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#1 Posted : 1/25/2021 1:09:00 AM

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I am so happy to join the community!
I have been experimenting with DMT for a few months, more frequently the past few weeks. I have found great success with the direct e-mesh method recently. I highly recommend it! I hope to share my experiences and findings with my fellow travelers along with any art that may find its way to paper!
Safe travels!

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#2 Posted : 1/30/2021 10:31:10 PM

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Welcome! Smile Glad you could join, I look forward to learning about your experiences and artwork.

How would you rank DMT in terms of your psychedelic experiences? How deep have you dove and still been able to come back with something?
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#3 Posted : 2/6/2021 12:00:56 AM

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Welcome, Question? I second fti's, er, question!
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