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This is a fascinating read, replying just to express general awe, and place mark the thread for future reading

I second this. Thanks for the report. Great findings. Looking forward to try the THH + LSD combo!

Going back a step..

If anyone could give some advice and/or tips regarding preparing Aloe to complex DMT that would be great Thumbs up

Would it be possible to buy aloe cuttings and extract the needed elements, or prepare the plant somehow to substitute HPBCD? Dehydrate the aloe into a dense gel using a food dehydrator / vacuum chamber + desiccant, etc? I prefer going all natural even if hearing damage would not be an issue.
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Someone said:
This is a fascinating read, replying just to express general awe, and place mark the thread for future reading

I second this. Thanks for the report. Great findings. Looking forward to try the THH + LSD combo!

Going back a step..

If anyone could give some advice and/or tips regarding preparing Aloe to complex DMT that would be great Thumbs up

Would it be possible to buy aloe cuttings and extract the needed elements, or prepare the plant somehow to substitute HPBCD? Dehydrate the aloe into a dense gel using a food dehydrator / vacuum chamber + desiccant, etc? I prefer going all natural even if hearing damage would not be an issue.
Thanks for the kind words.

Pic 5 below: Left: HPBCD polysaccharide obtained from the enzymatic degradation of starch, Right Acemannan is a major polysaccharide component of aloe vera.

Dehydrated Aloe vera gel powder 200X (Dalton Max 700® gel) and whole leaf, decolourised, spray-dried Aloe vera powder 100X (whole-leaf extract) are common high potency acemannan containing materials used in scientific penetration enhancement studies such as the one below, see under "materials used and methods":

"Intestinal Drug Absorption Enhancement by Aloe vera Gel and Whole Leaf Extract: In Vitro Investigations into the Mechanisms of Action", 2019 by Hassbroek & friends:

Someone, Acemannan in aloe vera does not seem to provide the same type of cone designed to trap hydophobic molecules like freebase DMT or freebase drugs as HPBCD does. HPBCD has a hydrophobic inside (water fearing to grab non polar molecules) and hydrophilic outside. I am aware of no studies or real-world examples of using aloe vera gel or juice as sublingual penetration enhancers, only orally (very successfully) with hydrophilic compounds. However, see my notes at end of this paper on this possibly working with hydrophobic compounds as well, and attached last paper.

Looking at the molecular picture of both HPBCD (left) compared to Acemannan (right) I don't see how the Acemannan polysaccharide would be able to grab or trap the DMT and hold it for sublingual use as HPBCD does, maybe downwardsfromzero would have some input on this. I would say give it a shot, you may be the first to have some luck with this. You're best bet would be to use it with a salt of DMT, as acemannan naturally is not designed like HPBCD to grab and trap non-polar compounds. This entails an extra step, forming DMT fumarate from DMT freebase, which personally I avoid as it is time consuming and many steps.

Here are the studies that prove HPBCD is safe and well tolerated in normal doses. HPBCD is produced via an enzymatic production from natural corn-starch.

From "Discussions" page on very end of attached study, see pages 55-56:
In humans, intravenous administration of up to 3 grams HPBCD in healthy volunteers was well-tolerated and doses of 16 grams HPBCD per day given with itraconazole did not result in hearing abnormalities (4). The authors could not find examples of doses of 1000 mg/kg and higher being used in human patients although these are being proposed to treat patients with NPC disease. The authors are aware of no previous study examining the effect of HPβCD on auditory function and yet we were able to determine an effect on hearing using a small number of normal cats and cats with NPC disease.

Our data show that 1000 mg/kg had no effect on the BAER response when given weekly for 14 doses between the ages of three and 16 weeks of age. Doses of 4000 mg/kg body weight resulted in an increase in hearing threshold only after repeated dosing and doses of 8000 mg/kg body weight resulted in significant increases in hearing threshold in both normal cats and cats with NPC disease following the administration of a single dose.

On oral use, From Frontiers paper, page 2 under "use of Cyclodextrins":
The α- and β-cyclodextrins do not cross the intestinal barrier in significant amounts and are fermented by gut bacteria or excreted whole; γ-cyclodextrins are metabolized by mammalian α-amylases into linear oligosaccharides. Consequently, cyclodextrins in food or otherwise consumed orally do not usually enter the circulation in significant amounts (Frijlink et al., 1990), and thus are generally safe.

Cyclodextrin has been linked (see attached study) in cats at very high mega doses of 4000-8000 mg/kg s.c. Yes, that is 4000 to 8000mg per kilogram, used to treat a cholesterol disease called NPC disease. The paper even states that the cats who received the 4000mg per kg body weight HPBCD s.c. recovered from the mega-dose insult within a few weeks.

We are not using doses anywhere near that here. I have used HPBCD complexed to pro-hormones for years when pro-hormones were legal and never had any side effects at very low level like we are using.

Patrick Arnold is the chemist who created hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin complexed diols such as Cyclo-Diol(TM) and Cyclo-Nordiol(TM) and sold them for nearly 10 years thru his company ERGOPHARM until pro-hormones were made illegal, never any complaints of hearing loss. See part 5 of my paper on his story and bloodwork results. We are using similar doses with the HPBCD DMT as he used to formulate his hot-selling cyclodiol and cyclo-nordiol. His companies sales were reported in the millions, he was a genius just like Dr. Scott Connelly, the creator of MET-RX who also reported sales in the millions during the same timeframe.

There is a video out that documents the sports supplement industry called "Supps: the movie (2019)", very good documentary.

I am a bodybuilder myself, been lifting weights since my early 20's when I was a beach lifeguard, I'm currently 220lbs, 12% bodyfat. This is my routine: 1st day: chest, triceps, shoulders, day 2 & 3 rest, day 4: back and biceps, day 5 and day 6 rest, on day 7 I do legs. To stay lean, I follow a strict Palumbo high-protein modified keto diet, eating mostly turkey, eggs, chicken & fish at least once a week.

Daily I eat salads, cooked spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, squash & zucchini. No starchy carbs like potatoes, beans, grains or breads, consuming healthy fats like avacado oil mayo, guacamole, etc. and a daily 60g protein shake.

Cold turkey and chicken salads made with betterbody food's Avacado oil mayonnaise, diced celery and olives is a daily staple I make & take to work, this gives me daily 80g protein for lunch. This modified high protein keto diet is called the "Palumbo keto diet" named after the professional bodybuilder Dave Palumbo who created it, used successfully by many top level bodybuilders and athletes. Yes, my kidneys and liver are fine eating this much protein to support my muscle mass, I have a full blood work profile done x twice a year with my doctor, who is also a weight lifter by pure chance.

I eat all my meals within an 8 hour timeframe, taking in 1.1 grams of protein per lb of bodyweight, for me this is 240g protein to maintain my body mass and fast from 3pm until the next morning (I wake up at 5am), running at the park or on treadmill x 3 times a week when I get home.

