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Yopo can be one of the coolest and nicest psychedelic substances there is, when you take it with LSD.
The yopo state seems in a strange way to be very compatible with the LSD state. It is almost like adding an extra layer that is very distinctly psychedelic, over a world that already is very psychedelic in itself.

An experience that i keep having with it, is that, slowly, every single thing, not just objects but even space itself, becomes visible as a sort of energyfield, with intricate structures of stringy and wiry fieldlines that are resonating with the spaces they form. And then i become part of that energyfield myself, or i become aware that i am, and then i dissolve into that field of energy, as it takes over everytning there is.

Then crazy stuff starts to happen, other dimensions or realities open in this energyfield, that are trapped within these membranes, spaces are starting to unfold....

And then it all fades back to "normal" LSD-land again.

That feeling of dissolving into that energyfield is easily on of the most extatic experiences i know.

It is like a warm golden vibration, if that makes any sense.
But i am almost sure that it would indeed make sense to other people who have done this yopo stuff.

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