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Hi guys,
I am not a native english speaker. I try to do my best.
Post is long and probably incoherent rambling so there is no need to read it.
I just want to get it all out of myself and this might be the right place.

Compound: 50% DMT, Caapi Vine Leaves, Harmin alcaloids, Blue Lotus, Damiana, 10% Gorilla Glue Hash

I bought 0.250mg and split it for 2 sessions for some reason I did not realise It was 50% DMT untill I started to write this post. I wouldn't do so much, well anyway...

The first session with half of the changa was done around noon, very sunny experience, cheesy shapes changing light pallete colours from green to yellow, different patterns. I can imagine this is something the "party goers" would consider as fun - not for me I am in for the spiritual experience. Arent we all? I don't knowVery happy
I was pulled out of the trip by constant barking of the dog outside. No comedown nothing. Just BAM and I was out feeling fresh and in full power after like 6-8 minutes of tripping.

One week later.

Setting: 9 pm, dimmed lights, lo-fi vocal music playing.

Way of administration:
bucket full of water
1,5L plastic bottle without bottom part
aluminium foil cup with holes on top
random herb from kitchen burned to charcoal
normal lighter

Yes bucket water bong.

I love this method for a simple reason, I need no more than 2 hits.
This means I do one hit, and hold in lungs untill I prepare second hit. Then I just blow out and take the second hit.

I poked holes in to the aluminium cup (owen). Since the changa is mix of dust and plants I covered the holes at the bottom of the owen with very thin layer of charcoal so the changa could not fall through the holes.
I immersed the bottle in to the bucket with water - only like 5 cm was sticking out of water. I put the aluminuiom cup on top.
I poured the changa mixture in to the owen on the charcoal covering the holes.

I placed the flame of the lighter about 2 cm over the changa and started to slowly lift the bottle up.
I was lifting the bottle slowly because I want to have thick white smoke.
When I was done and the bottom of the bottle was almost at the water surface level I removed the cup and inhaled fast all the smoke. It is done so that I put my mouth on the bottle opening and push the bottle back to water while doing one big inhale.
This is forcing the smoke out of the bottle for nice controled inhalation.

When I reached the end of inhalation - bottle was almost fully immersed in water and my face was in bucket... my sight froze for a second I was hit like a truck I just finished the FIRST inhalation and didn't even start to hold the smoke in lungs but I was done, could not think could not do anything I was hardly able to go lie on the bed which was one meter behind my back, usualy is this trip/way to bed very safe non-problematic but now the world was strangely deforming in front of my eyes forcing me to close the eyes, I didn't want to see it, wanted to close the yes.

So I was lying on my bed the eyes closed.
Immediately I was travelling but first time in my life I was not in sunny dimmension.

My point of view widened so I was able to see everything in front of me without any limitations.
I was in white dimension full of endlesly repeating black rectangles - it seemd like checkers but the rectangles were hollow, they were in endless numbers so it might have looked like checkers from afar. Each rectangle was slightly bigger than me. I was basicaly standing next to one of them.
Here and there inside the rectangles was a bit of green and red color. I felt frightened - I always do on DMT. I am scared even when thinking about taking DMT, 1-2 days before I do the DMT I am terified of the date comming, anyway lets continue...
The rows of rectangles were on my right, left under over in front, everywhere and they started do bend like they all were some arms of spirall shape.

I started to be scared and wanted to go away, I understood there is not going anywhere and then the rectangles snaped from 3-D to 1 dimension and I was dead I was no more there was no me.
POP and I was back looking at the spiral formation of black rectangles, then they snapped to 1D again and I was no more I was dead I was part of everything there feeling nothing since there was not me so nobody to feel.
This cycle of deaths and pops back to 3d was repeating faster and faster for many times.
Suddenly I could tap my chest with fingers, this was relief for me - I remembered I am tripping and it must end at some point.
Snap and I died again. No there was no coming back I am done I will be trapped in this endless cycle of poping in to 3D existence and then dieng. For ever.
The image of my mother lying on the bed came to my mind and the thoughts that this world where I am is not real came to my mind, the real world is where is my mother that is reality and this is just halucitantion.
The image of my mother slowly faded away, I am not sure if a being told me or if just a thought suggested but I understood there is no way back and I died again only to pop back to existence between this endless rectangles.
The reality that I called reality before the trip was gone, everything vanished.
I am now part of this something else.
Suddenly I was able to tap my chest with fingers again so I started to be confused if I am still there lying in the room or if I am this small concentrated conciousnes between this black rectangles all around me just for short time before being pulled back in the onness in to not being.
I could hear the music playing from my PC - this trip must end right?
SNAP I was no more.
POP I came back again.
I am not sure if it was just random shape or a being composed of 3 green circles on the right and 3 red circles on the left but this was the last image I remember before I opened my eyes.

I looked at my watch pulse was 63, I couldn't believe my heart rate was not 200!.
Everything around was extremely colorful and edgy so I closed my eyes and there was nothing only black space. Thanks for it.

After 10 minutes I got up and was ok, shaken but ok. I turned off music and just played random Allan Wats lecture, it was a part where he said we live where we live because we wanted to and we live in a circumstances we have choosen to because we wanted and we are all one conciousnes anyway. We all are it.

For future, I will trip only during day and with ear plugs.
Also I would like to try freebase sandwitch method for next time, howevr for now I feel like I need to take break untill I fully digest this experience.



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Sounds like you are good at cultivating courage. This is an admirable quality!

I think you did very well in your description of your experience. Popping in and out of existence is quite disconcerting, it can feel like a roller coaster ride that will never end, looping around and around. Perhaps this is what was meant by samsara. Endless cycle.
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Thanks for sharing and please don´t drown in the bucket Big grin
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unless you want to be changed. They enable change. They can´t impose it.
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Incredible trip report. Thank you for sharing! How about those loops huh??? Such a bizarre and terrifying experience. I love it. There is nothing quite like losing all control and then being placed gently back into the waking world with the reassurance that you are safe, all is well, and there are no big deals. Love and light.
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