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I did several microdosing session, generally daily for 1 month. Dosage ranged 0.1 to 0.3g...
I generally boil 100g 3x3h, then reduce it so 1 drop = 0.1g . I add a slpach of vodka so it doesn't go bad. ( or take extracts ; or 10-25mg harmalas salts). I prefer the full spectrum, but extracts have an interesting vibrance.

It's really interesting. But depending the brew/the seeds, it can be tricky to use. It can trigger a lot of stuff, bring difficult emotion to the surface ( & provide the mindset to process it ... yet it can get intense). Generally, the first week is the most difficult, then it stabilize. But sometimes i had to give up, it was making my life too rocky.
Some batch are more sleepy, other more stimulating ; it can influeence if i can take it either at night or in the morning. It can give amazing dreams. Or keep me in meditation state all night with no sleep. I generally feel my body regenerated and fully relax in the morning.
It is my most revered meditation teacher, over any "human" teaching. I love it.
I'm quite suprise by the high dosage mentioned here. 1g to 5g / day is a lot for most people ! But if it works for you , great =) i would not recommend to a beginner thou

I'm always careful spreading info about harmalas, as idiots could easily "forget" they dose themself, and mix with uncompatible compound...

Harmal is so underated !


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