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Hank Scorpio
#1 Posted : 12/18/2020 7:09:07 PM

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I've been experimenting with Kratom a bit lately, and I've been having trouble finding a good way of ingesting the stuff without wanting to vomit a bit.

I've got a bag of powder, not capsules or anything. The taste really makes me gag, and as many of you guys would know, the powder is very hydrophobic, which makes it really difficult to mix with things.

I've tried making a Tea, but it seemed to lose a lot of potency that way. The best method I've found is actually to mix it with honey. The honey at least absorbs/dissolves the powder, and partially covers the taste, but it's still far from ideal.

Do any of the Nexians have a secret trick for ingesting this stuff? Or should I just find a different supplier that sells capsules?

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#2 Posted : 12/20/2020 10:20:48 AM

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Hi mate,

Havn't used Kratom for a few years but all I did was brought some empty gelatine capsules from ebay and filled them myself. cheap as well. see link.

hope this helps
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#3 Posted : 1/7/2021 7:27:48 PM

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making a tincture is a very effective way to create a potent extract. It tastes way worse but the volume is less, and its liquid.

But remember as potency increases, so does addiction liability. Careful with this one. Very useful and even innocuous if used sparingly but don't get into daily use if you don't need to (like for pain or cycling off of pharmaceutical opioids); as I'm sure pretty much everybody knows by now.
Lemon Flip
#4 Posted : 1/8/2021 6:45:47 AM

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There are two easy solutions that come to my mind. Things which I already have access to and would do if I were in your position.

1) Capsules. I find that the taste, smell, and aftertaste of something which makes me nauseous will make me more nauseous if I can taste it while nauseous. Putting the kratom in capsules is really easy and cheap. Yamma1 posted a link below for an ebay listing of capsules.

2) Datura. Now I am not talking about eating large amounts or chasing delirium, or taking enough to even feel anything (including a dry mouth). A single seed or two from any datura species has a really effective (and clean) ability to stop nausea completely. I will note that I am talking about *microdoses* only. Also taking datura with kratom will potentiate the kratom slightly. Certain species of datura will potentiate more of the stimulant aspect of kratom (Species high in hyoscyamine are stimulating). Whereas other species of datura will potentiate the sedative aspects of kratom (Species high in scopolamine are sedating).

I am soon to order some kratom, I have no experience with it however I am prone to nausea from other opioids, so I too would like to know how to combat nausea.
#5 Posted : 1/14/2021 6:00:24 PM

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@ lemon flip -- re: caps. Many people do find capsules to be a very effective way to use this plant, however IME the caps get stuck in the throat and add to the stomach load honestly.
and Re: microdosed datura for nausea; this is a very good tip, I forgot to mention it. I utilize datura seeds as a first line treatment for all sorts of nausea or motion sickness, scopolamine being the antiemetic par excellance that all the synthetic antiemetics wish they were. I use 3-7 seeds for anything that causes nausea (usually 5), and based on some old threads around here (and their ubiquity) the D. Strammonium is supposed to be the most consistent in alkaloid content. Works best as a pre-treatment, but also works if taken when you start feeling nausea.

As far as potentiation, can't say I noticed any improvement, but I was always somewhat "noseblind" to the subtle effects of the kratom because I abused it and took massive doses pretty much daily. Consistently measuring doses (and keeping a consistent measurement) will do something to slow down any habituation, but still don't use this stuff more than 1 or 2 times a week max. If tolerance is going up, dependence isgoing up, and W/D's are right around the corner.

On a slightly unrelated note, I HAVE noticed distinct potentiation with ayahuasca analogues -- the inner visions seemed to become more clear and crisp (which is kind of ironic, because the effects of a full dose of the seeds would be anything BUT clear.

Anyway, good luck.
#6 Posted : 1/14/2021 7:33:46 PM

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Ayahausca and Kratom are contraindicated because of the MAOI... please be careful.

I've been able to hide the taste of kratom in a chocolate smoothie - something thick like avocado or banana, with some cacao and lots of sweetener (maple syrup/honey/agave). Ymmv.
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#7 Posted : 1/22/2021 4:47:02 PM

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These are all really good tips. Thanks guys!
#8 Posted : 1/22/2021 5:27:13 PM

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I always encapsulate the kratom.
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#9 Posted : 1/23/2021 2:45:55 AM
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Back when I took kratom the 2-3g i'd do for a dose was thrown into a 1/3 cup warm water, a shake of cinnamon from a shaker, and about a teaspoon of ginger.

Funnily enough the kratom alone taken diffuse in water and drank tastes terrible, though when adding a good amount of ground powdered ginger and a shake of cinnamon almost completely masked the taste and came out to be a whole new taste. Not too bad tbh. But idk, I had gotten used to the taste over time anyhow, so.

Also, the anti-inflammatory effects of a good dose of ginger for me can be felt pretty strongly a few minutes after ingesting 1 tsp+ ground powdered ginger and lasts for a good few hours though with the most prevalent anti-inflammatory effects within the first hour or so. That mixed with the effects of the kratom always had a very nice adjunct-feel to it, so I guess it potentiated it in some sense. Good ol' gingerol baby
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