Ex-British army officer faces 13 years in Romanian jail over ayahuasca ceremony Options
#1 Posted : 8/1/2020 1:22:13 PM

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If you can't read the above due to a paywall:

Thomas Lishman, 58, was arrested on 15 December last year as police and special forces raided a retreat centre outside Bucharest at dawn. It followed an evening where attendees sat in a circle meditating and drinking ayahuasca, a brew which is said to lead to mystical life-changing experiences. Some were later taken to hospital to provide blood samples. [..]

He was charged with conspiracy to traffic “high-risk” dimethyltryptamine (DMT) into the country, as ayahuasca contains the naturally occurring psychedelic – an internationally controlled drug. [..]

Lishman is also being supported by the Ayahuasca Defence Fund, an advocacy group that helps provide legal support to people facing charges in association with plant medicines around the world amid growing criminalisation.
Prosecutions are extremely rare, with no known custodial sentences in recent years, despite the increasing globalisation of ayahuasca.

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I pray he gets a great defense lawyer capable of convincing the right people of spiritual sacrament use in a modern era .
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Forgive them mother nature for they know not what they do ❤️
“... (a) psychedelic substance occasionally causes psychotic behaviour in people who have not taken it.”
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Loveall wrote:
Forgive them mother nature for they know not what they do ❤️

i disagree. i think these people know exactly what they are doing. if they are just cogs then mother nature should show them that, not forgive them.
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With the ADF's help, hopefully this will be a landmark case. I'd rather see people change laws than mother nature change people.
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Romania was one of the first EU countries to implement a blanket ban on psychoactive substances - I would pray that this sets the first domino toppling for a Europe-wide reform of drug law, particularly with respect to natural entheogens. As null says, a landmark case.
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