Strange Exerience. Happens quite often and i dont understand. Plz Help. Options
#1 Posted : 7/1/2022 10:43:48 PM
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Embarrased Ive been smoking DMT for about seven years. For the first two years i smoked it, it was RAW DMT from a gravity bong with either parsley or weed. About three months into that i started having these frightening experiences that i didnt understand and initially they would really freak me out. Id hit the bong, and nothing would happen at first. Then i would blink, and suddenly id be in an almost post-nuclear or post-apocolyptic version of the room or building i was currently in. No colors, geometric patterns, or DMT entities, just one second im in my room, or a hotel room, or a friends place, then instantly im in a evil-looking or twisted version of that same area. And im not talking a few subtle differences. I mean like suddenly theres vaulted ceilings, demented ceiling fans, dirt, dust, and crud all over everything. Furniture would be broken and gross. It used to scare me so much id hop up, look at my friends, who sometimes i would look like completely different weird versions of themselves, sometimes not themselves at all. Anyway id hop up ask them if they were seeing this, theyd look at me like im crazy and id take off out of the room terrified that i was stuck in some other dimension forever, and as quickly as it happend id blink, or turn a corner back in to the room, and everything would be back to normal. id be out of breath and freaked out but everything else would be as it was. Still happens to me to this day, but it doesnt freak me out anymore. it makes me uneasy sometimes, but mostly im just intreaged by it and would like to talk to somebody else who has similar experiences. The only thing that really bothers me is wondering does this mean that something like that is going to happen to me when i have my final DMT experience. (when i die). Any advice? Please im open to any opinions or stories. Thank you for your time.

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Well, last I heard there was nothing conclusive to say that one surely has a DMT experience at the time of death, so your "last one" may be before that Very happy

With respect to your experience, how do you feel, deep down, about yourself typically? DO you feel that maybe your mind or aspects of your life are cluttered and/or dirty? Do you feel off balance and uncentered? The space may be allowing you to project that from your mind in a manner that allows you to interact and perceive it externally to you.

I've had my fair share of "dark" experiences, where there can be an odd and uncomfortable vibe that can be terrifying and may lead one to make assertions about "evil" natures and states of things in the experience. I find that the more I am able to make observations about myself rather than making claims about the space, the easier it is to manage, and in turn enjoy and learn from.

As for the strange nature of your come-up and come-down from the experience, DMT is just weird like that. I generally never know what I'm going to get, regardless of the dose used.

And welcome to the forums. Thank you for sharing Smile

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I've had a couple odd experiences where everything in the room was flipped to the opposite side it actually is. Never became dark or post apocalyptic feeling, but still a really strange feeling/observation for everything to be rearranged like that. It did switch back in the blink of an eye for me too. I've also definitely had the feeling that I was or would be stuck forever in another dimension too, quite a few times actually.

I've learned to let go of any expectations with DMT. Like Voidmatrix said, you never know what you're going to get.

Also, DMT in a gravity bong sounds like it could easily give someone a frightening experience. Dosage would be a factor obviously, but...

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