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#1 Posted : 1/16/2021 4:21:58 PM


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Hi everyone.

I've been a member of Nexus since October 2016, the time when I first encountered DMT. Back then I was in a very comfortable relationship with psilocybin for several years and my expectations towards DMT were pretty high. As many newbies playing with it for the very first time, it took me various attempts before being able to smoke it properly and enjoy my first breakthrough at its fullest. I still remember it, and just a few minutes upon my return from hyperspace I was right here sharing the fear, the doubts and the joys of that marvellous ride.

Many years have passed now, I've been traveling around the world embracing ayahuasca and changa, mostly as a tool for self-discovery and a medicine, in the very sense of the word. I will be soon extracting my very first batch of DMT from MHRB and I am planning to prepare my own enhanced leaf, and here I am, back on the most knowledgable places on the net, searching and reading through the amazing contributions posted over all these years. What a great place this is!

I am a freelance translator and I am currently working on a couple of books on ayahuasca and DMT which will be translated to Italian and published around mid 2022. I have a strong interest in the vast field of neuroscience and, although I've been psychedelic free for 6 months now, in the past four years I've been working very closely with changa (step-dosing sessions) and ayahuasca on a regular basis. The medicine has changed me and my life for the better: it has initially inspired a dramatic change of lifestyle, when I decided to leave my job in the office to work around Portugal as a volunteer for almost 2 years, a journey that took me to both wonderful and uncomfortable places, where I eventually learnt very important lessons about myself, others and most of all, the reality that surrounds us, our Life.

Thanks to those who will find the time to read this and see you out here, hopefully sharing more and more on these magnificent tools.

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#2 Posted : 1/16/2021 9:57:08 PM

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Welcome back, and congrats on becoming a full member Smile

Good luck on your first extraction, it'll be quite rewarding to see the process through and experience the fruits of your labor. I agree, this is a great place. Amazing quantity of useful information, always a pleasure to read and learn from others here.

Your story sounds like quite an interesting one - hope we get to read your books. You sound like you've got some great thoughts and experiences to share
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Welcome to the Nexus!

What is the general focus of your books?

Are you psychedelic free for a particular reason or just life keeping you busy elsewhere?

Be well!
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Happy returns, JBS2016!

Sounds like you have been on quite an exciting and transformational ride. Good luck with the translations and the extraction. There is definitely something extra special when smoking your own magic. Why not throw some harmalas into the mix too? Smile
#5 Posted : 2/19/2021 12:06:15 PM

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Welcome back jbs Thumbs up
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