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Life is an Illusion For Us To Wake Up From

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This trip report is related with the original thread that i started, please read the explanation in this thread first in order to have full understanding of the trip:

The Afterglow Effect of Increasing Lucidity / Inducing Lucid Living

Date: 2020-10-04
Consumed: 5.04gr psylocybin mushroom

I consumed my psychedelic around 12.20am, I prepared myself and all my needs in bed. While waiting for the effect to kick in, I read some Wikipedia text on my phone. After a while, i realized my vision began to change, the words got bigger and smaller by itself, rotates at some angles by its own, that is when i realized the effect starts kicking in, i check the time, it was like somewhere about 1 am. I stood up from my bed and turn off the light completely, then immerse myself to start the psychedelic journey, by closing my eyes and putting on my headphones with full music on

My body muscles started to feel weak and relaxed. Each music is about 4-5 minutes, and i was brought to different scenes and sensations and story depending on the music and where my subconscious brings me. The storyline is rather automatic, on the flow, not of my conscious choosing and control. Some were nice, some were sinister, could be quite scary for normal humans, but i was not afraid because this is not my first psychedelic experience. This was similar to my previous journeys but more intense and i was enjoying myself, just letting myself follow where the storyline and music lead me.

Then after a while, i felt a totally much different experience. i could completely feel my whole body, literally like every cell in my body. I felt ecstatic. I felt myself imploding from inside out. It was like having physical orgasm, but instead of it being just few seconds, this is being continuous for many minutes. And the orgasm is not particularly in my sexual organ, but throughout my whole body. The feeling was so intense that i could not help but to moan. Before long, i was moaning the entire room by myself, moaning out of ecstasy. I was quite embarrassed since i never done this my entire life, especially as a man moaning like woman being in ecstatic sex (luckily my wife slept in another room with my children). I felt i was being peeled from inside out. The feeling was getting more and more intense and started to get out of hand, that i even starting to get scared because of the intensity.

I could feel my whole body, and my bladder was getting full, so i could feel a strong sensation on my bottom areas, i thought i felt like ejaculating, but it turns out it was super intense feeling of wanting to pee. After some struggle, i managed to move my muscles, and stood up from my bed, and i moved my body from bed to toilet successfully. I opened the toilet bowl and finally were able to pee all of my pee. I was such a relief and felt so good. Then i moved back my body and fell my body back to bed and continued my journey

I wanted to have recorded communication. Clearly i couldn’t write down anything because all my sensory was overwhelmed. I was still moaning the whole room by myself, and at that time i realized that number one rule is need to have a sitter or guardian if taking dose this high.

I finally managed to move my arms and fingers, i started sound recording feature from my new phone. I checked the time, it was 3am something. I was glad i could communicate and the recording was functioning. I could talk but very slowly, 80% moan 20% talk. It was a very long process. There were so many things running in my head, but my talk was too slow and could not catch up

What i noted down, the main ideas are:
1. Number one rule is to have a sitter or guardian if taking dose this high
2. This dose is not for recreational dose, this is deep spiritual journey, it is not for everyone that is not ready.
3. This could be a new discovery that may not been found by anyone yet
4. This can change everything; this can change the world. A vivid virtual reality inside your head. It is suitable even for those who are handicapped without hands or legs. But may need to be cautious for people with heart condition or high blood pressure, we don’t know yet if their physical body can withstand such intensity (notice that people with such conditions are advised against taking roller coaster rides)
5. Wished i have recorded this from beginning, would better if have visual recording, not only auditory recording, maybe some kind of recording VR technology in the future?
6. The first matter at hand is survival, am i going to survive this day. Can my organs withstand all these pressures and intensity?
7. There is no end of microcosm and macrocosm, what we think is large and big, may just actually be a small flicker in somebody's macrocosm. This is one aspect that I experienced quite vividly during my trip

By the time it was 4am something, i was already able to move all my muscles. But i found it was completely new feeling. All my senses were so sharp, and very sensitive. I could feel everything. Time was being slow. I waited and observed and looks like this is something that does not wear off in an instant. I felt being more than human, not just normal human.

I woke up from the trip with totally new awareness. I felt like if I am a computer, my OS/hardware have just been upgraded from Pentium II into Pentium III. I could say so because I could feel, I could sense much deeper than I could ever had in my entire life. I could hear further, see more detailed, could even smell my own body odor very clearly, could feel the heat of my body, could feel my own bowel/intestine movement, etc. Even a slight joint pain could be felt. My head also was just so clear, no clattering, no internal noises.

I walked around my room and felt so alive, so different, so intense. It needed time to feel get used to it. To control all the muscles just like new baby. I walked outside my sleeping room to my living room and could already type in my laptop, but very slow.

I went back to my room, and was so busy thinking about what had happened and trying to make sense of it that i wore out and got exhausted mentally. So i tried to take nap and i felt much better afterwards, but this feeling and sensations still had not wear off. It did not felt as intense, but i think my senses are still sharper than my normal state, and my creativity juice is somehow much better.

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Amazing report! Smile

Thank you for sharing. Please follow your own advice and be very careful with spiritual doses Smile
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good old 5 dried grams.
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