Getting the most out of a gram - Smoked Syrian Rue w/ Cannabis Options
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I recently received P. cubensis from a good friend. I wanted to get the most of it.
The first trip was just with lemon tek w/ 1g. I drank the tea before bed, this was before I found out that it makes me resistant to sleep. The effects were pretty great but I wanted to move around more. A few weeks after that I decided to take them in the daytime instead for my next trip. I still wanted to get the most out of it so I decided to use an MAOI with it.

1g of P. cubensis soaked in lemon juice for 20 minutes
Steep the juice and mushrooms in hot water, I keep the bag in while I drink.
At 1:20pm I finished drinking. I put on sunscreen, grab my camera, water, and smoking supplies and head into the woods.
By 1:42 I was feeling the effects, I didn't drink it on an empty stomach so it came on slower. I make my way to a secluded campsite that has been basically undisturbed for the last few decades in the middle of the rainforest. At 1:50 I load up a bowl with cannabis and Syrian rue, it couldn't have been more than 0.5g of rue, but it turned out to be sufficient. I also smoke about half a joint more weed. At this point I have a silly grin on my face while I listen to some braindance music. I look at my lush green surroundings and relax.
The bark on the tree which I was focusing on was moving inward on itself. I closed my eyes and moved my head into the sun, I saw a faint geometrical vortex form from the warm tones of light. It was extremely welcoming. I slowly stumble my way into a field, I look at the perfect dollhouse-effect of the geometrically perfect tufts of grass on the warm ground. I thought to myself “this is the stuff dreams are made of”. In a slow river I couldn't see my reflection, but instead an almost arabesque pattern of tile.
I ate some pomelo but it started making my stomach hurt so I sat down for a while, though who knows how long I was really there. I'm in such a state of calm and peace, loving everything I see, the water, the trees, everything is so colorful and soft, comforting and dreamy. best way to describe it is like weight was lifted off my conscience, freeing my mind. I start making my way to the trails. I would walk with perfect balance and symmetry in my head. My thoughts were a conversation about archetypes with the mushroom, we spoke like good friends in my head. Every now and then I would stop and bask in the sun, enjoying the surreal noises that come from the woods. Eventually I made my way to a rest stop which is very well kept. I was thinking about how profound it is that time is functionally relative to one's perception. I sat in the cool shaded gazebo among a modest but colorful garden which is well kept by the park rangers. I dozed on and off, lost in thought and hallucinating. I was loving the feeling, it was really bright and positive. I walked to a secluded meadow and dozed off a few more times, daydreams of nostalgic memories.
I did make a mistake however, this park is very sprawling and my judgement was obscured. I start making my way to what I would learn is the wrong way home. I was walking towards some farmlands close to the border, thinking it took me back to the bridge I entered at. But at the time I didn't know any better and was still in a state of wonder wandering down this hot country road. I made it to some shade and followed a deer trail. This took me to a little hill with a large farm, a very surreal landscape with the hay bales like big marshmallows. I remember thinking that if it weren't for the big white hay bales this could be a village from ancient times. I found a map posted on a sign which got me to realize how far I've wandered. It was almost 5:00pm now. I made it back to the road near this adorable llama/alpaca farm which transfixed my attention shortly. I made it to a street sign. I was now functioning again, I collected my stability piece by piece since I left that garden. Best way to come down. I was still a little affected, but not so much that I couldn't use the phone. I called someone and got a ride back, it was about a 7 minute ride back home. I still had minor visuals through the evening and night. It had completely worn off around 10:00pm or so, I didn't get any sleep until 5:00am. I remember I had some vivid dreams.

All in all it was one of the most ecstatic drug experiences I can remember. +++ trip with perfect geometrical visions, painkilling body high, and it made me feel like a rose tinted childhood memory with a surreal tinge. As long as you watch your diet, and don't take interacting drugs, then Lemon-Tek + MAOIS + cannabis are an effective way to get the most out of a gram of mushrooms (in my experience).

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