaking topic
By Cactus ManToday, 9:16 AM
No New Posts Cacti
Generic , Cultivation , Preparation , Experience reports
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Germinating cacti seeds in 3% Hydrogen...
By pete666Today, 7:47 PM
No New Posts Iboga
168 Topics
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By dragonrider5/11/2018
No New Posts Harmalas  (4 Viewing)
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OK to vape harmala acetate
By JagubeToday, 6:44 PM
No New Posts Mushrooms
Generic , Cultivation , Preparation , Experience reports
954 Topics
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Is this mould?
By benzyme7/16/2018
No New Posts LSD, LSA, LSH  (4 Viewing)
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Kash's Advanced LSA Extraction
By Brennendes Wasser7/15/2018
No New Posts Salvia Divinorum  (5 Viewing)
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quidding, the way to go?
By physics envyToday, 8:33 PM
No New Posts Bufotenine and 5-MeO-DMT  (3 Viewing)
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5 Meo-DMT - the destination eclipses the...
By LoveallToday, 4:01 PM
No New Posts Other Psychoactives  (10 Viewing)
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What´s the role of Datura in...
By Mr&Mrs McShulfmanYesterday, 3:25 PM
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Funny pictures.
By tattYesterday, 9:42 PM
No New Posts Help and Advice for Healing  (3 Viewing)
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Need advice on preparation of herbal...
By Doc BuxinYesterday, 12:45 AM
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A Meditation Thread
By Doc BuxinYesterday, 11:59 PM
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Post Pictures of anything nice
By null24Yesterday, 9:16 PM
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Mayan wonders
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Festivals 2018
By loboToday, 3:17 PM
No New Posts Spirituality & Mysticism  (3 Viewing)
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Moses and the burning bush
By null24Today, 6:03 PM
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Rapid antidepressant effects of...
By Loveall6/22/2018
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Giving to beggars - helpful or harmful?
By Cactus ManToday, 8:00 AM
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