Clueless on vape setup for eliquid Options
#1 Posted : 11/29/2021 7:17:37 AM

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I've tried reading around and can't find a solid answer or posts are really old so links broken or kits discontinued...

I'm flatout clueless on vapes but I really would love something I can use outdoors not needing to measure and can build up to a breakthrough. Even maybe have a few experiences back to back without trying to not make a mess remeasuring and etc.

From what I gathered the coils are what can make or break eliquid method from working properly?

What about the liquid itself? I have some CBD liquid I would love to use with this.

Ratios of freebase:liquid should be around 1:1 or 0.5:1? Depending on how strong I want each hit to be, or those too low would be really hard or impossible to breakthrough in that period of time?

It's been quite a long hiatus (over a year I think?) from attempting and really feel this would be the best option for me personally, I can not begin to express how much your help would mean to me. Thank you all as usual.

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