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#1 Posted : 5/14/2022 6:43:46 AM

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Short version: I was carried and placed into a diagnostic machine. I felt like I was someone’s pet/companion/property.

Not to long ago I had a bit of a scare. I put it all into a previous post about beauty and terror.

On a follow up adventure I remember starting off slow and building up through some of the lower sub-breakthrough levels. At one point I had a conversation (I do this often on the tail ends of my experiences) about my recent scare, and concerns about my blood pressure and the possibility of things like blood clots, clogged arteries and things like aneurisms. I explained that I had some testing scheduled here in my reality, but that medical treatments and imaging are either invasive, too expensive or simply still in theoretical/infancy stages compared to systems I have encountered previously in hyperspace. I asked for help. I had no idea what to expect and what I got took me a while to process.

On a journey the following day I remember closing my eyes, and seeing what looked like a room with floor to ceiling glass walls. It’s important to note at this point that I realized I was being carried. It felt like I was small, like the size of a phone.

Now, I’ve inhabited electronic devices before. Usually things like security cameras. But this time was different. Because I was moving. I was being carried towards this room, that contained what looked like an interface with a console/shelf. The interface was colorful and the text was very cute and friendly. Like what you might see in very cute manga or anime. I could see in my peripheral vision small almost child like humanoid forms. It also felt like I was in a toy store or a mall because I could see these humanoid forms looking into this glass room from the outside as I was carried past them into the room.

I remember that I was lowered onto the shelf of this console and almost immediately I felt my chest start to get warm. At that point I had an idea of what was happening. I was being “serviced” in some way. After a few moments my vision shifted from a view of the machine to what looked like a bunch of tiny red dots, with white circles on the inside and dark red/black in the center. There were maybe 20 or so of these red/white dots against a red backdrop. About 30 seconds later my vision shifted again, and instead of being shown 20 small dots I was shown 5-7 much larger dots/circles. I then noticed that the dots were cross sections of what looked like tubes of some sort. The white ring on the inside on some of these were more pronounced than others.

I sat there for a few moments trying to figure out what it was I was seeing… As my vision started to fade it came to me that I was looking at some kind of dimensional imaging scan of my blood vessels. The white possibly being cholesterol or calcification. I exclaimed out loud my thoughts and gave thanks for what was shown to me. I then exclaimed that I could no longer see anything further because my vision had faded. However I could still feel something attached to me. So I sat there with my eyes closed for about 20 minutes, explaining that my existence would likely fade soon and advised “them” that whatever was being done needed to be wrapped up to prevent damage to their or my systems.

Previously I developed a way to maneuver through these sub space locations by taking subsequent hits from a tank with an e-liquid DMT juice I’ve discovered recently, doing small bumps to recharge the systems around me. However I have recently discovered a danger in doing this. If you feel something physical while in subspace eyes open or closed, do NOT attempt a re-up-bump! The energy output of your body/mind is put into overdrive when DMT is taken into your system. (This is seen in an amazing way if you close your eyes (and keep them closed) BEFORE smoking DMT. You will see systems spring to life around you). So you have to be very conscious of who or what you are connected to BEFORE you take another hit. I truly feel that this is what caused my “brush with death/panic attack” on a previous trip. I was warned by an entity not to take that last tiny hit and didn’t listen. I regretted it immediately as the happy/pleasant feelings I was experiencing were replace with feelings of dread and doom. A sinking feeling like the world was pulling away from me..

I’ve encountered systems/networks/machines before. But this was the first time I was basically carried and placed into a machine/console. Looking back it made me wonder… Am I a digital pet? Am I like a highly advanced digital plaything? Was I actually being diagnosed and shown the state of my circulatory system?

I had a nuclear treadmill stress test today and an echocardiogram (The echo was pretty cool, I got to see my heart in action. I could see and hear the valves and chambers in real-time. It was like a more advanced version of what a doctor would use to show an unborn baby to the expecting parents) done yesterday, so we shall see what their findings are.

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this is one of the most interesting posts i've read on the forum. did you ever get your results?
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In my personal opinion, no. You are not a pet. Or a play thing. This “computational” diagnostic process is a result of our modern era and the impact that the digital world has on our consciousness / subconscious.

While at the same time; it’s not my role to tell you IF you are what you describe, or not. It’s your role to assess your experiences and make that choice for yourself.

I had a “computer diagnosis” type experience on mushrooms, a few months back. It sounded like someone was typing and the “clicks” were instantaneously translated to functional thought. However, I came to realize that the “clicks of the keyboard” were actually the sound of my own heart beating.

My thoughts were computational, and the heart beat applied rhythmic pattern.


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DMT provides one of many perspectives from which to view the intersection, confluence and composite of archetypes, modes of being, and personalities that is the holographic human. Enjoy them all!

Any given perspective may playfully exclude others, but only temporarily, so as to embody it and learn deeply from it, like drinking deeply from a well of experiential information.

So no, PsychonautCX, you are not a tamagatchi/gigapet, or, not entirely, as DMT may have you playfully believe.

You are other things, too.

A monkey.

A clown. An elf. A spirit. A demon. An alien. A fool. A master. A fighter. A warrior. A lonely soul. A mere ecosystem, or superorganism, or PART of a superorganism. An animated corpse. An angel. A god. A woman. A man. An insect in a past life. A vehicle, a vessel, a judge and a victim. A being of pure light, a ghoul grasping at straws. A robot, a puppet, a tamagachi. A child. A traveller, a host. A fetus in a sheltered world before expansion into the multiverse.

So many things you are, and what a joy it is to experience each one, one at a time!
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