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So it seems to swim that it is time for another report, which swim would call next level ladies and gentleman.

Half a year ago swim did his last mushroom experience with pan cyans and believing in being experienced he decided with his same mindet buddy to go for a big one.

Time: Frighday, 17:00PM
Died: apple, banana, chili sin carne
SUBSTANCE: 2,5 g ultra dry Copleandia Cayenscens

Eating dry mushrooms always sucks for me but i like the idea of overcoming this process of consuming an mind-altering substance or an initiaten process for the experience wich should be done minfully.

We planed the usual route on the top of the mountain behind our village.
Known territory, known substance, known buddy.
I thought i had an expectation about the experience wich should await us.

When we passed the little lake at the bottom of the mountain i was feeling trippy, i always get this when consuming higher doses and im not sure if it is placebo or really some molecule wich i absorbed through my mouth while chewing or holding a blotter for along time under the tongue.

around 20 minutes later, half way up the mountain there where the forest begins, a burb confirmed the activity of my alchemical vessels starting to really absorbed ths stuff.
This vision enhancement, you know it. Where you have the feeling that your eyes pitch to an higher resolution and 3 dimensional relations are in a way much clearer.
The visual enhancement of pans is extreme and the whole come up is very pleasant and light.
It feels like it is just happening in your brain and not in your body, you feel sobber in a way, you know this kind of clearness i know from dmt or lsd but not mushrooms.
Looking at the bark of trees, especially oaks is extremely fascinating.

Reaching nearly the top of the little mountain after 1 our+-, sitting at a bench between two hills wich form the two tops of the mountain, the stuff seems to hit quite hard.
I still felt sober but my vision was raving...
the floor was changing color, everything changed color, it looked like animated. Then when i looked at the clouds, the fractals appeared.
The clouds all looked the same, you know this visions where your brain takes a form and fills every part of the object where the form appears with the same form? every part of floor looks the same. This happened also with the clouds but in a way they where mirrored in a kaleidoscopic way.
It was nuts but what was more nuts, the facts that we where just 80 minutes after consumption.
This made me thoughtful because i recognized that this experience will get much stronger.

Arriving at the first hill, where a little shelter out of wood was build on a fieled of grass, i was watching the little village at the bottom of the mountain transforming into an alien city while this feeling came over me. This feels like DMT.
Now i got a sensation in my body, the physical intense feeling of a breakthrough.
The visions changed, the kaleidoscopic fractals became an complete overlay for my visions and my friend, started to look like me. I wanted to to tell him that he looks like me, but he know already, i s´wanted to tell him that we where in hyperspace but he knew already. An instant telepathic connection was made and we where connected in hyperspace like you are connected to these hyperspace creatures, if both parties allow it. Ego death was absolute but i still had a clear head.
I was able to think, orientation was easy, communication was easy. Still when my buddy jumped screaming around me, singing in joy, he looked like a hyperspace elf and he was moving the fractals like an object moves water. I concentrated my focus on leaving hyperspace and we both got back to a high shroom level so we where able to explore the other tip of the mountain.

The little wood shelter remindet me about quantum theory as i walked by. The statement that particals are also waves and everywhere at the same moment. I was able to tee the shelter but partly in hyperspace i also was able to look right through it and at the same time it was everywhere.

When we walked down and then up again i was not able to see the end of the path.
I knew the path, i have seen it a thousand times. It looked like i was looking into infinity and i was also walking into infinity, it just did now stop. We both looked at each other and told us that it feels like there is no return, there was no return. We had become the universe. We did not just melt our souls into one but we also melted into the universe together. There was nothing to do anymore but to recognize that being the universe is way to much for a little human soul. We had to flip it. The only way to come back was to decide that you dont want to be the universe anymore and that you want to splatter back into all the fractals wich mirror themselves inside of you, it was time to bring time and space back again, it was time to leave hyperspace and get fears and love back.
If you are the universe, there is nothing to interact, there is nothing to feel, there is just absolute transcendence.
But how should we go back? pretty simple, by just walking home.
My friend looked at me, but he was not himself anymore, he was me, he was everything, he was the universe. In his eyes and his face and is movement i saw the smile and the dance of the hyperspace creatures. That was the moment when he vanished and also the dog we had with us.
On my way home there was again the reminder for the quantum theory.
I had the feeling that the only thing that exists where the things that i observe.
I had to fool myself.
The universe had to fool himself.
To be able to feel like a compromised and closed human being again i had to accept deep healing insights. Every time i had an insight, a little peace of the universe popped of me and left me a little more human again. These parts wich popped of me represented themselves as single trees, then streets and then the house of my friend where he was standing in front of his door, smiling. I have not seen him all the way home. But i always knew he was there.

I have seen the secret. the only way to become human again is to lock the secret and throw the key away.

What a ride!

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Awesome! Thanks for the share. We need more panaeolus love.

But do note that these mushrooms are NOT neurotoxic. And quite a few typos but thanks for the share
Dirty T
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Definitely not toxic. To clear things up wood lover's paralysis comes from mush that grows on wood and the alkaloid responsible is yet to be identified, pans grow in Dookie, so no there is no Neuro toxicity, actually the opposite, psilocybin is food for your brain.
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Sorry for the typos, im not a native English speaker and quite lazy.
You are right of course, i will change this about the toxicity.

If you smoke it right, you can't hold a pipe.
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Dirty T wrote:
Definitely not toxic. To clear things up wood lover's paralysis comes from mush that grows on wood and the alkaloid responsible is yet to be identified, pans grow in Dookie, so no there is no Neuro toxicity, actually the opposite, psilocybin is food for your brain.

There's a certain amount of evidence that aeruginascin may be responsible for the WLP. It's a quaternary ammonium compound, a feature it has in common with a large number of neuromuscular blocking agents including several naturally-occurring compounds, such as muscarine and candicine.

“There is a way of manipulating matter and energy so as to produce what modern scientists call 'a field of force'. The field acts on the observer and puts him in a privileged position vis-à-vis the universe. From this position he has access to the realities which are ordinarily hidden from us by time and space, matter and energy. This is what we call the Great Work."
― Jacques Bergier, quoting Fulcanelli
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