My 60g protein shake mixed in 16oz cold water with 2 spoons of carb free heavy whipping cream is nothing. I have met pro bodybuilders in Venice who drink protein shakes which would drown a small toddler Smile

MET-Rx 2 lb Metamyosyn Protein Plus Whey Isolate and Casein Protein Powder is my favorite protein which I have used since as far back as I can remember, story on the invention of MET-Rx by Dr. Scott Connelly in "Supps, the movie (2019)" documentary.

Several years ago, before "prohormones" were banned, this company called "Ergopharm" ran by chemist Patrick Arnold made the HPBCD complexed solutions of prohormones in a HPBCD complexed powder that was administered under tongue.

In 2001 Arnold's company introduced the prohormone 4-Androstenediol, under the marketing name 4-AD. 4-AD is a prohormone that is easily converted by the body into testosterone, and it sold well. He is the chemist who created hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin complexed diols such as Cyclo-Diol(TM) and Cyclo-Nordiol(TM).

I bought and used the sublingual HPBCD cyclodiol and it was very effective, had my testosterone level checked with a blood test at the local labcore one hour after administering the sublingual powder and it was 3,500 ng/dl ! when my normal level was 600ng/dl. Highest measured normal levels in men are around 1200 ng/dl. The blood test cost me $70.00. The sublingual HPBCD complexed pro-hormone would cause the 4-ad to enter the bloodstream via sublingual mucosa under tongue in around 10 minutes or until dissolved, and convert to testosterone via enzyme activity. Patrick invented the pro-hormone 4-ad which converts to testosterone at a rate of 95%.

Patrick Arnold's sublingual powder of HPBCD complexed 4-AD could be grabbed from the bottle with a pre-measured scooper, and the powder need only be held under tongue for 10 minutes. The HPBCD DMT dissolves in 15 minutes or less under tongue, as it is a slightly higher dosage.

Later, the pharmaceutical industry picked up on his idea and started marketing sublingual HPBCD testosterone base, which worked remarkably well to raise the testosterone of hypogonadal men to the high-normal level. These studies also given in link above from the pharmaceutical industry.

I've used the HPBCD DMT sublingually over 44 times now if you include the number of times I've re-dosed in an evening = 3 total doses for an evening. Had my hearing checked earlier this month as I wanted to see myself if any problems with the low doses I have been using, no different than years ago. Perfect hearing still.

2-Hydroxypropyl-β-Cyclodextrin Raises Hearing Threshold in Normal Cats and in Cats With Niemann-Pick Type C Disease

Cats with NPC disease cats showed no increase in hearing threshold after weekly administration of 1000 mg/kg HPβCD (group 7; n = 5) compared with untreated affected cats [group 6; n = 8]. Both cats treated with weekly 4000 mg/kg (group 8; n = 2) showed an increase in hearing threshold and cats treated with weekly 8000 mg/kg (group 9; n = 5) had a statistically significant (p < 0.05) increase in threshold. No waveforms were evoked at the maximum stimulus intensity of 125 dB from two cats treated with every other week intrathecal HPBCD (group 10).

Pic1: Cats with NPC disease cats showed no increase in hearing threshold after weekly administration of 1000 mg/kg HPβCD (group 7; n = 5) compared with untreated affected cats [group 6; n = 8].

Pic2: Ergopharm's sublingual HPBCD 4-androstenidiol powder for use under tongue, converts to testosterone at a rate of 95% via enzymatic activity in the bloodstream.

pic3: HPBCD improves oral absorption profile for Ofloxacin, a second generation fluroquinolones by 54 to 89 percent.

pic4: sublingual mucosa only 100 to 200umm thick and 3 to 10 times greater than oral absorption according to Dr. Narang

pic5: Left: HPBCD polysaccharide obtained from the enzymatic degradation of starch, Righ Acemannan is a major polysaccharide component of aloe vera.

File attachment1: 2-hydroxypropyl-B-cyclodextrin raises Hearing Threshold in Normal Cats and in Cats with Niemann-Pick Type C disease at 4000mg per kg.pdf

File attachment2: pharmaceutics drug bioavailability enhancing agents

However someone, since the authors of the study were able to increase the oral absorption of not only the hydrophilic vitamin C, but the hydrophobic vitamin E by several factors across the intestinal tract, (see attached paper "pharmaceutics drug bioavailability enhancing agents", page 17 of 46) this leads me to believe that it "may be possible" to use aloe vera gel with the freebase dmt orally or even sublingually possibly with good results.

Page 17 of 46:
AVG (aloe vera gel) caused a 3.7 fold and avwl (aloe vera whole leaf) a 2-fold increase in the bioavailability of vitamin C in comparison to the control (ie, vitamin C administered in water). Both aloe products caused a statistically significant increase in the baseline levels of vitamin E at 6 and 8 hours post administration.

All of the Aloe materials decreased the TEER of the Caco-2 cell monolayers indicating opening of tight junctions.

HPBCD, besides making the freebase DMT water soluble in the sublingual mucosa, also opens tight junctions and disrupts the 100-200um sublingual epithelium layer affording greatly enhanced permeability.
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some one wrote:
This is a fascinating read, replying just to express general awe, and place mark the thread for future reading

I second this. Thanks for the report. Great findings. Looking forward to try the THH + LSD combo!

Going back a step..

If anyone could give some advice and/or tips regarding preparing Aloe to complex DMT that would be great Thumbs up

Would it be possible to buy aloe cuttings and extract the needed elements, or prepare the plant somehow to substitute HPBCD? Dehydrate the aloe into a dense gel using a food dehydrator / vacuum chamber + desiccant, etc? I prefer going all natural even if hearing damage would not be an issue.

....using aloe vera gell to complex dmt ..[sublingually]..would be an interesting test... because aloe readily sinks transdermally into outside body skin...down to the celular level..thats surprising concidering aloe
is mostly water!

Im almost positive!! aloe gel would absorbe sublingually.. ...but could it carry the spice molecule sublingually with it is the question..?

Freebase spice might desolve in hot an early preperation mixture might be made with it using aloe vera and spice... but still concerned about the spice molecule size?..could it pass through sublingually?

i think you can get powdered aloe vera and add the amount of liquid to it to inhance its actions..

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10.19.2021 update:

Tetrahydroharmine + 1-acetaldehyde LSD (similar to ALD-52) combo, like high dose mescaline.

In closing, I'm going to post what I believe to be a revolutionary psychedelic combination, and it's dirt cheap compared to the rare and very expensive cactus...but it's just as long-lasting, profound, highly euphoric, visual, neon-colorful, music-enhancing & super deep head space, with zero-anxiety as two feet of fat bridgesii.

I've moved on from the 300mg oral THH + sublingual HPBCD DMT, onto a 100% oral alternative, no re-dosing necessary every 1.5 hour like with the HPBCD DMT:

I'm not going to totally abandon the sublingual HPBCD DMT, it can still be taken as a 3rd drug under the tongue to add to the already super potent combo below. 2 to 3 alkaloids are of course more potent than one.

