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Hi all,

The key to victory, in our struggle to regain our right for the use of entheogens, is all in working together as one. This means that we have to work together with other organisations. This thread is to list all other organisation that might be usefull to work with (or even for!).

Please post links to other meaningful organisations and also a motivation as how and why we could work with them.

Kind regards,

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NORML - for remembering that this is not only about DMT
MAPS - for scientific evidence on psychiatric use of entheogens
The Center for Educational Research + Development - for more scientific evidence
Erowid - for reaching the whole community with balanced facts
Drug Policy Allience Network - for teaming up with USA's leading organization on reforming the drug laws
International Drug Policy Consortium - for maintaining professional and reasonable work
Students for Sensible Drug Policy - for remembering that today's young people are tomorrow's world leaders
Cognitive Liberty - for remembering this is really about freedom of thought
Criminal Justice Policy Foundation - for creating justice in the way we handle drug problems
The Media Awereness Project - for reading balanced media reports on what's going on
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The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

They have a history of protesting, writing letters, and whatnot. Sister Unity would certainly be an asset if we could get her on board. Her diplomatic skills, humour, and general ethos are all things which would be useful to this movement.
#5 Posted : 2/12/2010 1:41:34 AM

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LEAP - Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

It would be nice to have some law enforcement on our side as well.

Edit: Here are a few more - This site is just a reference of how we can make our own with sections on addiction, legality, and mixing with other drugs. - They are a sponsored project of the international Humanities Center in California - Here you can find a lot of the scientific studies that were done with psychedelics. - This one has news about new research and the politics around drugs. - Common Sense For Drug Policy
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DTN wrote:
Now with less respect and more outrage, Drug Truth Network with 72 broadcast affiliates is dedicated to exposing the fraud, misdirection, and wastefulness of the war on drugs.
#10 Posted : 12/16/2010 5:18:35 AM

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I recommend Council on Spiritual Practices:

Their site is worth looking at as well.
#11 Posted : 3/1/2011 7:32:49 AM

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:arrow: I'm behind CEL all the wayStop I've been reading the stickies and I just want to say Exotic Earth Exchange is completely dedicated to entheogenic liberty.
I've been trying to spread information about entheogens for some time, but I'm not sure how else I can help. Our website does giveaways, so at least we are spreading awareness and the entheogens themselves. But I don't think this helps with decriminalization of these entheogens. I feel like CEL needs more clear, short term goals. I need short term goals or I'll get off trackRolling eyes
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#12 Posted : 3/10/2011 3:35:39 AM

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This may have some duplicates. Especially check out the DRCNet:

DRCNet: the
Council on Spiritual Practices:
The Island Group:

I'm not sure how to collaborate with other groups. At least it is good to know who is out there and learn what is working.
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A group of open minded people trying to bring change.
As well as create an online community to help out people pursue their passions.
I am working closely with them and have actually mentioned CEL and they seemed interested.

Trav, if you are down I can talk with the founder and possibly get some things going?
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The International Centre for Science in Drug Policy:

Global Commission on Drug Policy:
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The International Center for Ethnobotanical Education, Research & Service
#16 Posted : 3/24/2014 9:37:19 AM

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How is everyone forgetting ENCOD and it's sub-branches of collaborative work, regardless. ENCOD/Trekt Uw Plant, and Friends of the Coca Leaf.

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The Libertarian Party Psychedelic Caucus. I have posted about it in the welcome area and the Politics section. If anyone is interested in sitting in on a meeting, joining the caucus, or just want to know more about it, reply here or PM me. I really hope you guys consider this, we could use the help. Thanks

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clouds wrote:
The International Center for Ethnobotanical Education, Research & Service

The ICEERS are an interesting organisation, they organize the Ayahuasca World Conference. One of their projects I really admit is the Ayahuasca Defense Fund.

They collect cases of Ayahuasca-related judgements and aid those people in problems from
Ayahuasca-related legal oppression

This is their website:

The Beckley Foundation could be interesting, since Amanda Fielding is in the most part of organizations doing legal work like the Commission on drug policy reform, Cognitive liberty, Maps etc. And they have a lot, a lot of funds. Big grin
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