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chat endlessly reloading
By The Traveler7/4/2015
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No more changa, AKA Spontaneous...
By a1pha7/2/2015
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The drug that could explain our belief...
By BringsUsTogetherToday, 3:22 AM
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Why do nexians give such little...
By The TravelerToday, 11:17 AM
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DMT Containing Plants in India...
By SweetYesterday, 3:08 PM
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Acacia Confusa, Differant end product...
By FiniteFox7/3/2015
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By stitchToday, 9:20 AM
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Loads of gunk in non polar layer
By JustCurious.Today, 12:22 PM
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What defines a DMT breakthrough? Is...
By TryptallmineToday, 12:34 PM
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Hello from Brazil
By MushheadYesterday, 3:18 PM
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I love, love, love the smell of DMT!
By BongWizardToday, 8:49 AM
No New Posts Integration guide for Entheogenic work (No Access)
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By null246/17/2015
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By nexalizer6/21/2015
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[UK News] Blanket ban to clamp down on...
By Orion6/26/2015
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[Report(s)] A warning to my fellow...
By FiniteFox6/2/2015
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"The Freedom to be" ;...
By FiniteFoxToday, 3:18 AM
No New Posts DMT Extraction paths
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ACRB TEK 100g "PICS" (Newbie...
By Tryptallmine7/1/2015
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Supercritical CO2 for the Entheogenic...
By BongWizardToday, 9:40 AM
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The Herbal Percolator (THP) extraction...
By CatholicPsychonaut6/26/2015
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Rue Changa
By DeltaSpice7/4/2015
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vaporizer from the 1970s
By The Traveler7/4/2015
No New Posts Ayahuasca
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Freezing fresh chacruna?
By quantagy7/1/2015
No New Posts Pharmahuasca
266 Topics
2,763 Posts
By JeesYesterday, 10:38 AM
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My experimentations with rectal harmala...
By FiniteFox7/4/2015
No New Posts Eco friendly extraction teks
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a good eco tek easy for novice ?
By xa6/21/2015
No New Posts The Ethnobotanical Garden
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Sub-canopy light emulation. (On the...
By SphorangeYesterday, 7:45 AM
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Green Tea and lithium interactions?
By AuxinYesterday, 5:53 PM
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Drinking water from your air...
By oversoul19196/14/2015
No New Posts Cacti
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Unhealthy Peote - Need help!!
By UfostrahlenYesterday, 2:24 PM
No New Posts Iboga
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What do you think of this Flood Plan?
By RhythmSpring7/1/2015
No New Posts Harmalas
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The Science of Harmala Dosage
By Jees6/30/2015
No New Posts Mushrooms
Generic , Cultivation , Preparation , Experience reports
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Amanita Muscaria - Holy Grail Method
By loboYesterday, 8:37 PM
No New Posts LSD, LSA, LSH  (2 Viewing)
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[LSD report] an inner emotional...
By Tuesday's Gone7/4/2015
No New Posts Salvia Divinorum
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Salvia dorrii - Purple Sage
By isaaczibre7/2/2015
No New Posts Bufotenine and 5-MeO-DMT
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5-MeO + N,N Combo
By SynkromysticToday, 5:23 AM
No New Posts Other Psychoactives  (3 Viewing)
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Should I lose my MDMA virginity?
By fathomlessness7/4/2015
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Portrait of Kikker
By marzbar329Yesterday, 5:08 PM
No New Posts Help and Advice for Healing
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Moving out
By marzbar3297/4/2015
No New Posts Methods of Exploring Consciousness
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Dream of the others
By No Knowing6/28/2015
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Mushroom OEV
By Nathanial.DreadToday, 3:04 AM
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Backpacking Europe
By fatherseb6/22/2015
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R.A.W - Techniques for Consciousness...
By poonja7/3/2015
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Nitrous Oxide, DXM & Ketamine...
By Nathanial.Dread7/3/2015
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The Science of Near-Death Experiences
By Nathanial.Dread7/2/2015
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