300mg THH + 250ug 1-acetaldehyde LSD report (2oz fresh cold sherry wine morning glory extract can substitute as well) Love

1) The combo of 300mg THH + 1-acetaldehyde LSD makes the beauty & aesthetic enhancement way stronger than LSD alone. Same "over the top" beauty enhancement as high dose cactus tea.

2) The music sounds much better than LSD alone, it feels very much like when you combine mescaline with LSD, as THH is like the beta-carboline version of mescaline.

3) The combo is highly visual & neon-colorful with open eyes, with each of the 3 trips spaced two weeks apart experienced so far have seen neon-red-greens, neon-orange-blues, and even neon-purple-yellows, supercolorful just like high-dose cactus tea.

3) Very beautiful combination. Love Love Love

4) This 300mg THH + 250ug 1-acetaldehyde LSD combo is my absolute favorite, have since used it every 2 weeks x 3 times now...prefer it over everything else. No re-doses necessary as the THH has a 10.5 hour half life with peak at 5.25 hours. Very powerful: Lasts all evening, infinitely beautiful. I've consistently reached +5 Shulgin level strength every time, very life changing experience every time. Super deep head space, Divine to the extreme, heavenly mescaline-like spiritual euphoria for hours on end, no words to describe.

Note: THH is NOT an MAOI, she (feminine spirit) is a psychedelic SRI or serotonin reuptake inhibitor just like the following psychedelic serotonin reuptake inhibitors: mescaline, LSD, shrooms, ibogaine.

Make sure your THH is pure and not contaminated with unconverted harmaline (which is a RIMA/maoi). Dab some THH on a wet cue tip, rub on paper plate, hold under blacklight, if it glows blue you have THH, if any green glow, you have harmaline in it, keep in mind harmine also glows blue too though.


-->(1) Tetrahydroharmine (THH) + 1-acetaldehyde LSD (identical to ALD-52) trip reports

-->(2) How to theoretically form 1-acetaldehyde LSD from LSD hits, just drop LSD hits into 1 shot fresh just opened cold sherry wine, stir once an hour, keep in fridge at all times for 3 hours as acetaldehyde boils off at room temp, then consume.

The sherry wine is already at ph=4 and contains 10mg acetaldehyde in 18% percent alcohol per shot, conditions the 1992 aldehyde adducts study (paper attached) requires to form the new aldehyde adduct at the bottom NH indole position, which readily accepts adducts.

The table from Sandoz labs suggested that ALD-52 (also discovered by Albert Hofmann) might actually have advantages over LSD, reducing any side effects but achieving a stronger trip. Measurements of brain waves while people were taking the two drugs showed that while LSD produced brain waves associated with intense concentration and anxiety, ALD produced brain waves showing a more relaxed mental state. ALD-52 also has twice the anti-serotonin or serotonin blocking power of normal LSD.

Note (1): Make sure your sherry wine is fresh & cold before you use it, it contains 10 mg acetaldehyde per 30ml or 1 shot glass. Acetaldehyde boils off at 68 degrees F, or slightly below room temp, so keep one shot glass of it in fridge at all times until you consume.

Note (2): There is a less than ten dollar wine preservation canister available that will prevent oxidation of the wine, instead a bottle of sherry wine will last several months instead of just a few days. This way the natural precious high levels of acetaldehyde in the sherry wine will not oxidize to acetic acid over several day's time. The canister replaces the oxygen that seeps into an open bottle with a balanced mixture of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and argon to keep wine fresh: just look up "private preserve wine preservation system", less than ten dollars, *mazon and others carry it.

step 1) Fill a shot glass up all the way with dry fridge cold just-opened fresh sherry wine. Sherry wine is already at ph=4 which is what study calls for, and contains the acetaldehyde (5mg avg. per 15ml) we need like the study.

step 2) Drop 2 hits of 100ug acid (or your preferred dosage) into shot glass.

step 3) Put a foil cover tightly on shot glass and let sit in fridge. I like to use a double size shot glass so that when I swirl the contents, no spill over. You can swirl by hand or use end of a spoon to stir.

step 4) Swirl the shot glass once per hour for at least 30 seconds, the researchers used a stir mantel in the fridge, and achieved 100% new product creation in 1.5 hour, but since we are not using a stir mantle, swirl once per hour. This works just as well, trust me.

step 5) After 3 hours sitting in fridge, consume, sit back & enjoy the brand new experience of 1-acetaldehyde LSD, or what is similar to ALD-52 with one extra hydrogen at the bottom indole NH group.

LSH (C18 H21 N3 O) + acetaldehyde (C2 H4 O) at bottom indole NH group = 1-acetaldehyde LSH
LSD (C20 H25 N3 O) + acetal (C2 H3 O) at bottom indole NH group = 1-acetal LSD (C22 H28 N3 O2) or what is nearly identical to ALD-52 (C22 H27 N3 02)

Combine a dosage of 150mg to 300mg THH with the 1-acetaldehyde LSD taken at the same time, it will feel just like high-dose cactus tea. I prefer to use 300mg pure THH. Only use 150mg to 200mg THH if you are a beginner.

Vecktor (advanced chemist):
Ava69, You have probably rediscovered something that has long been a curiosity, for example on the now defunct blacklight site there was TLC posted of morning glory seed extract treated with methanol, acetaldehyde-methanol or with acetaldehyde-methanol-water, the extract treated with acetaldehyde-methanol showed a clear difference in the alkaloid profile, with a shift to several new non polar spots which couldn't be identified. IIRC Erhlichs was used to develop the plates so these were indole compounds.

-->(3) A way to make tetrahydroharmine

-->(1) Tetrahydroharmine (THH) + 1-acetaldehyde LSD (identical to ALD-52) trip reports:

If you don't have LSD, then just substitute a 2oz fresh fridge cold just opened sherry wine extract of morning glory as explained with pics in post #78:

I have used this combination x 3 times, every 2 weeks, ranks up there with the most profound entheogenic experiences I have ever experienced, just as strong, long-lasting, visual, super neon-colorful & music-enhancing as two feet super fat bridgesii cactus, and I've drank cactus tea over 200 times now.

I used to spend hundred of dollars a year drinking cactus tea all year long, at least twice a month, this method is an identical replacement in my humble opinion, and lasts all evening with super long afterglow, very similar to 600+ mg of mescaline, and dirt cheap compared to the rare and very expensive cactus which is only becoming more scarce as time goes on due to demand and less growers.

This is the infinitely beautiful combination of tetrahydroharmine or THH with 1-acetaldehyde LSD (identical to ALD-52).

THH has numerous similarities to mescaline, best kept secret in the psychedelic world, it combines extremely well with other psychedelics and brings out there essence.

THH can be combined with other "oral psychedelics".

