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#1 Posted : 2/27/2021 8:33:45 PM

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I'm thinking of taking 5-MeO-DMT and i have basically two main concerns: dosing accurately. I don't have a scale that is accurate enough for this substance. It is probably not such a good idea to take anything over 10 mg, the first time.
And secondly: apparently it hits way faster than DMT does. I don't want to accidentally set my house on fire, or any household article of value.

So....making a 5meo changa seems to solve both of these issues. Somewhat.

Has anybody here ever done such a thing?


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#2 Posted : 2/28/2021 1:15:09 PM
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Cant shed any light just want to clarify do you mean 5-meo with freebase harmalas and herbs or enhanced leaf? I enhance leaf with 5-ho to make dosing easier. Goodluck.
#3 Posted : 3/1/2021 9:06:54 AM

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I did make eLeaf 5 MeO DMT. Instead of harmalas I added 4 parts n,n DMT to act as synergy with 1 part 5 meo dmt. but that was more to make some variant to changa like a different n,n DMT and 5 MeO DMT enhanced leaf. Works a charm.
but yeah you can do enhanced leaf 5 meo dmt for sure.
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#4 Posted : 3/6/2021 10:03:43 AM

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DO NOT ADD HARMALAS/Beta Carbolines/MAOIs TO 5-MeO-DMT !!!!!!

This will make the strength far more unpredictable and is not advised according to the scientific literature - additionally 5-MeO does not need any enhancement or potentiation by Harmala alkaloids.

The easiest solution here is to make enhanced leaf with a benign herb like Mint or Mullein
#5 Posted : 3/7/2021 6:04:41 PM

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Did some , used a 20% 5MEO to 80% herbs (no harmala of course). That way, it's easy to dose,
and easy to take in one hit too (50mg being a strong dose). Mine burned realy fast but surprisingly quite efficiently (probably less than a vape, but better than just crystals in a pipe). It burned so fast that the come up was more like an instant flash that put me in instant trance.
Love it Smile
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