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EDIT: I moved the trip report to the DMT Experiences section.

E-Mesh: Anyone who has been in the e-mesh thread recently will probably recall the issues I have had with my e-mesh rig. Started with a GeekVape Aegis 100w from a couple years back, but temp control was horrid. Pulse modulation is not the way. I quickly got myself a solo and had some excellent results followed by some major inconsistencies. I recently purchased a Dovpo Mono SQ which is a DNA 75c, a beautiful piece of hardware. It takes a bit of backdoor style tinkering as it is not designed to adjust certain settings from with the device panel but rather through a desktop software called Escribe. However, once you get past the technical fun, and get it set up the way you want it, it works flawlessly. It ramps fast, it heats evenly and consistently, and the temp control is incredibly accurate.

My current build:
Wotofo Profile 1.5
Fitted mesh using #120 ss304
Top row airflow holes closed off
Long/curved glass 810 trip tip
Dovpo Mono SQ (DNA 75c chipset)
Resistance is .1
TCR is set to 140
Temp set to 392f (200c)
Important note: The DNA 75c has a 20s cutoff time versus the typical 10s cutoff on most other box mods including the popular Aegis Solo used in so many e-mesh setups.

Changa: I made some changa for my first time recently (1g DMT, 1g Caapi, .3 harmala freebase) and really enjoyed the effects of a low dose, about 50mg. Was blissful. My fiance loves it, and we even took some to the nearest preserve the next day, had a wonderful, peaceful time under the sun, surrounded by colorful flowers and butterflies. Later that day, I decided to do another 50mg dose of the dreamleaf followed by a 20mg vape off the new rig. This blew my mind.

Trip Report:


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