CAT scan revealed a mass in my lung, scheduling biopsy-or- "just when i was starting to have fu Options
#1 Posted : 12/27/2020 2:47:23 AM

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I've been dealing with some pretty lousy health issues over there last couple months, beginning with what i thought what i thought might be a parasitic infection from eating raw mushrooms. This morning, the same symptoms I'd been experiencing with that- severe vomiting, mostly- returned but accompanied by severe pain. So i found myself again at an E.R. having tubes put in me and being pumped with fluids and nausea meds but little more than that.

This time they did do a CAT scan on my stomach, in which they saw what might be a site of infection that i need to follow up with my PCP for. Honestly i kind of forgot what he says about it because i was startled by the next sentences. I was told they also saw a 3cm wide mass in my lower lung, which was in frame while they took the pictures. Now i have to get it biopsied, and hope that i can do so quickly.

I don't know what 3cm means, if that's small or huge, or if there are others. I'll find out soon enough, i guess, ha! I know i had a lung xray about ten years ago which didn't show anything, and i did start coughing a little more about a year ago, which I've attributed to the house i moved into at about that time. I don't have any other unusual symptoms. I'm trying to not catastrophize while allowing myself to be with my feelings around this for now, in the weekend after Xmas when there isn't a lot i can do at the instant. I honestly am maybe okay with the idea of dying, but pain leading up to it pretty much terrifies me. The thought of a prospect of chemotherapy i don't think is even an option for me.

I've talked to my previous doctor about psychedelics being part of my mental health well being toolkit and he was okay with it, although being ignorant and a little dismissive. If it becomes serious, i wonder how okay he would be with me taking a holistic approach with RSO, a healthy anti cancer diet and other measures rather than debilitating chemo? I also would like to hear any of your experiences and knowledge about holistic cancer treatment from out there in the Nexus.

I've been making a concerted effort to stay in touch with and maintain foundations of some key friendships during the pandemic and have a good support group in place before i when need one, i already eat healthy and am in good shape for my age, I pretty much already work a program of holistic wellness (at the same time doing stuff like smoking cigarettes for 35 years) so i think i can at least put up a good fight if i have to.

But, like the title says, damn, i was just starting to really have some fun. It really kind of bites
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I'm really sorry to hear that, null. Try not to get too far ahead of yourself before you get results of the biopsy though.

In the meantime I'll be thinking good thoughts.
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Wishing you the best null24.

I don't have any personal experience with treating cancer. We had a scare recently in our family but it turned out that the mass was something else and relatively benign. At the time I was thinking about chemo. My initial thoughts were not to dismiss chemo it outright, but to look at it as part of a treatment toolkit. Doctors are experts at chemo and can help a lot, while sometimes they may know less about other complementary options. You can try to find a doctor that has broader knowledge to discuss options and combination treatments with chemo if it comes to that (and I hope it doesn't). There is one example where Paul Stamets gave his mom mushroom supplementation with chemo and she did well. You can look it up if you haven't seen that testimony already, I believe reishi was involved.
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Dying to be me by Anita Moorjani was very touching book I read a couple of years back. Moorjani experienced a spontaneous remission of her cancer which she attributes to her near death experience. She tried all kinds of remedies with no avail, but something happened when she was just about to give up that changed both her mental and physical well-being.

Wish you the best 🙏
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Wishing you well, null24! <3
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Wishing you very very much good vibes for your health. Love Love Love
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That's really scary, I'm sorry this is happening. Fingers crossed your tests come back with a best case scenario.

Have you ever drank Ayahuasca? It has a lot of anti-tumor (and many other all around awesome) health properties.

Cat's Claw may be another herb worth researching.

I started using RSO about a month ago for post-covid intractable lung pain. I don't think it's going to cure anything, but it makes me feel like a normal human in my body again, which has gone a long way towards mental health.

I used to work in the raw food scene, so I have met lots of people who did beat cancer with RSO, lots of green juice, adapting a healthier lifestyle, etc. Those things aren't 100% magic bullets, but plants can be powerful allies, and every little bit helps.
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Sending you love, hugs and broccoli sprouts! Be well.
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Sending love and best wishes <3

Re ms_manic_minxx's ayahuasca suggestion, harmalas or plain rue seeds can be an easier alternative.
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Thank you, i appreciate the good thoughts. It means a lot to me coming from y'all. I think the most valuable thing i have right now is community, and this is one i value being part of highly. I'll keep this updated.

ms_manic_minxx- thanks, i will check it the links you provided. I'm not 100% against 'modern medicine' or anything, but am very much into holistic healing and would rather like to view pharmaceuticals as supplements to a healing practice rather than the other way around.

And no, i never have taken ayahuasca, but i can create the opportunity to do so for myself fairly easily and i think it's something i could use, from my understanding of it, far more than smoking DMT or psilo right now. The purging aspect sounds especially appealing...
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Sorry to hear this, take care, sending love and light to you.
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Good luck null24, hope everything turns out for the best <3
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Really sad to hear this brother , hoping this mass turns out to be something else

I would also recommend giving Ayahuasca/rue+mimosa a shot , also keto diet might help but not sure about how it interacts with Ayahuasca

positivity helps a lot to beat situations like this
some light exercise like dancing can help too

stay hopeful brother
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Stop smoking-- that's obvious.

This, coming from an on-again, off-again smoker for nearly 30 years. I'm quit now. You've helped this dysfunction/imbalance happen by smoking. Stop it. Now and forever.

Don't let them pump you full of the chemo shit.
Don't let them use designer drugs that do more harm than good.

Read everything you can on alternative nutrient therapies and hard-core dietary regimens
Here's a starter site

Much love to you my friend-- I hope your path is enlightened by this experience, and never lose the conviction that you can beat this!
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Keep us posted, null, lots of care about you here.
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I hope this turns out to be nothing serious. Be safe null! You'll get through this!
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I wish you the best.
Could be alot of things and maybe nothing too bad.
I hope you can get the diagnose soon.
Keep your head up and definetly look into holistic nutrition.
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good luck! <3
i wish there was something we could do Sad
i understand your views on chemo, i feel the same way, it seems like a desperate grasp for life to me and often you pay the price for it even if it fails. i feel like i would rather live my last years on my terms and embrace death when it comes.
cancer killed most of my family, i am sure my day is coming so i have given it a lot of thought.

i hope your future is filled with love and joy, whatever happens <3
#19 Posted : 12/30/2020 2:41:56 PM
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Here's to hoping that it's something benign and can be worked through fairly easily. Take care brother <3
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I've always liked you null. There has always been a lot of goodness inside of you, that stood out, in spite of the many bad things that life has thrown at you.
You have always come across as a very ethical person to me, wich, though maybe too easily looked over in todays world, is something of immense value.

I truly admire these things in you and i hope you will be allowed to stay with us for many more years to come.

Be well null.
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