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[IMPORTANT] New chat rules
By Exitwound7/10/2020
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On half life and waiting for substances...
By downwardsfromzeroYesterday, 2:24 AM
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Can we talk about Acacia?
By dragonriderYesterday, 2:22 PM
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Has anyone spotted neowise yet?
By SunnysideYesterday, 8:43 PM
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THH for the masses
By JagubeYesterday, 9:17 PM
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TLC test kits support
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Diplopterys pubipetala? Active?
By pinkoydToday, 2:49 AM
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By Praxis.4/21/2020
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Questions on getting Jurema CWE going...
By CircuitPenguinToday, 2:41 AM
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Trying To Buy Suspicious Items At A...
By PedroSanchezToday, 2:12 AM
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Intro and 3 hardest DMT trips!
By lexicon537Yesterday, 6:33 PM
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Issue blasting off
By AiL762Yesterday, 11:45 PM
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The tale of Syrian rue, it's...
By cubeananda6/15/2020
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Santa Cruz, CA, decriminalizes mushrooms
By burnt4/11/2020
No New Posts DMT - Quality experience reports
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[Report(s)] A warning to my fellow...
By gogamoga6/14/2020
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Recurring entity experience Maine woods
By mooai7/7/2020
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Jungle from xylene
By Tony6StringsToday, 9:32 AM
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just some xtals
By PurpScurp7/8/2020
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What determines the length of time taken...
By null246/28/2020
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Confusing changa guides (how much MAOI...
By TriglavToday, 10:35 AM
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Phalaris Project
By dithyramb7/4/2020
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Harmine vs Harmaline vs THH
By tregar6/23/2020
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Blazer micro torch!
By Egzoset6/16/2020
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Semi-DiY Pulse-Heating transformation...
By Egzoset7/3/2020
No New Posts Eco friendly extraction teks
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Extracting DMT with ethanol, vinegar and...
By Eaglepath6/19/2020
No New Posts The Ethnobotanical Garden  (4 Viewing)
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Acacia Xanthophloea
By Woolmer6/23/2020
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What is your method for staying healthy...
By Tony6Strings7/8/2020
No New Posts Sustainable living
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Question about growing nightshades.
By RoundAbout6/30/2020
No New Posts Cacti
Generic , Cultivation , Preparation , Experience reports
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San Pedro Dose?
By Tony6StringsToday, 10:19 AM
No New Posts Iboga
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Pagiantha cerifera
By downwardsfromzero3/6/2020
No New Posts Harmalas  (4 Viewing)
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root extract of syrian rue / peganum...
By dithyrambYesterday, 4:56 PM
No New Posts Mushrooms  (1 Viewing)
Generic , Cultivation , Preparation , Experience reports
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Mushroom Lemon Tek
By JagubeToday, 10:38 AM
No New Posts LSD, LSA, LSH  (2 Viewing)
551 Topics
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Alchemy conversion of LSH &...
By downwardsfromzeroToday, 12:38 AM
No New Posts Salvia Divinorum  (2 Viewing)
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Chewed 10g of Salvia D for 30min then...
By physics envy7/10/2020
No New Posts Bufotenine and 5-MeO-DMT  (7 Viewing)
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Is there Ca-Bufotenate?
By mooai7/7/2020
No New Posts Other Psychoactives  (5 Viewing)
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Lespedamine / Lespedeza bicolor
By kerelsk7/3/2020
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You know you are a psychonaut when ...
By Tony6StringsYesterday, 10:34 PM
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Self-diagnosing schizophrenia, advice...
By cubeananda6/14/2020
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A sequence of experiences through...
By Jin7/10/2020
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Post Pictures of anything nice
By Cognitive HeartToday, 3:34 AM
No New Posts Real world traveling
Mayan wonders
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A summary of my journey in Peru and the...
By Jin3/9/2020
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Surrendering to something I don't...
By thevoluntaryway6/23/2020
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Parasitic fungus produces psilocybin to...
By burnt6/24/2020
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Jullian Jaynes' "The Origin of...
By pinkoydToday, 3:08 AM
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