THH has numerous similarities to mescaline, not only does it block serotonin like mescaline, LSD & shrooms, but it agonizes all 3 adrenal receptors just like mescaline, which are associated with beauty & aesthetics appreciation, beauty enhancement is "over the top" when THH is included.

Actresses on TV will look like dazzling glowing super-colorful cartoon caricatures of themselves (just like with high dose cactus tea) only if you include the THH. Researchers have called THH the "tryptamine of the beta-carboline world" and rightly so.

Music will sound bad-ass incredible (way beyond LSD enhancement) only if you include from 150mg to 300mg oral THH with your 1-acetaldehyde LSD. Take them both orally at the same time.

300mg THH + 250ug 1-acetaldehyde LSD report (2oz fresh sherry wine morning glory extract can substitute as well):

One month ago combined 300mg of THH or tetrahydroharmine with 250mcg of acid paper that had been soaked in 1 shot of fresh just opened cold sherry wine for 3 hours in the fridge with hand stirring once an hour in the fridge for 30 seconds, to help theoretically or hypothetically convert the LSD to the more neon-colorful & visual and head-space gentle (zero-anxiety but still super-deep head space) 1-acetaldehyde LSD or nearly identical to ALD-52 by adduction of the acetaldehyde from the sherry wine to the NH bottom indole position on the LSD (don't try this at home unless you are really advanced, and sure you have very pure THH) and had closed eye bright colored teaching visions all the way from 8pm till midnight.

Much more powerful than LSD visions alone, these were brightly colored Ayahuasca visions. One of the sequence of visions were of a variety of stone carvings with very elaborate artwork and a beautiful woman who stretched out her hand to me to show me magic.

I would need a tape recorder going for hours to talk into in order to record the hundreds of non-stop CEV animated and static colored visions.

Then at midnight took another 100mg of THH, it brought the visions all back until 4am in the morning! Non-stop hundreds of Ayahuasca visions for hours and hours, I was completely blown away, and listening to music on my headphones, which sounded as if I had taken a high dose cactus tea, very remarkably enhanced, just Heavenly.

Where just LSD and psilocybin alone heighten and clarify the sense of hearing, the combo of 300mg THH + 250ug 1-acetaldehyde LSD produces auditory hallucinations, heightening the hearing sense but also causing sounds to be quite different than normal. Music sounds as if you were an extraterrestrial being, immersing yourself in new sensory phenomena for the first time. Each instrument stands out on it's own, every track heard as if experienced for the very first time.

This combo experience is much more visual than mushrooms or acid. This is very much like the combo of mescaline with a more visual, colorful & stronger version of LSD (1-acetaldehyde LSD). It's like a ZERO anxiety LSD with a very deep head space. Love Love

The combo experience makes the music sound just as good as using two feet fat bridgesii cactus tea. As I was watching a movie, all the actresses looked like glowing, dazzling, super beautiful-colorful cartoon caricatures of themselves, and the euphoria way over the top...all the colors in the movie poured over into the room and onto the walls, forming alternating neon colors on all the walls, incredibly beautiful. I saw colors on the wall that did not belong on this earth such as neon purple-yellow! I still can't stop thinking about this weeks later, the most beautiful colors I have ever seen.

Please note: all beginners only use around 150mg to 200mg THH which is what is found average in 1 cup of Ayahuasca tea, only advanced members of the UDV, Santo Daime, Shuar Indian and people like myself drink 2 cups of Ayahausca tea for the evening, which then contains around 300mg THH average.

-->(2) How to theoretically form 1-acetaldehyde LSD from LSD hits:

1-acetaldehyde LSD (nearly identical to ALD-52) will theoretically form when you drop hits of LSD into 1 shot of fridge cold just opened sherry wine, stir once an hour for 3 hours, keep in fridge at all times, as acetaldehyde boils off at room temp or 69 degree F, then consume...all explained below:

Sherry wine is high in acetaldehyde (10mg per 30ml or shot glass). This serves as an advantage...why is this possibly important?

Page 8441:
Reaction of Indole with Acetaldehyde: A 0.2% solution of indole in equal amounts of water, ethanol, and acetaldehyde formed a product with 60% yield after 1 hour of reaction at ambient temperature. Omitting the ethanol (50% acetaldehyde in water mixture) had no effect.

Decreasing the concentration of acetaldehyde to 0.1% increased the reaction rate and percent yield of product.

See pic of the researcher's indole + acetaldehyde adduct product formed before (page 8439) and after (page 8441).

The researchers achieved a new product with or without the use of ethanol, it made no difference, you only need water acidified to around ph=4 and around a 0.1% acetaldehyde solution, and around a 3 hour soak time for 100% conversion.

Sherry wine fits the bill perfectly with it's high acetaldehyde content, and low ph, which is already at ph=4, just like the study calls for. The researchers stated "the lower the PH, the faster the reaction (indole adduct formation at the NH group)." It contains the perfect amount of acetaldehyde as well, in an alcoholic medium no less.

It is quite possible that 1-acetaldehyde LSH and 1-acetaldehyde penniclavine produce stronger visual trips with zero anxiety. This has been my experience with the seed solution and also my experience when converting 3 x 100ug blotters of LSD to 1-acetaldehyde LSD (have done this over 10 times already spaced at least two weeks apart during the past two years), also confirmed recently by Namaste at the Shroomery to work for him as well, now his preferred method of consuming LSD as well.

Once you know your morning glory seeds are potent, you could also throw in a blotter or more of LSD into the sherry wine/morning glory seed solution soaking in the fridge for 3 hours, not only will this convert the LSD to the more visual, colorful and anxiety free 1-acetaldehyde LSD but it can result in a trip way beyond normal LSD. Example below:

I have also experimented with morning glory seeds a lot. A couple of times the seeds came very close to LSD. I have combined morning glory seeds with other psychedelics. On a few occasions, they boosted the effects of psychedelics enormously and very few seeds where actually needed to create this effect.

Once a mere 30 seeds were enough to cause an overwhelming OBE on LSD, paired with the most insane visuals and a defragmentation of the mind like i have never experienced ever since. I am convinced that there is a substance in fresh morning glories, and maybe it is LSH or penniclavine, that modulates receptors that are being activated by psychedelics in such a way that it can boost the effects of other psychedelics.

How 1-acetaldehyde LSD is different from LSD:

1) You know how acid has that sudden drop off then you are back to sobriety? Instead, this lasts longer than acid and has a warm gentle transition back over a longer period. The come up is also gradual and smooth similar to cactus.

2) 1-acetaldehyde LSD is way more colorful than acid, similar to mescaline.

3) 1-acetaldehyde LSD does not have the "visual choppiness" of acid, but is flowing in the visuals.

4) LSD produces tracers with multiples of shadows of the hand, this produces not only tracers, but colored fractals and mosaics inside the tracers.

5) LSD produces "colored specs that flow in front of everything", this produces instead "fine colored rainbow reflections" that surround everything.

