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I am pleased to be in the company of DMT-Nexus residents. So I decided to write this essay.

I tried Salvia back in 2006 when she hadn't been prosecuted yet. There was very little information on psychedelics in my language at the time. I saw an advertisement for the sale, called and made an appointment. Met, exchanged, got my bags of 15x sage extract soaked in sage leaves. I came home, made a large foil lid, filled it with sage, set it on fire, and inhaled through a two-liter plastic bottle like marijuana. I expected effects like marijuana. Naturally, I got into a brutal bad trip. The fact that something was wrong, I realized already on the exhale. My familiar world instantly disappeared, like the plot of a fresh gouache painting placed in a bath of water. Although the colors mixed, they were vibrant and rich, at first twisted into multicolored funnels, then began to line up into shapes and fractals. The sound that accompanied all this was like the sharp pulsating hum of a transformer. The forms communicated clearly either with each other or with me, but I was not up to them, I was too busy with myself, because I experienced terrible horror and panic. And that was also insulting. I was ashamed that my beloved wife, children and my mother, who carefully warned me not to try drugs, remained there, in a distant and "real" reality, and I let everyone down. The forms noticed my condition and laughed, it hurt me, and I tried to stop the trip with a strong-willed effort. Apparently it was a mistake. Everything has changed, the forms have lost interest in me, the fractal has changed. The pulsating sound of the transformer began to increase the frequency, so that the intervals between the waves after each next wave were made twice as short. Each new wave was accompanied by a very unpleasant tactile effect, as if my skin was being ripped off. And so on ad infinitum. I resisted with all my might until I was tired. Then the fractal began to change again, building the boundaries of my "real" reality. First the room, the soothing voice of his wife. Then the familiar house, village, forest, road, our planet and the universe. At first there were doubts whether my reality was assembled correctly. I tried to verify this by checking the arrangement of things and objects. I wanted to be sure that everything is in place and that this is exactly the reality with which I started the trip. The rest of the sage was flushed down the toilet. Hit the Christian religion. Observing all fasts and holidays, he became disillusioned with Christianity only after a year. Apparently Salvia let me go.

I have been experimenting with mushrooms for the past four years and they have given me many positive results. One of the most useful, in my opinion, is the ability to calmly relate to your feelings and emotions. One of the main ones is the understanding that the boundaries of my body, which my psyche has drawn for me, do not end with these boundaries. And it gave me the realization that the body is just a form of matter that is constantly changing and is essentially immortal. I also realized that feelings, emotions and memory do not belong to me, but to the body, and that I am not a person, not an ego or thoughts about myself. I experienced the state of the absolute and saw that it is impossible to die with all the desire. I found calm and confidence.

I took out a vial of DMT from the vacuum bag.
The first time I decided to use in the afternoon. He took a vaporizer, put the chopped St. John's wort herb on the bottom of the bowl. I measured 70 mg of DMT on a scale and placed it in the evaporator bowl on top of the St. John's wort.
He was sitting in the garden, on a garden rocking chair, the view from which is beautiful. Birds, flowers, perspective. The best place to go. I set the temperature of the vaporizer to 200 degrees (I know that this is a lot, but even at the maximum temperature, this vaporizer starts to vaporize the buds only from the second puff, and I wanted an uncompromising entry), waited until the vaporizer produces a strong blow, which means that it has heated up , waited a little longer and took a long, deep drag. At first, without taste, somewhere from the middle of the inhalation, I felt a bitter aftertaste in my mouth. Probably still overheated. He held as much as he could, exhaled. Nothing happened. I took another drag. The taste was no longer so bitter, and I also noticed that I exhaled ahead of time. Realized that he was starting to take. I decided that I would take the third puff longer. He tightened, noticing that my landscape was faintly shadowed by the pixelated ripples. I again exhaled ahead of time, now more consciously, you never know, then I forget to exhale. Lie down. Pixel ripples ran through space several more times. The branches of the trees have lengthened and acquired a wonderful mesmerizing symmetry, the leaves have acquired volume. Flowers grew on bushes and in grass, even where they had never grown. Pixelism has disappeared, colors have become contrasting, clear and bright. The vaporizer said "hit" and shut down. All trees, bushes, flowers and grass turned into cartoon creatures that danced and bowed in a single mesmerizing rhythm, inviting me somewhere along the way. It was wonderful. I hardly heard any sounds. After a short time, the trees began to take their usual shape, starting from the horizon and towards me. The effect is over. Remembering this experience, I felt happy. There were no revelations, like under mushrooms, but the acquaintance with the spice was successful.

