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#1 Posted : 9/9/2020 5:52:40 AM

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So I had my first and only experience with pharmahuasca a month ago and had a little issue with getting it right.

I'll try to give a condensed report from what I remember based on text messages with a couple friends.

I had not ate anything since the night prior. Drank a ginger tea I made and then 30min later
I took 170mg of 2:1:1 traditional ratio of TetraHydroHarmine (THH):harmine:harmaline HCl mixed into some fresh squeezed lemon.

I waited probably 20 min and then took 60mg of fairly white DMT freebased that was mixed into fresh squeezed lemon juice during those 20min.

WAYYYY too weak. I didnt have no nausea from the MAOi so that was a bad first sign imo.

The DMT gave me this interesting electrical pulsing body relaxing experience but not much there. I remember feeling I was able to direct and move that pulsing to where ever I wanted so I sent it to my bad knee to see if maybe help heal it somehow?

Over an hour of this never climbing up I took another 55mg since I didnt know if would stack or not with the 60mg I had already took. No extra MAOi's.

Got impatient at this point and lost track of timing and wanting visuals, I said f it and smoked about another 50mg? Dont remember what it was.

But omfg, what an experience. I tossed and turned on my bed melting into everything as I smoked. The colors and vibration of that realm. I was teleported into somebody elses body and living out some shamanistic ritual in a jungle seeing and hearing it all through their eyes like in the movie Being John Malkovich.

I dont remember most of it as I think I over did it.

But had typed to my friends what I "learned".

That words can not describe, but we are all one consciousness. Everything exists at the same time. No Time. Every interaction and decision that ever happened meant to be this way. We are all one being. Learning from each others experiences and collective knowledge.

I felt like I finally understood psychedelics on a different level. Truly felt healed and spirit cleansed. Conscious of all my flaws on how I interacted with the world or other humans in general. Truly liberating. Beyond impressed.

I thought I understood the concept of happiness and peace but I had no clue. I was vomiting air / cleansing after all these negative realizations of myself were brought to light. Seeing how we all fall within the river or vibration of life.

I didnt see any entity's that I remember but none of these thoughts were nothing of my own and felt as almost they were placed in my head? fkn strange.

I had then sent a text to both my parents and brother telling them how sorry of shitty person I've been and I truly love them. (lol bad idea as they freaked out and thought I was being suicidal)

Anyways think yall would have a kick from that story, but I really want to streamline the process, what do you think I couldve done to make it go smoothly from the start?

I'm 210lb's if that helps with getting a better MAOi dosage? Also I read on reddit, people wont bother doing anything less than 200mg of DMT freebase for Pharmahuasca? Does that sound more accurate?

Thank you all for any feedback, and much love!

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#2 Posted : 9/9/2020 7:37:25 PM
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Vaporizing dmt or changa on pure oral maois is a very strong long experience with minimal nausea like described the oral dmt probably contributed to duration, what was the total duration? Vaporized dmt on oral maois is 20-30min breakthrough(sometimes more) then 30min-1hr tapering for me personally varying day to day.
The maoi dosage sounds low for an ayahuasca experience traditionally ayahuasca is exclusively harmalas. Taking enough harmalas to be noticeably hallucinating on harmalas then taking conservative amounts of dmt starting 45min after harmala ingestion until satisfied, 60mg is a good start. I like to ingest dmt alongside a small maoi booster to minimize potential loss on the way to my stomach, this can produce more nausea but pure harmalas dont induce nausea unless I take 200mg harmaline. More harmalas I find is more economic,introspective, and longer lasting than a more dmt centered experience.
#3 Posted : 9/9/2020 9:13:37 PM

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Gotcha. It was the first time taking the harmalas so I didnt know what to expect or the halucinating is supposed to be like.

Should I be able to see subtle closed eye visuals? I might try to up it to 200mg from the 170mg next time around.

As for time, I was so overwhelmed with the experience I completely forgot to keep track of the time and duration once I finally did smoke. Hit me like a freight train. I wish I could give a response to that.

Can you hit that level of experience just orally? I would prefer to do it that way than smoking imo but yeah a little to push me over the edge and get things doing like I did wouldnt be such a bad thing
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