6) Music sounds good on acid, but music sounds great on this, like a whole nother world, similar to mescaline.

7) With 1-acetaldehyde LSD, everything seems alive and magical. Patterns & neon colors form everywhere, the shifting of textures is magical. You can lose yourself easily as the visuals seem to drag your focus in without any effort. As a result, ego death is basically spontaneous.

8] Sometimes LSD causes wandering thoughts & can seem abrasively analytical but with 1-acetaldehyde LSD there is no wandering thoughts, no tenseness or anxiety like with acid, this is deep mentally, a real gem, pure psychedelic bliss. LSD feels man-made, this feels very primitive, archaic and natural.

9) 300ug of 1-aceteldehyde LSD makes 400g of fresh boiled thick bridgesii cactus pieces (no core, approximately 400mg mescaline) feel instead like 700mg of mescaline. I think this has to do with the possibility that 1-acetaldehyde LSD shifts the receptorome or radioligand binding of receptors "slightly away from 5-ht2a" and stronger towards the adrenal A2A, A2B, and A2C spectrum instead. This adrenal spectrum (A2A-A2C) is also the stronger dominance or habitat as well for mescaline & dmt & psilocin when compared to 5-ht2a, which is only midway on the spectrum, with the adrenal spectrum (associated with beauty & aesthetic enhancement) being more dominant with all these natural entheogens.

10) It is not a sacrilege to convert LSD to 1-acetaldehyde LSD cause Albert Hofmann also discovered ALD-52 at Sandoz labs. This is different from ALD-52 cause it has one extra hydrogen on the acetaldehyde adduct at the bottom indole NH group nitrogen.

12) LSD is more "analytical" and not as aesthetic, this feels more natural and is extremely aesthetic (beauty enhancing) like with mescaline.

Sample ALD-52 trip report:

Yes, I realize it's not technically LSD but really, it might as well be. I took 300ug thinking it would be mild if anything. Granted it wasn't as intense mentally as LSD can sometimes be, but conceptually and aesthetically it is beautiful beyond anything I ever anticipated. I feel perfect. At one. Better than I've felt in so long. I thought I could never trip again on anything but this is honestly paradigm changing for me. ALD-52 should be considered just as powerful as LSD-25 although it's a lot more relaxed and somewhat forgiving. As it is probably apparent I'm still very deep into this experience and I hope this to be an open discussion to anyone who would like to be involved.

My god, I just went through multiple ego death experiences beyond anything I've ever experienced from LSD before. There are no words. I mean there are plenty of "words" but none of them mean a single thing compared to any of THAT. Dear GOD. I never expected anything like this, but I sure as hell needed it. Even if I'm the only one here to express it to, as that's realistically the truth of nature anyhow. However, anyone who felt compelled to actually read through all this insanity, I just want you to know you're beautiful and you are everything. All things are right and they always will be.

Anyway, as far as the ALD-52, I took 300ug as I said. It was amazing and stronger than I expected, however I don't think 100ug would be very eventful to be perfectly honest. If you're concerned about it being too strong 200 might be worth it but 300 was really a great amount if you ask me. Even if you haven't taken any lysergamides before ALD-52 is rather calm compared to LSD or even mushrooms for the most part. Visually though, at least for me, it was absolutely breathtaking. Colors and textures were shifting like crazy.

Everything was alive and magical. Patterns were forming everywhere. I could lose myself so easily as the visuals seemed to drag my focus in without any effort. As a result, ego death was basically automatic and I reached that point multiple times. The first time I ever experienced ego death on LSD it left me with this beautiful feeling, like a deep inner glow that lasted for months afterwards. It eventually faded and I hadn't felt anything quite like it in years, but ALD-52 brought it back, and I feel like I've awakened from a spiritual coma.

Another thing is LSD sometimes causes my mind to wander uncontrollably unless I take my own initiative to focus, especially during the come up which can also sometimes fill me with restless confusion. Once I peak everything usually evens out, but ALD-52 put me in a state of perfect clarity from beginning to end. The come up was so smooth and comfortable.

I didn't notice the come down because I actually went to sleep when I felt like it was time to do so, which was an interesting surprise. Every time I've taken LSD I've had to let it run its entire course before even attempting to sleep. Often I would have to stay up for the entire day after which is obviously physically and mentally exhausting. But once I felt like the ALD-52 had made its point I went to sleep just like any other day, and woke up the next morning fully rested and mentally clear.

Overall, it felt very natural and I never had a single moment of uncomfortability or confusion. Just pure psychedelic bliss. I mean, I've had some amazing and extremely important experiences on LSD but honestly after the other night, think I prefer ALD-52. It felt like tripping for the first time again.

Random comments found on reddit to back up my dozen experiences with 1-acetaldehyde LSD (nearly identical to ALD-52) over two years:

1) Pandemoon said:
I dosed ALD52 like 100+ times throughout the last 4 or 5 years, in doses between 25ug and 350ug.

While ALD52 is very similar to LSD25, I think I can still see a slight difference. To me the visuals are different, especially the tracers. I can clearly see a difference there.

With 200ug+ of ALD52, when I move my hand it shows some very colorfull spirals and fractals in the tracer /smearing.

While with LSD25 it is just a mirroring effect that shows several of my hands. Not nearly as colorfull, just a non colored shadow (or several) of the real hand.

With ALD52 it's much more colorfull and intense, like painting the air with rainbow colors.

100ug or even 150ug don't really show a difference at all to LSD25, but with 300ug and above (my highest dose was 350ug) the differences are even more intense.

With 350ug I can hardly see reality anymore due to all those colorfull reflections of anything I look at.

I think the higher the dose the clearer the differences.

2) ALD-52 is probably most similar to LSD relative to the other analogues (of which I have only tried ALD-52). The headspace is markedly psychedelic, it lasts 12 hours and the visuals are prominent enough. They seemed to take on a more flowing characteristic than LSD, to where I'd see objects form within the patterns.

3) I find it has a more mellow vibe than LSD, I'm more content to sit back and relax whereas 1p is supposedly closer to the electricity of LSD.

4) For what it's worth, I found the come down of ALD-52 to be better than LSD... it just felt more refreshing, like a warm hug and it tapers off gently whereas LSD is more of a sudden drop off into sobriety, but the actual peak of LSD feels more... alive to me. like my consciousness is oscillating at a super high vibration.

5) ALD-52 is more euphoric than LSD-25 or 1p, and I find it's also less prone to creating anxiety. Because of this, I feel like I can take much higher doses and go much deeper. I took 5 tabs and experienced absolutely no anxiety at all. I don't think I would have been able to to do the same with 25 or 1p.

6) Hmmm. I seem to get much more euphoria from ALD-52 over 1p. But yes, the anxiety levels are consistently low with this chemical. ALD-52 is an absolute gem.

7) Agree. I feel like it's a subtle power, not as forceful as 1p. But there's genuine depth to it.
I'll be the first to admit it may be placebo, but I also favor ALD-52 for this reason.

