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DMT salts for e-juice Options
#61 Posted : 7/1/2023 2:54:12 PM

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Glad to hear the IPA re-x works nicely. I've not specifically heard of IPA re-x of the citrate honey so you might be better off sticking with what already works - unless you want to try re-xing the citrate yourself.

Based on the reports in this thread, the citrate does seem to be the more favorable choice for e-juice though.

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#62 Posted : 7/17/2023 3:29:48 AM
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Very interested in converting fumaricdmt to citric dmt for vaping purposes. Fumaricdmt is vape able but not as pleasant as freebase. will need to acid base and CASA it. But needs to be completely clear of nasty nonpolar solvent residue, therefore re-x in IPA, perhaps. Xylene taste and smell are absolutely horrible. IPA derived crystals are acceptable.
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#63 Posted : 10/25/2023 2:22:58 AM
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Loveall wrote:
Loveall wrote:
Some updates:

- DMT citrate salt is stable for months Smile
- Must sart with very clean DMT freebase. Any gunk can clog the coil over time. This is a drawback for this method, flame or e-mesh are more forgiving for sloppier extractions. Gunky DMT is OK too, just be ready to replace the coils more frequently (which wastes DMT and can be inconvenient during a long sublingual harmala session).
- As a reminder, a working ratio by mass is: DMT:Citric Acid (using monohydrate from Milliard's): PG:VG 1:0.45:2:0.6. Note: increased citric slightly up from 0.4, with very pure DMT more citric is needed to get to neutral pH.
- 1g of DMT makes about 3ml of e-juice

Cheers Smile

Ok, so this was effective but too sour. Too much citric
Gonna lower the recomendation to 0.4 parts citric or less. Perhaps 0.33 is better for flavor too.

In other news, I tried DMT acetate. It is beyond soluble, I would say miscible? The DMT acetate was an oil. Tasted fine/smooth. Also acetic acid doesn't break down until 400C+, so it could be cleaner for unwanted byproducts (?).

I wanna try harmala acetate too. If it is a miscible oil or at least soluble we could make vapable ayahusaca salt. Tried a lot of harmala salts amd failed, hopefully this ks the one that works.

Also, I moved to a new vape. I really enjoy it: geekvape wenax h1, 0.7 ohms at the high power setting (green color).

With regard to these proportions: for vaping in a sub-ohm atomizer, is there any advantage to reducing the relative amount of PG/VG for a stronger juice, if your intent is one-hit break-through? Is there any disadvantages, such as reduced shelf stability? Or citrate coming out of solution with the PG/VG?
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