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interestingly i find a difference between sexual drive caused by pressure from food pressing the prostate while passing in the intestines or while the sexual organs are in the process of expelling some sort of toxin through the urinary track and when those sort of stimuli don't exist and a sexual drive is being experienced

a few years ago i noticed that when im tripping sometimes this curious thing happens and i get very horny and it was quite a disruptive thing so i tried to whitewash it until it caught me off guard while i'd smoked some dmt with someone i cared about and ended up diverting the whole thing afterwards with my horniness, after that i realized something is very wrong and it took some years until i was able to make the distinction between a sexual state where the arousal has an intelligent and conscious/alive nature which is feeding back into the totality of what im experiencing rather than divert/dominate/whatever it and a sexual state which is caused by a physiological stimuli which has a distracting nature

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