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How to grow super-potent morning glory seeds:
Fresh seeds are best. There can be up to a 16 fold variation in the psychoactive potency of seeds produced according to Mr. Cloud.

Mrs. Superweed saids the following:

"As the months pass stored seeds lose both their viability and their psychoactive properties. Broken or damaged seeds also swiftly lose both of these powers."

Below is information that I have not found (and cannot be found) anywhere on the web but is from 2 old sources:

Mr. Cloud states the following:

"The combination of genetic factors, environmental conditions, and soil chemistry create as much as a sixteenfold variation in the psychoactive potency of seeds produced. Hormone treatment and attention to soil conditions and nutrients, however, go a long way toward maximizing the lysergic acid amide content of the seed harvest.

The ideal soil pH, or soil acidity, for producing seeds of high potency is around 6.5. Soil pH test kits are sold at nurseries and gardening supply outlets, which also sell formulas for adjusting soil pH levels.

Soils high in nitrogen and phosphates and low in potassium produce seeds of high lysergic acid amide content. Ideal soil potassium content for this purpose is approximately 1.5 parts per 100 parts dry soil. Soil tests kits sold at nurseries are used to check soil levels of nitrogen, phospates, and potassium. Individual nutrients as well as nutrient formulas sold at these locations are used to adjust soil levels of these substances.

In order to keep soil potassium content low, cultivators use sodium nitrate instead of potassium nitrate as a nitrogen source, and use sodium acid phosphate--as opposed to potassium acid phosphate--as a phoshate source.

Treatment with a hormone called gibberellic acid is used to maximize the lysergic acid amide content of the seed harvest.

Cultivators using pure gibberellic acid dissolve one gram in one liter of distilled water. When the plants are still seedlings, they add a few drops of this solution to the soil around each plant before watering. They repeat this procedure every two weeks as the plant grows, using more solution each time until they are using about a half ounce of gibberellic acid per plant when the plants are fully grown.

Timing is an important aspect of treatment with gibberellic acid. Since this hormone delays the maturation of the plants and inhibits production of flowers and seeds, treatment is discontinued a few weeks before the plants are to flower.

Morning Glories are planted in the Spring when there is no longer any danger of frost. The cultivation process starts by soaking the seeds in water overnight. An alternative to soaking is to nick the coating of the seed with a sharp blade.

The seeds are planted about one-half inch deep and at least six inches apart in fine, loosely-packed, light-textured soil. As the vine grows, they are supported on trellises.
Morning Glory seeds are harvested in the Fall at the end of the growing season, when the concentration of lysergic acid amides is at its highest. Morning Glory seeds are ripe when they have become dark and hard."

From Mrs. Superweed:

"The likely range in any species may fall between .005% and .079% total indole alkaloids in different batches of seeds. Freshly harvested seeds are best.

Sow seeds in their permanent location after danger of frost is past. The seed has a hard protective coat and may be slow to germinate. To hasten germination soak seeds in water overnight. Some experts advise cutting or filing the side of the seed farthest from the germ eye just enough that some white appears. I have tested both methods and found that the soaked seeds sprout faster and have a better chance of survival than the scratched seeds. Plant seeds 1/2 inch deep under fine soil, not less than six inches apart. Be sure to provide a fence, trellis or strings to support the fast-growing vines. If, at maturity, the vines do not seem inclined to produce flowers, stop watering for a few days and generally cut back on watering after that, but not so much that the plants wilt. This will hasten blooming. After that normal watering may be resumed.

Morning glories grow easily with very little care. Our task, however, is to get them to produce a maximum percentage of alkaloids. One factor influencing this is soil chemistry. Test your soil with a soil test kit, available for a low price at most nurseries. The soil should have a pH factor of about 6.5, a high phosphate and low potassium content. High phosphate concentration increases indole alkaloid formation. Low potassium content of about 1.5 parts to 100 parts dry soil aids free tryptophan accumulation and biosynthesis. It also produces a low indoleacetic acid content, which means that more indole alkaloids will be formed. This can be accomplished by using sodium nitrate instead of potassium nitrate for a nitrogen source and sodium hydrophosphate instead of potassium hydrophosphate to increase the phosphate content.

