How do you "actually" vaporize DMT with glass pipe? (This is going to be a complete guide) Options
#1 Posted : 1/11/2021 4:20:23 PM
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*Sorry guys I know this is probably one of the most common and Repetitious question that has already been asked many times, but unfortunately none of them covers all of the questions that you have and must to know if you want to vaporize your spice using oil burner pipe without getting stuck and being unsure whether you are doing everything right or wrong.

Beside this, my questions are also not asking anybody how to actually vaporize it as I probably know how to burn my pipe in most efficient way and vaporize it correctly, unless if anybody have some better suggestions other than what Adeptus Psychonautica said in one of his videos, so I still have these questions in order to completely know what exactly I need to do, and I couldn't find the proper answers for all of them after searching most of the internet and here's why and these are my questions! Smile

1.How many hits do you need or is recommended when vaporizing low doses of dmt or commonly? (people have different opinions, some people say two is even enough for higher doses) but I really want to know this more for the low doses as you probably need at least 2 for higher doses! But what if it is medium dose? lol

2.Is it better or the same to ask somebody to help you even if you only going for 1 or 2 hits? (Please, suggest if its better even for 1 hit)

3.How do you add the dmt into your glass pipe? (All in one go or separately for each hits?)

4.How much dmt should you add or use if you want to actually have experience of what actually taking 10mg of DMT feel like Pleased since of course some of it will always burn and go to waste anyway? (I also want to know how much DMT usually go to waste using this method as well too? usually I mean of course!

Plus at what dosages can you usually get breakthrough using this method too?

(I apologize again if I'm repeating this question in here, however as I said before I couldn't find any article or thread that has covered all of these topics Smile

Also guys just please answer all of my questions regarding using this method just for now in this thread, as I just want to know about doing it by using this particular method. So I would probably find out later about other better ways myself if is needed or ask later maybe in separate thread Smile

kind regards


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#2 Posted : 1/11/2021 9:08:24 PM

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I use a wax pen, not a pipe, but I imagine it's the same deal: load up as much as you want to use, and take one loooong breath to get it all in at once. I sometimes breath in a little through my nose when I can't get enough air so I don't have to do another hit.

Or if you're a madman you can jam your whole stash in there and keep hitting until it feels right.
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#3 Posted : 1/11/2021 9:31:14 PM

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You can find all of the answers to your questions by searching, use the Google browser or whatever search engine your using and type your question and add site:
So search in Google "how many hits site:"
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Salutations HereToLearn,

>> This is going to be a complete guide

In that case please be informed that i've performed significant implementations of Dan Steinberg's long-forgotten Fig. #11/#12 item from his initial VaporGenie patent:

[ https:// ]

Good day, have fun!! Cool

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sorry but none of the people in here seem to have answered any of my questions!

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Ahh the oil burner. Smoking DMT like a caveman. Nothing wrong with that if you ask me.

1. Although you can do it in 1 hit, I really think 2 hits is perfect for the oil burner and here’s why:

Airflow is a significant component in heating up the DMT for vaporization. If you just roll the melted DMT back and forth in the bulb without inhaling the glass will get way too hot and when it actually does start to melt, you’ll burn a fair amount. So the first hit really will be mostly oxygen and a little baby hit of dmt just for the sake of getting the vaporization process going. Once you hold that in your lungs and let it go, the second hit will be breezy to physically accomplish with both your body and pipe working in tandem because the DMT will still be hot and the glass will be kind of hot but not too hot (keep rolling the pipe back and forth with your lighter AWAY from the pipe when you are holding the first hit ). In summary, this leads to a sloooooow first hit with little DMT, then follows up with an enormous blast of DMT for the second hit. If you are trying to do 3 even tokes with an oil burner you are doing it wrong and probably burning something. Additionally, your entire duration for transporting the molecule into your bloodstream is going to be like a full minute at that point which just isn’t optimal for all kinds of obvious reasons. An optimal smoking method leaves you the LEAST exhausted and irritated and distracted by the time you hit blast off.

2. With an oil burner, having someone help you seems about as effective as driving with your eyes closed while your deaf friend is holding the steering wheel from the passenger seat while a homeless person who doesn’t speak your language operates the clutch and tells you what to do with your feet.

3. Cut a piece of paper into a circle about 1.5-2x the diameter of a quarter. Roll it into a tube, flatten, and put on your scale. Tare scale. Weigh DMT. Reroll into a tube while keeping it horizontal. Bring the opening of the oil burner over one end of the tube, then turn and let it slide in. Pinch, shake, or do whatever to make all the DMT fall out into the bulb.

4. This is a pretty barbarian method of smoking DMT, but actually smoking all of your DMT just depends on getting your method down. I would use 40mg for a breakthrough using an oil burner efficiently. When buying a glass pipe, you want to ask your headshop for the thickest available with the largest bulb. Large bulbed pipes work waaaaay better than slightly smaller one’s and they also burn your lips. 10mg should be very easy to efficiently vaporize since its not that much. When rolling the pipe, I find jerky motions at half second intervals work better than a slow even roll. Think of the quickness of a disk jockey sliding a record back and forth on a turntable. This erratic motion is more likely to get the DMT oil sloshing around and airborne which drastically aids in vaporization. The cleaner your DMT, the more freely it will slosh. If it had loads of gunky plant fats it won’t run free like it should, staying more stationary, and thus burning.

Also just get a GVG this thing is seriously so gangster for smoking DMT.
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I'm probably in a minority here, but vaping isn't my thing and can never seem to get it right (even with MMJ). Rolling eyes I prefer enhanced leaf, and always just keep hitting until I break through. Maybe because the spice is more spread out over the leaf, it lets me slow down and each hit feels more consistent. I have never overshot a dose this way, whereas without enhanced leaf, I felt like I always wasted a lot.

Plus, you can add other yummy things like Caapi leaf, blue lotus, passionflower. Rose petal changa Love

To be clear - I'm not using the sandwich method, I would dissolve the spice with isopropyl, soak my mix of smoking herbs, and dehydrate.

Also, there is no shame in asking for help, from anyone, ever. Always error on the side of being too safe, especially if you are new, because the effects can come on very quickly. My best setup was at a time when I had a bed low to the floor, so I could just flop back and not worry about breaking any glass or hurting myself.
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