I opened the evaporator, St. John's wort in the bowl turned black and acquired a greasy consistency. Apparently, DMT burns and does not evaporate at the same time. Perhaps this was the reason for the lack of transcendental experience. I decided to repeat the experiment, intramuscularly. I read the literature on the net, in particular, I was convinced of the lack of tolerance to this substance.

The next day I got up early in the morning. I took out a vial of DMT, two syringes of five cubes, and one syringe of twenty. He took out a medical scale and rubbed it with alcohol. I had one ampoule of water for injection. He put the kettle on, poured water from reverse osmosis, let it boil for about five minutes. I made two glasses, washed them, put them on a clean plate and poured boiling water over everything. I poured boiling water out of the glasses. He drew six cubes of boiling water into a twenty milliliter syringe. She poured citric acid into one of the glasses, three rounded teaspoons. He poured hot water from a syringe. Stir with a needle on a syringe. Badly dissolved, poured boiling water into a ladle, put a glass of citric acid there. While the acid was dissolving, I measured 80 mg of DMT on a scale and poured it into the second pile. I opened the ampoule, took 2 ml of water for injection into a sterile five-cubic syringe. Poured the DMT into a bunch. By that time, the citric acid had almost dissolved, leaving a slight sediment. I drew one cube of acid into a second syringe with five cubes. I waited until it cooled down a little, just what my hand could withstand. Thirty drops of acid were gradually added to the DMT stack, stirring with a syringe needle. DMT dissolves completely. I chose everything in a five milliliter syringe, which I used to draw water for injection. He covered the needle with a cap and lowered the syringe into a clean container.

The day was Sunday, but eventful. Until the evening, guests, family. To carry out the experiment during the day, it did not work out. At ten o'clock in the evening, I persuaded my wife to inject, at first I did not want to participate in this, but I was afraid that I might not have time to pull out the needle and persuaded. I settled down there in the garden, on a garden swing, under the crowns of trees, through which in some places the stars are visible. The night is beautiful, moonless but starry. Nightingales, crickets sang, owls screamed. At times the fox made its characteristic cry. I was in vain to fear for the needle. It took about a minute before the silhouettes of tree branches began to line up in geometric patterns, and the surrounding sounds lost their relevance. The stars are brighter and are embedded in a geometric pattern that surrounds me with a sphere on all sides. There were sounds similar to mechanical clicks and buzzing. My attention was distracted by the thought that it once looked like the one that was during the day, but a little differently and somehow I missed the geometric sphere from the branches of the trees disappeared, and a dance of stunning colored geometric patterns began around. Buzz and clicks merged into music, unlike what we listen to in our reality, but a beautiful and loud cacophony. The patterns replaced each other, as if I was moving to a new and new level. Each level has its own pattern and its own music. Patterns took up all the space around me. I don't remember how long it went on, I was lost!

The next time I gave it a 100 mg shot. DMT on your own. He took out the syringe and lay down. A minute later, the silhouettes of the trees acquired a clear geometric pattern, first monochrome, then colored.
The trees approached and surrounded me on all sides. They bent over me, dancing and bowing in an enchanting rhythm. A flying lion, like a dragon, appeared in the sky. It was painted in a bright contrasting black and white check. He had many eyes. Eyes on the shoulder blades, on the elbows and sides, on the muzzle there were six large eyes and many small ones. Eyes moved to study me closely. The shape of the eyes seemed aggressive to me, but listening to myself, I realized that this was just my perception. The eyes were very attentive. Tongues or tentacles came out of the dragon lion's mouth and came to my head. When the tentacles almost touched my head, I got a little scared, and the tentacles recoiled. The creature backed away a little, continuing to study me closely. I thought I offended her with my fear. I felt ashamed, and then I myself invited her into my head. But the entity, looking at me with all eyes, departed. I lay agitated and ecstatic until all the effects of the spice were gone.
I decided that next time I would not resist and let the essence enter my head. But after this decision of mine, on subsequent travels, the creatures stopped extending their tentacles to my head.

