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Ann Shulgin passed away 7/9, at the age of 91. I was fortunate to have shaken her and her husband's hands after the global premiere of Dirty Pictures in March 2010. Of course, she had maintained a large presence of support for the psychedelic community, and was a genuinely beautiful person.

Rest in peace, you will be missed.
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rest in peace
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Dear Ann,
I admire the impact you have had and the difference your contributions made.
I know you will continue to inspire countless people who relate to your voice and experiences.
Thank you!
You will be missed.

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If there's any person that I'd never met that I've always wanted to give the biggest hug to, it's Ann. A truly novel purity of spirit.

Rest in Peace

One love
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So much appreciation for the life and work of these two humans.

Rest In Peace.
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RIP Ann Shulgin, one of the greats of the psychedelic renaissance.

My appreciation for her work has only grown as my own understanding of the true value of psychedelics has deepened.

A sad loss for us all - though she is surely one who understood the way forward into the void that follows this plane of life.

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