Experiments show that certain plant hormones also have a positive influence on the alkaloid potency of morning glories. A solution of one gram gibberellic acid in one quart water can be used on the soil around the roots once every two weeks. Begin this treatment while plant is in the seedling stage. Use only a few drops at first and increase the amount as the plant size increases so that when the plant is full size you are using up to 1/2 ounce of solution per treatment.

Gibberellic acid costs about $5 per gram at most chemical companies. It stimulates growth as well as alkaloid production. Therefore its use must be discontinued several weeks before flowering time. Further experiments indicate that growth-inhibiting auxins such as alpha naphthalene acetic acid can also increase the combinations of these substances on the potency of morning glory seeds. We are interested in hearing the results of your experiments. But even without the use of hormones and auxins amazing results can be achieved by employing the soil chemistry control method described in this article."

Tip: on page 2 of the "Lucid and Visual Moring Glory extracts" thread in post #30 you will find 3 pages of instructions from experts (shown above) who give excellent advice on how to grow potent morning glory seeds. I used 1 tablespoon of miracle grown in 1 gallon of water and fed this around once a month, using regular water the rest of the time, they turn out monstrous looking every year and the seeds from the pods are excellent, with LOTS of natural LSH based on my experiences and on the scent of green-apples (acetaldehyde smell) given off from slightly ripe black seeds when ground, though I recommend letting them form all the way to the super hard dark dry stage, pick the pods in the fall.

Fertilize when your morning glory is first planted, then no more than once a month during the growing season. If you fertilize too often, you will encourage foliage instead of blooms.

Look through the morning glory vines to find dead flowers that are ready to drop off. The blooms will leave a small, round pod behind at the end of the stem. Once these pods are hard and brown, crack one open. If you find a number of small black seeds, they are ready for harvest.

Seeds were dreamed twice in the "Original MG LSH conversion, very LSD like".


Keep in mind the following:
Nogal said:
HBWR is more body oriented while morning glory seeds have effects more similar to LSD.
Absolutely agree. Morning glory seeds have a long history of Shamanic use, but there is no history of Shamanic use with HBWR.

STS is a community for people interested in growing, preserving and researching botanical species, particularly those with remarkable therapeutic and/or psychoactive properties.
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Wow, this is usefull information.

Unfortunately my morning glories died last year. Sad They all turned brown before flowering.
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Awesome info!! I'm still skeptical about the LSH stuff and wonder how much of that is wishful fiction... But I do think there is a difference in seeds and different active chemicals, whether specifically LSH or not. I also recently tried with cinnamon consumed an hour after eating which is a vasodilator and it seemed to help.

I wonder, would it be possible to cross breed the ololiuqui variety with some heavenly blues to create a more potent strain which grows/produces seeds as fast as heavenly blues? I have some heavenly blues growing now and some ololiuqui on the way. And I want to keep it all organic if possible as well... Just noticed the ones I got growing now are using non organic miracle gro soil, going to go to the store and start a simultaneous labeled batch of organic ones next to them. Non organic isn't the worst of things but I do like not going against nature's protocol whenever possible... Humans have a tendency to get clever and try to artificially/synthetically conquer nature for their own purposes, thinking it will be beneficial, but ends up backfiring in the long run... Look at all the GMO gluten and corn which hardly resembles what nature intended. I'm definitely one of the people who notices a difference in digestion when sticking to the more traditional grains/beans, I love lentil pasta! Long term symbiosis with mother nature on her terms is usually best for all I think.

