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[WANTED] New forum Banners
By cubeanandaYesterday, 4:03 AM
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Cytochrome P450 polymorphism and...
By cave paintingsToday, 2:36 AM
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Changa being weird...advice?
By CouchLoveToday, 1:24 AM
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[Video] Nick Sand - Father of the Orange...
By entheogenic-gnosisToday, 11:28 AM
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~Phalaris = The Way Of The Future~
By Aum_ShantiToday, 2:31 PM
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Is this Acacia Acuminata
By entheogenic-gnosisToday, 11:56 AM
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By Praxis.11/27/2016
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Some dump questions.
By JustAnotherHumanToday, 11:39 AM
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Hello Fellow Nexians!
By endlessnessToday, 2:35 PM
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Is LSD nothing but an amplifier?
By hector77Today, 2:02 PM
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First two attempts at dmt solution...
By AlchemicalGnosticToday, 2:43 PM
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Nexian status? Do we need to recruit...
By lsDxMdmaddicThc1/28/2017
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Man Steals Soda While On DMT(?)
By entheogenic-gnosis1/12/2017
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By thymamai10/15/2016
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Trainwrecks can happen with ayahuasca...
By JustAnotherHumanYesterday, 9:49 AM
No New Posts DMT Extraction paths
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The FASA Method: A Summary - DMT...
By Mindlusion2/23/2017
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just some xtals
By JustAnotherHumanYesterday, 9:54 AM
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Acacia Simplex Extraction and Experience...
By Godsmacker1/30/2017
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E-cig changa
By syberdelic2/20/2017
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mixing caapi extract into dmt wax...!
By syberdelicToday, 7:51 AM
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My plans to ingest oral dmt. (Safety...
By syberdelicToday, 7:10 AM
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questions before first Pharma - Dose and...
By syberdelic2/23/2017
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E-liquid success: An express ticket to...
By Asher72/15/2017
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Extracting DMT with ethanol, vinegar and...
By slewbYesterday, 7:33 PM
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Mimosa Seed Pod
By Phaneron1/30/2017
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I lied ...
By Psybin1/24/2017
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Where to start healing open wounds
By JustAnotherHumanYesterday, 11:18 AM
No New Posts Cacti
Generic , Cultivation , Preparation , Experience reports
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Pictures of my Loph fruits
By downwardsfromzeroYesterday, 11:41 PM
No New Posts Iboga  (3 Viewing)
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General interest in Voacanga africana
By entheogenic-gnosis2/3/2017
No New Posts Harmalas  (2 Viewing)
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Simple manske on rue tea(results)
By JeesToday, 12:51 PM
No New Posts Mushrooms
Generic , Cultivation , Preparation , Experience reports
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Psilocybin Tincture: to heat or not to...
By dreamer042Yesterday, 7:08 AM
No New Posts LSD, LSA, LSH  (6 Viewing)
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Butoxytriethylene Glycol responsible for...
By pitubo2/24/2017
No New Posts Salvia Divinorum
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RhythmSpring's guide to Salvia Tea
By downwardsfromzero2/24/2017
No New Posts Bufotenine and 5-MeO-DMT
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A day of Bufo, mushrooms &...
By NotTwo2/13/2017
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sananga eye drops: haze ?
By explorer7Yesterday, 7:41 AM
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For Pandora (cat thread)
By hug46Today, 10:27 AM
No New Posts Help and Advice for Healing
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Dabbling with insanity, personal...
By jiva2/24/2017
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Auditory hallucinations while falling...
By exquisitus2/21/2017
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Cool Iboga like clip
By ijahdan2/24/2017
No New Posts Real world traveling
Mayan wonders
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By downwardsfromzero12/27/2016
No New Posts Spirituality & Mysticism
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The universality of plant catalyzed...
By Legarto Rey2/20/2017
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Seven Earth like planets found orbiting...
By Cognitive Heart2/23/2017
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What is Love?
By pitubo2/24/2017
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