Then I ran out of spice, but I managed to get fresh bark of mimosa gostlis.
I found instructions on the Internet for extracting the spice, which later turned out to be a copy of Cybs' Hybrid ATB 'Salt' Tek.
I extracted the spice with hexane, but after crystallization, I got orange slime. While looking for ways to make crystals from this slime, I stumbled upon DMT-Nexus. I never got the crystals, but I found simple tips on how to dry this goo. I simply rubbed it with a blade into the glazed bottom of the mold, and the mucus turned into a dry powder. Intramuscularly, I was afraid to prick.
So, I went back to the vaporizer.

After reading the forum, I made myself a pad of copper wire, melted 75 mg in it. spice.
It was cold outside, and I, taking advantage of the absence of my family's home, settled comfortably half-sitting on the bed, throwing pillows over myself. I set the temperature to 195, while the vaporizer was heating up, took several deep breaths and exhalations. When the evaporator showed a temperature of 185, it began to pull intensively. The spice is soft and tasty. On the third exhale, I tried to find a bedside table among the fractals to put the vaporizer on.
The next moment I found myself in a room with moving multicolored textures in the form of triangles and rhombuses. I felt that I was not alone here. He began to look around. I didn’t notice anyone, but I realized that someone was watching me, but didn’t want me to see him. I could clearly identify where they were looking at me from, but I didn't have time to notice the entity, because it had time to hide in the colored textures of the room. At the same time, I noticed only a smooth movement of the textures, which fell into place after they were disturbed by the hidden entity. It’s as if in the fall there were colorful leaves in the pond at the bottom, and you went to the pond and saw how someone, frightened by you, dived into this foliage, but you only realized this because you saw the disturbed leaves fall back to the bottom.
The next moment I found myself in a place that can be described as "nowhere and nothing." Absolute emptiness, it seems, as then under the mushrooms. There I experienced birth, love and death, which was a wonderful continuation of life. These were not images, but emotions, I cannot describe it in words.

I read the DMT-Nexus site all the time, it's an amazing collection of knowledge on a wide variety of topics. Here I realized that the intramuscular injections I loved were a waste of spices and my method of steaming the lobules was not ideal. Therefore, after reading DMT-Nexus, I ordered a Glass Sherlock VG vaporizer. I quickly adapted to evaporating the spice with SHG, now I need 30 mg. spices to embark on a deep journey.

Thanks to the DMT-Nexus website, I learned how to extract spices without naphtha. My favorite BLAB method is The Big Leisurely A / B. Spasbo Yorkest and everyone who creates and reads this great and helpful resource, DMT-Nexus.

STS is a community for people interested in growing, preserving and researching botanical species, particularly those with remarkable therapeutic and/or psychoactive properties.
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Welcome to the nexus.

That is quite an introduction.

Thanks for sharing.
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Sunnyside, thank you for appreciating my work. I got worried after submitting my text to the forum. Now I see that I did the right thing. May the sun always be by your side.
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Wow, you have certainly had some experiences. I flushed my salvia down the drain as well Laughing

Sounds like you have already learned a lot from the Nexus, I am glad you have decided to become a participant in the forums Smile
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RowRowRowYourBoat, I am pleased that such a beautiful flower like you drew attention to me. I really appreciate these moments in my life. I intend to learn even more from the Nexus and its inhabitants. Now I am waiting for my Syrian rue seeds to arrive in the mail to make my first harmala extract. And I will definitely return to Salvia's experience as soon as the universe gives me the germ of this magical plant.
Enjoy your trip.
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