8] I am very fond of ALD-52 as well! For me, the headspace was very much like LSD#25; however, I felt like the former of the two had potential for a really crazy headspace. ALD-52 also had me seeing three different colors that I'd never seen in my life. I saw red-greens, orange-blues, and of course the fucking purple-yellows.

9) NoticesMemesOwO:
ALD is MUCH calmer than 1P in every way. 1P tends to have a shitload of anxiety on the come up and tachycardia for me and my group of friends. Its very visual but also very scary at times. especially at high doses. ALD is the best IMO. I prefer it over the real thing honestly. At high doses it was very tame, had a great visual set, and no anxiety at all. very welcoming in the way it gets you. I would pick ALD all day long, and i could take or leave 1P in all honesty.

10) Doubledog said:
My friends had some ALD52 blotters few years ago and described it as slightly more visual, and not so stimulating, and as upgraded version of LSD, but with just small difference.

11) Namaste from Shroomery said:
I think you're on to something here. The 1-acetaldehyde LSD I made following your instructions in 1 shot of sherry wine in the fridge with stirring once per hour was extremely chill. Soft around the edges. When I started coming down, it felt like 10 years of therapy.

I remembered good times, felt compassion. Listened to music I haven't listened to in years. Thought about friends, was at peace in a way that I haven't felt before.

The stars formed into animated constellations. My Bodhi statue began to juggle. I saw the Perseidies meteors not just out of the corner of my eyes but right over my face while lying in a hammock. Saw the entire movement from start to finish. They looked like giant arrows.

Stayed awake all day, went out to visit friends. It was very happy nostalgia. Sometimes larger doses make me totally black out. Not this time, I was awake and aware. No primal fear or paranoia.

Felt like I was still peaking seven hours after dropping. Sometimes I get a cracked out, confused feeling, not this time.

Haven't seen neon colors like that since the one and only time I was puddled.

Sunday's are generally filled with dread and depression for the following week. Experienced none of that. Just a long lasting afterglow. Still in a great mood now. I did get a pretty severe headache but I also drink like it's my job, and I am on a SSRI.

Been thinking about Ephesus and Pergamon, not sure if thats subliminal or coincidence. 🤷

Going to wait 3-4 months and repeat.

Give this a go!

-->(3) A way to make tetrahydroharmine

Pic 2: Once you get to the end of your rue extraction, where you put your rue hcl in water and precipitate the harmine from the harmaline, you want to slowly bring the ph of the water up to exactly 7.0 with drops of 10% ammonia (from hardware store, the industrial janitorial version) 7.0 only the harmine will fall out, collect over vacuum filter...then raise ph to 7.5 or 8.0 (your preference) and collect a small middle fraction, which you will want to set aside as it is a mix of some harmaline with some harmine...keep this fraction to add back in the future when you do another rue collect the 3rd fraction, which is the harmaline only at ph = 7.5 or 8.0 and above.

I prefer using 10% ammonia from hardware store (janitorial). Super good PH meter: Apera Instruments ph20 ph meter.

Now once you have your harmaline freebase...

1) place 10.5 grams of harmaline in a 1 liter pyrex cup style glass
2) add 900ml vinegar
3) add 40g zinc dust (from pyrotechnic places) in the pyrex glass too, use 40g zinc dust per each 10.5 grams of harmaline. You will see tiny hydrogen bubbles rise to the surface.
5) place beaker solution on a magnetic stirrer with stir rod and spin entire solution slowly
6) spin for 1.5 hour, the solution will turn from green to a transparent like color after 1.5 hour, use end of cotton q tip to place in solution and dab on paper plate in front of blacklight, it will now glow blue when transition is done...

7) once done with spin, let the solution sit for 1 hour, most (99%) of the zinc dust will settle to bottom, then filter solution over a #101 9cm filter disc fitted to a vacuum flask with vacuum trap in series with your vacuum pump, this will give you a transparent golden color liquid, use this solution for next step.

Throw away the zinc dust you just collected on filter disc (be careful, don't throw zinc on top aluminum foil in garbage or it will smoke due to hydrogen loaded zinc, best to put used zinc in a baggie with water to keep it moist, keep away from aluminum).

The pump/vacuum filter flask & filter disc will remove 100% of any zinc dust. so in other words, filter pyrex beaker solution (takes out the zinc dust) over a #101 9cm filter disc fitted inside a vacuum filtration flask hooked up to a vacuum pump, with a small vacuum trap in series, in-between the filtration flask and the pump. A good pump is JB platinum DV-142N 5 CFM heavy duty vacuum pump.

Cool you are left with a 100% clear transparent with just a touch of golden very light yellow color with no zinc dust at add (80ml of 10% janitorial ammonia per 2g of harmaline) this means add 400ml of the 10% ammonia to your will immediately see the thh crash out of solution as a white powder, place mason jar in fridge for 3 hours, the crystals will all be seen at bottom of mason jar.

9) you will collect 7.5 grams of pure white THH freebase on the filter disc sitting in your vacuum filtration flask once you pour fridge cold solution over a #101 9cm filter disc in your vacuum pump, rinse THH with some cold water. put filter disc of thh in a pyrex tray, scrape off and dry under fan...pure white.

10) always this will happen: exactly 75% is the yield, as I don't know why this is so...but it's a great yield still. Even in TIHKAL, the yield was similar, right at 75% as well.

11) The more zinc you use, the faster the reaction progresses, so 35 to 40g zinc means the reaction is finished by 1.5 hour.

I've looked at the #101 filter after filtration, hardly anything at all on it, truly only 1% of the zinc dust remains to be filtered after sitting for 1 hour.

If you don't have a vacuum pump/filtration setup: Personally, I believe the cotton ball in a funnel to be one of the greatest inventions of all time--and think it would work just fine for filtering out the remaining 1% zinc dust, remember 99% of the zinc dust falls to the bottom already after sitting for 1 hour after the spin mantel is turned off. What you are filtering is actually the 1% of zinc dust from the very bottom after sitting that get's kicked up back into the solution as you are decanting it off.

12) This THH at 300mg is extremely visual, it's an isomer of a hormone like substance made in the brain naturally. With eyes closed for several hours are seen endless slow and high speed motion movies of nature, architecture, culture, history, the future, way beyond LSD or mescaline visuals...very realistic, mind-blowing...and with open eyes, beauty is extreme (over the top) and there is spiritual joy.

Attached paper: Austin 1994 Tryptophan analogues form adducts by cooperative reaction with aldehydes and alcohols.pdf
pic 1: a way to make tetrahydroharmine
pic 2: rue hcl dissolved into 115 degree F water
pic 3: steps in the fresh just opened cold sherry wine morning glory extraction, see post #78 with pics:
Homo Trypens
#285 Posted : 10/21/2021 4:33:41 PM

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I tried the zinc conversion of harmalas to THH described in post #12 of this thread. It worked great!

