Leo Gura and 5-MeO Options
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I think Leo is interesting because he is the only very vocal person I can find who is using psychedelics very intentionally in the pursuit of enlightenment work. However, I really love the Book of Not Knowing by Ralston, which is a very deep and thorough deconstruction of our conceptual selves. This really gets into the "work" of enlightenment, not just the theory and concept.

To be fair, Leo is constantly emphasizing that the work is the key, so he's not wrong. But as all of this is so big and so new to me, I will search in many directions before "concluding" that anything is more true than anything else. I do like the central nonduality theme of direct-experience, though. I think for me this applies to basically all spiritual pursuits. For example, I won't "believe" in astral projection until I experience it. I didn't believe in lucid dreaming until I experienced it. Even then, it was only an experience and could have been misinterpreted... but at least I now know that some of these things are Real even if I am unsure of their form and implications.

In the same way, I want to have a true nondual experience. Whether through yoga, meditation, or 5-MeO, I must experience this myself and shape my idea of Truth accordingly. For now, it's a just conceptual possibility and will remain as such.

I will say, I found this video to be pretty inspiring and I personally heard a great deal of authenticity in his voice. How great would it be if this were true:

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