Same thing with weed today. I love me some CBD and maybe one puff of some kush once in a blue moon but oh man some of the weed my friends get I can't even smoke anymore. I feel like there's no way you can get crystals that massive and intoxicating without some sort of artificial lighting system and synthetic fertilizer blasting the plant with exogenous hormones or something. Certainly feels unnaturally potent the way it knocks me on my ass! Can't smoke it anymore cause I get too paranoid.
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Here's a kind of warning for our European friends: the last lot of 'Heavenly Blue' variety I purchased retail in Germany turned out to have been doctored in some way and produced not a single seed.
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Glad that you are growing mg plants as well mooai! Organic growing is awesome.

downwardsfromzero said:
Here's a kind of warning for our European friends: the last lot of 'Heavenly Blue' variety I purchased retail in Germany turned out to have been doctored in some way and produced not a single seed.

Interesting, even in the 2016 Polish study on MG seeds, researchers purchased 5 Ipomoea species from different vendors, 3 were good, but the others contained no ergot alkaloids whatsoever they said. The ones they got direct from grower had over 3x times the amount of LSH as compared to the retail off the seed racks sitting out. I have read that if the MG plant is sprayed with a fungicide, that they will not produce any alkaloids in the seeds. There is a symbiotic fungus that lives inside the plant/seeds which is responsible for creating the alkaloids.
The analysis revealed that from five kinds of seeds purchased from different vendors, only three contained ergot alkaloids.

Samples of Ipomoea seeds of different species and cultivars were purchased from local and on-line ornamental plant shops. They were: Ipomoea purpurea “Morning Call” (IP-MC), Ipomoea purpurea without cultivar name (IP), and two Ipomoea tricolor “Heavenly Blue” from different vendors (IT-HB1 and IT-HB2). Moreover, a sample of Ipomoea purpurea “Heavenly Blue” (IP-HB) was purchased from an on-line shop

Alkaloids abundance in all three HB cultivars is comparable, with most significant difference for LSH, which varies from 0.54 to 1.71 compound to IS ratio. As has been demonstrated in this study, LSH is a labile compound, and therefore the variances in its concentration may be due to different age and storage conditions of the seeds rather than difference in plant metabolism.

Indeed, seeds IT-HB2, which express highest concentration of LSH, were bought directly from the producer, whereas seeds IP-HB1 were purchased in retail stores.

I grow fresh year after year (I grow 12 plants) and vacuum pack and freeze (to keep their high potency freshness for years) the extremely potent seeds right out of the dried seed pods off the vine in the fall. See my two strong trip reports in the thread "LSH equilibrium stability". I use miracle grow once a month during the growing season and they are monstrous. But here are some current user reviews for a "fresh morning glory grower" with over 350 reviews/with some reviews from reddit group:

Ive had great results with *irts garden on *mazon. Life changing results

*irt's garden:

Yes, these are the seeds you're looking for, if you know what I mean.

These things are strong seeds... Won't forget my experience.

500 + Coffee Grinder + Grape Juice = #WOAHDUDE
Have a sitter with rice ready to eat when you are done.
Have the lights off. Blindfold yourself.

I "planted" my seeds, and then after about 3 hours, their beauty in the "garden" left me feeling euphoric and with many questions. The flowers that "bloomed" left me contemplating every decision I've made in life, and I am forever changed. Highly recommend seller.
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all I can say is ..... be careful with these and don't doubt them !

I planted 300 or so of these and I will never forget their beauty.

fast and delicious be careful not to plant to many you might be overwhelmed

Planted 260 seeds and had an amazing powerful experience. Totally worth the price if you are into gardening.

Planted about 400 seeds directly into my mind after washing them off. Let me tell you, simply profound.
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Poland has severe penalties for anyone caught using drugs, some of the strictest in the world. The ONLY good that has come out of this is that it has caused researchers to perform new studies on the plants people take as alternatives, just like the 2016 Polish MG us new knowledge (just like the high amounts of LSH & penniclavine, both CNS stimulants discovered in MG seeds). People have been getting high or changing their mind-state since the beginning of time, it is in our nature to seek out new & higher forms of consciousness.
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