I still had a few grams of harmalas from earlier extractions that were various degrees of brown. They were brown, but pretty pure - i did not notice a difference to the white harmalas regarding dose -> effect. After my most recent one yielded near white freebase, i decided to use all the brown ones for this. Also threw in a a half gram of HCl i still had.

I followed the instructions almost exactly, i just used much less zinc but gave it a night on the magstir. Also i didn't separate harmaline, but used the full spectrum rue alkaloids. I used 5g harmalas, 8g of zinc powder, 450ml of 5% acetic acid.

I'm happy to report that i got almost exactly 75% yield.
This should mean that using salts is completely ok, otherwise my yield should've been a bit lower. Makes sense, too - dissolving freebase in vinegar turns it into salt anyway.
My THH has a bit of a yellow tint, my guess is that this is due to the brown that was in the starting material.

First bioassay of 270mg was definitely promising! During the effects, it wasn't very pronounced. All i can say is it was dreamy and i had zero nausea. The sleep after was great though, and the next few mornings were different Smile

Tonight i'm gonna dose again, combined 1:2 with full spectrum rue harmalas. The idea is to approximate the profile of caapi. I'll decide on the fly whether or not i'll add DMT.

Thanks for posting the method!
#286 Posted : 11/11/2021 5:45:49 PM

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Thanks for report Homo Trypens, sounds like you got a mixture of harmine and THH as you started with crude rue extract, not separating the harmaline out to make pure THH only. The pure THH is quite the psychedelic with teaching visions for hours. Congrats on job well done.

I've since used 350mg very pure THH orally + 3 hits LSD soaked in 1 shot of fresh just opened cold fridge sherry wine (cooking wine found in wine section) with stirring every hour for 1 minute, keep in fridge at all times as acetaldehyde in the wine boils off at 69 degree convert to the headspace gentle zero anxiety, neon-colorful, 1-acetaldehyde LSD (like 1-acetal LSD or ALD-52) then I consume after 3 hours sitting in fridge.

Have taken every 2 weeks now for 2 months, incredible experience, so much like the combination of mescaline with ald-52, as THH is like the beta-carboline version of mescaline, and LSD soaked in wine will adduct the acetaldehyde from the sherry wine onto the bottom NH indole position to form 1-acetaldehyde LSD (very similar to ald-52), incredible combination, insanely beautiful experience with ZERO anxiety...absolute favorite.

ZERO anxiety

you can use higher doses of LSD as no anxiety

super neon colorful

visuals are flowing and not choppy

music sounds so much better than LSD alone

lasts way longer than LSD, like Namaste said (post #284) he felt like he was still peaking at 7 hours, gentle come up and come down over a longer period

beauty and aesthetic enhancement is way over the top, music profound.

Super deep headspace

INSANELY BEAUTIFUL combination. All I need for the rest of my life, once every 2 weeks, completely blown away. Highly recommend. Same over the top profoundly beautiful experience as high dose cactus tea but only a tiny fraction of the cost.

Part 12: Out of print writings on the Divine Plant of the Incas, strong euphoria & psychedelic visions from coca leaf tea bags.

Cocaethylene (coca leaf tea bags soaked in wine, the orally active & potent ingredient formed in the liver from cocaine + ethanol in the 1860's "Vin Mariani" wine popular with both Popes, Thomas Edison and scores of other famous people) increases the levels of serotonergic, noradrenergic, and dopaminergic neurotransmission in the brain by inhibiting the action of the serotonin transporter, norepinephrine transporter, and dopamine transporter. These pharmacological properties make cocaethylene a serotonin-norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitor [SNDRI; also known as a "triple reuptake inhibitor"].

Cocaethylene has a higher affinity for the dopamine transporter than does cocaine, but has a lower affinity for the serotonin and norepinephrine transporters. In McCance-Katz et alia's 1993 study cocaethylene "produced greater subjective ratings of 'High' in comparison with administration of cocaine or alcohol alone."

Years ago, put 6 teabags in my mouth, adding some baking soda, activated the tea, painted an entire barn one afternoon, endless effortless energy, so long as kept adding some bags into cheeks every hour or so. Only thing is it makes the teeth turn green color, not attractive in western society.

Yes, you can add coca leaf tea bags to a couple ounces of high alcohol wine (at least 18%) like sherry wine, let it soak a while, drink wine, can get very high, nice very strong euphoria. You can squeeze 2 to 3 bags into 2 ounces of wine, very pleasant strong euphoria for at least 1.5 hour. This coca tea wine can be combined with other psychedelics for an incredibly euphoric psychedelic trip. Love

Coca tea is served at all the restaurants in Bolivia, very common there. I never got much of anything out of the 6 bag tea, but the bags placed in cheek with baking soda works quite well for clean energy and coca tea contains more vitamins and minerals than most anything else.

There is a quote in the "coca leaf and cocaine papers" by Andrews and Solomon where the neurologist Paola Mantegazza way back when used to put amounts of coca leaf (coca leaf tea bags will substitute) in his cheeks with a pinch of baking soda. He has a chapter in the book, he got so freaking high, even to the point of psychedelic visions:

Page 38 "coca experiences" by Paola Mantegazza (1859) from "the coca leaf and cocaine papers":
An hour later I was sufficiently calm to write these words in a steady hand" "God is unjust because he made man incapable of sustaining the effect of coca all life long. I would rather have a life span of ten years with coca than one of 100000...(and here I had insered a line of zeros) centuries without coca."

Bad ass out of print book, 371 pages, all about the Divine plant of the Incas.

You really have to read the chapter by Paola Mantegazza (page 38-43) on his coca tea in the cheek experiences, mind blowing. He took many drachm amounts of coca leaf and got high as all get out.

Page 40:
The maximum dose of coca I have ever chewed is eighteen drachms in a day, taking the last ten in the evening, one after the other. It was the only time that I fully experienced the delirium of coca intoxication, and I must confess that I found this pleasure by far superior to all other physical sensations previously known to me.

Half an hour later I chewed two more drachms of the leaf, and my pulse rate increased immediately to 120. It was then that I started to have a sensation of extraordinary happiness; I dragged my feet as I walked and I distinctly felt my heart beating. I could not write except with great difficulty.

By the end of the following 2 hours I felt extremely happy. My pulse rate remained at 120; I lay in the happiest sensation of a full and active life. A quarter of an hour after having taken the last two drachms I begun to shut my eyes involuntarily and the most splended and unexpected phantasmagoria started to flit before my eyes.

Page 42, psychedelic visions from cheeks full of coca leaf with pinch of baking soda to activate, 3.8 gram = 1 drachme:
On another occasion, having chewed coca leaf after dinner, I began to hallucinate after the sixth drachme. This effect lasted for over 3 hours, in the course of which I chewed two more drachms. Although I was immersed in a state of indescribable bliss, my consciousness was unimpaired and I was able to record some of the bizarre images that passed before my eyes swift as lightning. Here are a few; it should be kept in mind that for each one I managed to transfer to paper...I missed ten on account of their rapid succession:

A cave of lace through the entrance of which can be seen, toward the back, a golden tortoise seated on a throne made of soap...

