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Ethyl Acetate Approach for Harmala Options
#121 Posted : 1/12/2023 11:36:56 PM

Boundary condition

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_Trip_ wrote:
It will be interesting to do a side by side comparison on which solvent holds freebase better. I've been wondering if there is a better solvent to use than EA.
As it stands 3.6% white grey harmala is common for a (hot) EA run. (I seem to get a fairly consistent 3.6% per run for some reason). Thus a re-pull on spent seeds is required to get over 4.5-5%. Both runs can be done within 4-5 hours and the first in 2.5-3 if one is being quick. It would be great to find a solvent that'll pull 5% straight up.

Since you have some kind of a figure for EA, it will be simple matter of coming up with the figures with FB harmala in BA. With any luck we'll get this data in the coming months. Unfortunately, I didn't take sufficient measurements for this last BA test.

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#122 Posted : 3/25/2023 2:44:18 AM

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I tried to do a side by side with EA to BA using this tek. BA run failed. I could not get any acid to effectively dissolve in it except for benzoic acid. Malic, Fumaric, tartaric, citric and lactic all failed to sufficiently dissolve to crash out the harmala. And Unfortunately at this stage no harmala benzoate has formed, this seems to be the case when using other solvents. Perhaps harmala benzoate can't be formed?

Tartaric had limited success (maybe). But there would be little leeway, not like EA and citric acid at 50mg/ml.

Admittedly, there was no exact measurements taken but it was hard to get these acids to dissolve at all.

But perhaps if DMT is soluble enough in BA, DMT benzoate could be as easily formed as it is in d-limo.

Also when evaporating the BA little harmala was in there, the dry extract was dissolved in EA to be crashed, freebased and weighed. However yields are clearly low. (numbers to follow shortly).

DCM acted similarly to BA with harmala although DCM holds harmala better than EA no acid I tested worked. Malic, Fumaric, tartaric, citric, oxalic and lactic all failed to sufficiently dissolve in dcm. Benzoic did dissolve but doesn't form with harmala. HCL, acetate and phosphoric not tested.

If anyone can confirm on contradict this please feel free to correct me.
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