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In my journey towards trying to understand/optimize manske Ive found that the recrystalization step by heating up the solution and letting it reach room temperature slowly seems to be unnecessary.

Adding NaCl to a harmalas ≈50% saturated room temp solution will precipitate, seemingly clean, bright yellow small needles of supposedly only harmine and harmaline.
This needles are big enough to stay on a 7-10 micron paper filter, and take a few seconds/minutes to form, rather than hours.
Instead of adding salt as a % of the solutions volume, you can add NaCl untill everything becomes clouded with needles, filter and add a bit more to push any remaining alkaloids out. Though 10 to 15 % seems to be a good starting point.

In my experience doing the manske step heating up the solution ends up with the big HCL needles full of brown/orange stuff the first cycle or two, and they only get golden towards the 3rd cycle.

This is also the time that Ive got the most out of a manske, 3.8% from the seeds, around 54% of the full spectrum extract compared to 45% following VDS ratios, I fell like there is still room for improvement.

Unless Im missing something I dont see the reason to recrystalize the harmala HCL needles.

Ive attached a picture of both the hot and cold manske from the same parent solution.
ShadedSelf attached the following image(s):
manske0.png (4,544kb) downloaded 54 time(s).

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Do you mean you're adding NaCl as a solid? Or as a concentrated solution?

Avoiding heating and cooling is if course desirable in terms of energy efficiency at the very least. Do you have any figures for yield or purity for comparing the hot Manske with the cold variety?

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As a solid, I have NaCl in "flakes" or crystals, forgot to mention that, but that might be a part of it since it makes the salt dissolve somewhat slowly possibly giving more time for the needles to grow beyond tiny dust particles.

I did not compare yields beyond previous extraction numbers, I was admittedly too tired from the whole extraction process to add any extra steps Big grin
Also, the "spent" solution for both manskes looked identical.

Comparing yield should be easy, not sure how to compare purity.
My assumption is that cold manske needles look a lot brigther and golden from the beginning since other impurities dont have time attach themselves to the them, but upon filtering and redissolving both leave some brownish residue behind.
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