A battalion of steel pens fighting against an army of corkscrews...

Lightning, consisting of glass threads, piercing a whole Parmesan cheese crowned with ivy and berries...

A saffron inkwell from which is born an emerald mushrooms studded with rose fruits...

A ladder made of blotting paper lined with rattlesnakes from which several red rabbits with green ears come jumping down...

Plucked Chinese flowers with burning silver stamens...

Looms made of matchsticks upon which cicadas are weaving pine trees made of suphur...

On the day following this experiment I felt more vigorous than usual, in spite of the fact that the nigh I had only one hour's sleep.

I remember when coca tea leaf boxes of 100 per box were sold on *mazon for cheap, along with 1 foot sections of bridgesii cactus, now you can't even buy any entheogens on *bay, only t-shirts or jewelry portraying the entheogen, just like Western man to turn it all into materialism.

Natural entheogens have been squashed by the pharmaceutical companies and teams of lawyers on all the sites while the Earth continues it's acceleration headfirst into climate crisis.

You can still order coca tea from Peru, it still has all the alkaloids, just have to use crypto. I still see some places carry a box of 100 for less than price of two movie tickets. Delisse is good stuff, it has all the alkaloids, use to buy it many years ago.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could let Peru and Bolivia sell the coca tea boxes in the states to legitimately make some money for their struggling economies?

William Martindale, author of "The Extra Pharmacopoeia" seriously suggested that Englishman should drink coca tea rather than tea.

Not a big fan of alcohol, so would stuff as many tea bags into a few oz of wine as could fit, let soak in fridge many hours, strain, drink, strong euphoric stuff for at least 1.5 hour, only used a few times many years ago, but remember those times as clear as a bell.

The median half-life of cocaethylene was 144.3 minutes (2.4 hours) whereas the median half-life of cocaine was 96.7 minutes (1.6 hours).

Cocaethylene is orally potent at lower doses than cocaine (not orally potent) and was discovered to form in the liver in 1994. But the book mentioned above also lists a hosts of other active alkaloids in the coca leaf. There is a synergistic effect.

How to make the highly euphoric coca leaf tea wine, last 2 pages of 2nd book, 5 to 6mg cocaine per tea bag soaked in wine converts to orally active more potent cocaethylene. More euphoric than cocaine and lasts x 1.5 times as long. (1.5 hour very strong euphoria).

Pic1: Last 2 pages: attached out of print writings on how to make euphoric psychedelic coca wine, soak two coca leaf tea bags per each 1oz of wine, then drink wine.

Pic2: Feminine spirit, meditation at the ruins.

Part 13: THH + mushrooms report from friend

Just wanted to let you know that I finally tried 3 grams of cubensis with 180 mg of THH, and all I can say is WOW! Intense and beautiful like I've never had before, with a definite DMT edge to it.

I've always been a hard-head, needing 4.5+ grams to get anywhere interesting. I've done up to 9 grams, and never got near this intensity.

Just wanted to thank you for the tip. This is the way for me to go form now on.
I look forward to combining THH with DMT.

All the best, and take care.

Part 14: Sublingual 90mg HPBCD DMT + 30mg sublingual harmine + 350mg oral THH + 300ug LSD analogue:
ava69 attached the following image(s):
coca leaf papers 1.PNG (698kb) downloaded 153 time(s).
coca leaf papers 2.PNG (590kb) downloaded 154 time(s).
Feminine spirit, meditation at the ruins.PNG (1,562kb) downloaded 152 time(s).
#287 Posted : 11/12/2021 2:07:25 PM

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Not quite a full report. Too many things happening:

Part 13: THH + mushrooms report from friend

Just wanted to let you know that I finally tried 3 grams of cubensis with 180 mg of THH, and all I can say is WOW! Intense and beautiful like I've never had before, with a definite DMT edge to it.

I've always been a hard-head, needing 4.5+ grams to get anywhere interesting. I've done up to 9 grams, and never got near this intensity.

Just wanted to thank you for the tip. This is the way for me to go form now on.
I look forward to combining THH with DMT.

All the best, and take care.
JKW attached the following image(s):
IMG_3606.JPG (1,403kb) downloaded 122 time(s).
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JKW said:
Not quite a full report. Too many things happening:

Part 13: THH + mushrooms report from friend

Just wanted to let you know that I finally tried 3 grams of cubensis with 180 mg of THH, and all I can say is WOW! Intense and beautiful like I've never had before, with a definite DMT edge to it.

I've always been a hard-head, needing 4.5+ grams to get anywhere interesting. I've done up to 9 grams, and never got near this intensity.

Just wanted to thank you for the tip. This is the way for me to go form now on.
I look forward to combining THH with DMT.

All the best, and take care.
Thanks for the amazing report JKW! Love the artwork. I have read of one other report in the past years ago where a person combined mushrooms with pure THH at the Shroomery and said that everything looked like a Van Gough painting.

11.19.2021 trip report: 350mg pure THH orally + 300ug 1-acetaldehyde LSD (instructions on how to make in post #284 from LSD) + 60mg sublingual HPBCD DMT, re-dosing the HPBCD DMT every 1.5 hour.

I trip only once every 2 weeks.

I'll be tripping tonight again for the 5th time on 350mg pure THH (not an maoi, but a psychedelic SRI like mescaline/lsd/shrooms/ibogaine) + 300ug ZERO-anxiety 1-acetaldehyde LSD + introducing some sublingual (maybe 60mg HPBCD DMT, which is 60mg DMT complexed to 420mg HPBCD in 2 mixing minutes on a spoon with 10 drops boiling hot water from a coffee mug) under tongue held for 15 minutes (it all dissolves) to see if it adds anything to the experience. Have not used DMT in over 2 months, so it should work quite well, will see.

The THH in combo with LSD or LSD style analogues re-paints reality into the most beautiful artistry beyond the imagination, so euphoric and so beautiful, so very much like mescaline.Love Love Love

As most know, the combination of 3 psychedelic drugs all at once is more powerful than just one or two.

pic: feminine spirit, women at the ruins
ava69 attached the following image(s):
zzz Feminine spirit.JPG (50kb) downloaded 50 time(s).
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Hope you have a good lift off! Please bring back memorabilia from the aether!
#290 Posted : 11/20/2021 1:40:01 AM

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Thanks Ruffles. I chickened out. the 350mg THH + 300ug 1-acetaldehyde LSD was already too powerful and perfect to add to even 6 hours later.

I think it is best to keep the 300 to 350mg THH + sublingual HPBCD DMT experiences separate, and so one occasion again one day will devote it only with the sublingual HPBCD DMT only.
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