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We are planning to analyse posts on The DMT Nexus and The Shroomery forums in one month’s time. Different people have different expectations of their privacy when acting online, and we want to manage these expectations respectfully throughout this project. Even though we will anonymise and protect the identities of all participants and their content (without changing their intended meanings), we understand that some people may not wish to be research participants at all. For this reason, we are encouraging any person who has engaged with these forums to contact us should they wish to have their posts omitted from this study.

Should you wish to exclude your posts or discuss another project related matter the project investigators can be reached via email.

Project Investigators:
Dr. Liam Engel
ECU ID - lengel
Adjunct Research Fellow, Edith Cowan University, School of Medical and Health Sciences

Dr. Stephen Bright
ECU ID - sbright
Senior Lecturer in Addiction, Edith Cowan University, School of Medical and Health Sciences

Sascha Thal
PhD Candidate, Curtin University

Data will be stored and password protected on the personal computer of the lead researcher. Ethics approval has been provided by Edith Cowan University’s Human Research Ethics Committee; 2020-01940-ENGEL.

Potential risks associated with this study include;
• A psychological risk of discomfort for people who do not wish to have their content included in our analysis, which will be mitigated via our provision of opt out opportunities and the de-identification of participants.
• A social risk relating to stigma for participants who do not wish for others to understand their relationship with psychedelics. We will mitigate this risk through the de-identification of data and opt out opportunities.
• A risk of criminalisation due to admission of drug activity. We will de-identify participants and store data securely to mitigate this risk.

If you have any complaints or concerns about this project and you wish to discuss with someone independent from the research project, please contact ECU’s Senior Research Ethics Officer via phone at (61 8 ) 6304 2170.

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We have discussed some additional details about the study here;
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The Shroomery thread for this study is located here;

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This is a great thing! I hope you could analyze what kind of advice people on these forums give to people who are going through difficult experience. I think this is the most valuable aspect of trip sitting, not just the spatiotemporal setting. This way trip sitting expands beyond the moment of experiencing the altered mind state.
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Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

I went ahead and stickied this as an announcement.
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Indeed wonderful.

As the DMT-Nexus we love to share our findings with others, especially to the field of science, so thank you fore this!

Kind regards,

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I am speaking for myself here, but i would realy like it if, at the end of the month or when all the work has been done, you would share some of your findings here with us.

And though i am not personally involved in the nexian, our online magazine, and i am also aware of the fact that time is a very finite resource in the academic world, i think it would be greatly appreciated by many members of this community if this project at some point could somehow lead to an article in the nexian as well.

Anyway, no pressure here, just an invitation.
Feel welcome to share some stuff with us.
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i think most people would prefer to be excluded until permission is given. it would be much more ethical to ask permission from the members whos content you intend to use. only a very small percentage of the people whos content you use will read this post.
personally i would create profiles on the sites and directly message the users and ask them. most will love the idea so you will still have plenty of material and you will not cause any negative repercussions that you might not have thought of (or care about?).

obviously you are unlikely to run into any legal problems because of the nature of the internet, but where do you stand morally?
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