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Request for Research Participants:

Fourth year Psychology Honours student at the University of Canberra is seeking participants to take part in a study examining how differences in intention, mindset and setting affect the outcomes of psilocybin (magic mushroom) use in Australia. Participants must:

- Have experience using psilocybin mushrooms or an established intention to use psilocybin mushrooms within the next 3 months
- Be over the age of 18 years- Currently reside in Australia
- Have a fluent understanding of English

This is a two-part study consisting of two 20-minute online surveys.

The first survey will ask participants about past psilocybin mushroom use, and if applicable, feelings and attitudes about their next planned, upcoming session. The second survey is optional and for participants who have a planned, upcoming session only. An email link to the second survey will be sent to the participant’s email address shortly after the date nominated for the future session. It will ask about the most recent session and assess participant’s overall wellbeing. Participation is confidential and voluntary.

For any questions, the lead researcher, Ashlie Manwaring can be contacted at:

To participate (and for further info) please use the following link:


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