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#1 Posted : 9/19/2020 9:39:22 PM

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Hello, my dear family,

I've been thinking about something that I wanted to discuss with you. It's a personal interpretation of a few points of philosophic origin rooted in the context of psychedelic experiences that I've gone through in the last few years. I'd love to hear your thoughts on these. I know it's all personal and we might disagree somewhere on the road, but that's what discussion is all about. I've missed talking to you, so I wanted to share this here.

A frequently encountered interpretation of the psychedelic realms includes the "separation" of body from mind, of self from ego, of language-distorted notions from true observations. But probably the most important, and often most underlooked process one undergoes during such journeys, is the congregation of all these separate elements into one.

The sacred union of body and mind grounds us into the now and reminds us of the delicate ethereal balance.

The merge between our true self and the projection therefrom, which we call ego, solidifies the realization that without ego there is no self, and without self, there can be no ego, for both share the same source, and thither they shall return when at last the corporeal dimension releases the shackles that bind the whole of our essence to the immovable weight of material existence.

And, lastly, the congregation between the linguistic framework that shapes and molds our perceptual reality, and the unfiltered, raw essence of that reality, reveals the grandest illusion of all. The way we perceive, and the way it is, stray far away from agreement. This revelation alone has the potential to shatter any and all feeble attempts we make at coming to grips with the way our senses interact with the world when all of our handles are taken away from us, and we are forced to face the truth that has been comfortably hiding behind the veil of illusion we have hitherto called our "reality".

Enjoy life, my dear friends. But never let yourselves forget that we have barely scratched the surface of this bottomless frozen lake of mysteries, atop which we have heretofore but inched forward upon in measured, albeit braver by the day, steps.

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Break free from the chains of your beliefs. It is only then that you may find a moment of blissful stillness amidst the raging storm. Stay awhile and listen. The winds of truth shall fill your sails, and the oceans of hidden and long forgotten knowledge, ancient as the cosmos itself, will be yours to explore.
O, supreme beings of the higher realms, allow me to venture into your dimensions. I come with love and with harmony. I bring no hatred and carry no malevolence in my soul. I come to learn and to grow. Show me your world and gift me some of your knowledge. Ask me, and I shall answer with honesty; hug me, and I shall hug you back; advise me, and I shall follow your wisdom. Heal me from my fear and give me insight. There is little I can offer back but my love and trust. O, supreme beings of the higher realms... I am yours.

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