Salvinorin A IR + UV-Vis spectrum Options
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#1 Posted : 8/15/2020 9:38:33 PM

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Here I have a spectrum of the UV-Vis absorption and also IR of Salvinorin. Actually no idea about purity, but it was re-xed multiple times with boiling IPA, so it should be just fine I guess ...

IR-Spectrum (attenuated total reflection method)

Quite a lot of signals, if you compare it to DMT (Link), but Salvinorin A is quite a hulk in size for a psychoactive compound.

UV-Vis Spectrum (2,7*E-04 mol/L in Acetonitrile)

Man that looks shitty! With the absorption becoming negative at some point. No idea what happened, maybe that instrument is broke. Nevertheless the baseline was definetly measured correctly, but as it is not really interesting I did not spend time doing more measurements until it would look okay, thats why I post it anyway.
Only the Furan is an Aromate and there are no other strongly absorbing structures in Salvinorin, so maybe that's a reason why the UV-Vis looks quite boring.
Check the

BIG Analysis on DMT !

Lots of interesting and possibly new stuff unraveled ;o

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Quality work! Thumbs up
the absorption becoming negative at some point.
was the furan ring doing some crazy fluorescing or something? Or was some part of the optical chain maybe contaminated with stuff that absorbs strongly at the upper and lower frequencies, screwing with the calibration? Does seem to be broken, otherwise Laughing

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