3 grams Albino PE + 180mg THH Options
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I am normally a hard head, and won't think twice about taking 5 grams or more. I need a lot to get to Mushroomland.

After reading about THH and DMT combinations, I decided to try it with mushrooms first, since it's more familiar ground to me.

I have combined 2 grams of mushrooms with Harmine and Harmaline before. I thought I should play it safe and start with a low dose. It potentiated the mushrooms, but it was still a mild trip.

This time, I decided on 3 grams of Albino PE in Lemon Tek, and 180mg of Tetrahydroharmine freebase (THH) in a shot glass, mixed with water.

What a wonderful, intense and amazing trip! I never had such vivid and intense closed eyed visuals with mushrooms. The mushroom was also very communicative with me. It gave me some strong advice, and was sometimes critical, but always kind with me. With open eyes, the world looked just amazing! I have two contemporary sculptures that are lightboxes as well, on each side of a painting depicting an angel with an arquebus. I turned the sculptures on (I like darkness with mushrooms), and the sight of these three objects on my living area wall was just indescribable. For a moment, I considered keeping the boxes on for the rest of the trip, but they became overwhelmingly distracting. There was a DMT edge to everything, open and closed eyed.

The mushroom spoke to me about my childhood with these very strange symbols, that became more and more intense, as if the mushroom was making sure I was paying attention. I still don't understand what they mean, but only that they are somehow related to my childhood.

The mushroom never felt so present before, or like such a teacher. It commented on many aspects of my life. It felt didactic like Ayahuasca; like it was really trying to help me, and directly told what I should do.

I spent most of the time sitting on my yoga mat, with my eyes closed, but migrated to the couch for a while while I looked and this big beautiful book on Paul Klee, which belonged to my mother, and I remember looking at it for the first time when I was probably about 5 or 6. Here I was, looking at it again, in the low light and in total wonder. I relived how I felt at that moment, and how I didn't understand this artwork, and then I thought that there was nothing to understand, and that was the lesson of this book, and what Klee was trying to communicate through his work.

I could go on about this, but I'll just say it was one of the best trips of my life. Most certainly my best solo trip. I look forward to my next experience with this combination, and I recommend it to others, with a warning that this can be an overwhelmingly intense trip. There was absolutely nothing unpleasant about, but to be handled with care nonetheless.

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Very cool, thanks for sharing. This makes me want to try my first psilohuasca.
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