Hear Ye Hear Ye: For All New Members and Guests Options
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Greetings to all new members and guests,

It's been noticed the influx of new members as well as visiting guests. This post is to invite you all to participate in this community if you feel so inclined. You are welcome here, as long as you abide by the guidelines. Though you may feel there's reason for it, there's really no need to be shy. This is a very open community, with people from all walks of life. Guests, in order to take advantage of all this, you'll need to create an account, so, stop being a creeper! Laughing Twisted Evil

A few notes:

1. Hop in the chat - The chat function is a wonderful way to congregate with members of the community, old and new.The more people in the chat, the better. It's one of those things that needs a little momentum. Sometimes it can be a little slow, but keeping the chat open usually brings little gems of reward. So in your downtime, while your feet are kicked up and you're relaxing, pop the chat open. It can't hurt. The other nice thing about the chat is the ability to open private rooms to be able to discuss things with members you resonate with the most, in real time. Connect, ask questions, be mindful, respectful, and considerate, and have fun. Learn, share, expand Smile The chat button can be found at the uppermost left-hand corner of your the main forum web page.

2. The questionnaire - This is an exercise to 1. help you develop autonomy in your own understanding about many things, though the questionnaire is centered around psychedelics; the skills it encourages can be used in many different ways. And 2. To help you get an understanding for the type of culture that is fostered here. We are very concerned with thoughtful approaches to most things.

3. Your expectations: Naturally, in engaging in a forum, we expect some interaction. Because this is an online forum, and the main form of communication is text based, conversations can be a little slower. So if you post, be patient in waiting for a response, and make sure to limit your expectations; it may take a while for your post to be noticed and for someone to respond, and sometimes no one has anything to say. And that's okay. It's not something to take personally or to become upset about. It's natural to perhaps be a little disappointed, but that shouldn't hinder future interactions. Don't give up simply because your expectations in a very specific instance were not met. Also, while there are some very bright and brilliant minds here, there's no need to be intimidated. This is a place of camaraderie, not competition. We are all valued the same here.

4. Here are some links that can help you along the way at the Nexus: [IMPORTANT] No buying/selling/procuring, why? [IMPORTANT] New chat rules, [REMINDER]: New members/registrants - The DMT-Nexus Ruleset, Posting Etiquette, Post Structure, and Swimmers , The Essential DMT Guide, IMPORTANT: How to ask questions, Welcome new members! , Attitude Page, DMT-Nexus Wiki, Forum Search Function.

So, come join us Love

One love
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Thanks for making this a safe experience. Both with knowledge and overall people in chatBig grin
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