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#1 Posted : 9/26/2021 7:09:10 PM
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I could not find a section for DMT news articles. Please place any articles in the news and media here so we can all keeps tabs on the topic.

The article below is certainly a worthy of a read.


Live plants. Sustainable, ethically sourced, native American owned.
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#2 Posted : 9/26/2021 8:31:37 PM

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That's a really well written article. I have no first hand experience with 5-meo, but it definitely sparks my interest.
#3 Posted : 9/27/2021 12:22:45 AM

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Huh. That is a pretty decent read. I appreciate that the author took some time to point out some of the BS in the psytourism industry and that they engaged in synth, not toad toxin, which when used in my opinion is animal abuse.

5meo catalyzed this whole journey I have been on since I joined this forum- I am still working with those experiences from 10 years ago. Nothing has come close to the things I went through during the month when I engaged with it 6 times on my own, using HcL IV and IM. AFter having finally emerged from the worst year of my life ( and that is saying something) during which I took a long horrifying look into my own mortality (not my dying, those things are different) and the realization that I would die alone and be forgotten, I have decided to do some more work with it.

Trauma centers in the body, and both DMT and 5meoDMT, and to a lesser extent psilocybin, are effective at helping one do some energetic body work to locate, feel and release that body-centered trauma in my experience. Having had a ton of breakthroughs (not DMT b.t.'s, therapy b.t.'s) recently, I think I am finally ready to do it.

In my first encounter with 5meo in which I experienced death, having a experience which either was or perfectly replicated a NDE, I began to purge after coming back into my meat-sack in the form of a evil, black smoking serpent that emerged from my mouth to my utter terror. I forced it to stop, cutting the serpent's body in half and felt the rest sink back into my body. It fooled me by making me think that somehow releasing it would let that badness into the world ( I was really, really high y'all) and I didn't want to let that happen. But I know now, I was not ready to let it go.

I have sent a communique to a facilitator who I respect enough through having had interactions for several years to allow do the work with me and am awaiting the response from them. Fortunately I live in a place where it is not too hard for me to do this and I hope it is sucessful.

I recommend the hell out of it Bill. I know you are very experienced with our little friend n,n but honestly 5meo is where it is at. There are no aliens, no entities, no wierdness, just the infinite eternal emptiness of everything that ever was, is or will be, outside of time and space and unmanifest as only potential and the realization that you are from there and will return. Pretty simple, ha. My experience allowed me to lose the fear of dying, but my recent life experience made me fear my death enough to go back and see if I can burn the prison I am in down once and for good and among other things, I think 5meo can be a good accelerant to use.

Everything I ever wanted from a psychedelic it did, even if I was too young in my development to recognize it at the time.
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#4 Posted : 10/11/2021 3:49:27 PM
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I can relate returning to the infinite, eternal of everything. I have never done 5Meo but I have found myself in a place with complete nothingness which contained everything, which makes no sense but that was how it felt. In the article one of the participants expressed "How did I forget?", and I have felt exactly the same way before.

I can only imagine that I experienced a watered down NN DMT version of the 5MEO experience, but nevertheless, it was powerful, mind expanding and those experiences shape quite a bit of how I approach my own healing. I reach for those feelings I had during those experiences. It can be a bit like 'chasing the dragon' in some ways for me. I feel like the next time I do it I will get it. It never comes. The 'nothingness/everythingness' or 'The All' or whatever you want to call it, feels like home.
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