Using sunflower oil with lye Options
#1 Posted : 6/12/2020 8:32:20 AM

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Recently, I moved back to my home country and was eager to jump on some kind of extraction. I have loads of delosperma cooperi growing in the garden and had heard suspicion of dmt, 5-meo-dmt, and mesembrine being present. I quickly scavenged the house for materials and indeed we had some vinegar, lye, and sunflower oil. After drying the delosperma overnight, I proceeded to do an a/b and ended up with about 700 ml of liquid. I am currently waiting for a vinegar salting to evaporate.

My questions are the following:

Is any precaution necessary when using sunflower and lye? Are there any bad reactions (health-wise) that could occur?

How can I avoid saponification? I do not notice any problems yet, but maybe there is something going on that I can't see. I read that using lots of water helps avoid this but other than that information is scarce as it seems no one uses lye and sunflower oil together.

Also, specifically on the delosperma, is it necessary to ferment beforehand to get rid of oxalic acids, or will this type of extraction not pull those?

Thanks! Smile

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I did extraction with grapeseed oil and KOH once and it was fine. Not the best nonpolar, but usable. As you did not experience any issues, it is most likely fine.

Oxalic acid should not migrate to oil.
#3 Posted : 6/15/2020 3:47:45 PM

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I'd like to report a minimal yield of some resin-like substance after salting with vinegar. The sunflower oil also became difficult to work with so I am going to mix it with some turpentine to try and decrease viscosity.
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