Divine Tribe V4 Titanium Crucible Options
#1 Posted : 5/21/2020 4:28:01 AM
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Trying to find an upgrade from a Yocan. I did my research and between the TRVP / DTV4 / Molecule 22 i ended up purchasing the DTV 4. The other options looked great, etc. But were either pricier, unavailable and i just wanted something almost as easy to use as the Yocan.

First off, the titanium crucible is huge, i haven´t seen the SAI or other crucibles, but this is big enough, and gets hot really quick. I tried today with a friends Voopoo Drag, and as the mod is not mine, did not get to thinker with the settings, nor i needed it.

Two hits, and there i was biting an arm of a GOD, while wresting my inner self. I did not measure the dose, but the extra big crucible allows to eyeball it clearly fo what could be considered a low dose.

I know GVG is romantic, RDA is effective. But the simplicity of just cleaning the crucible with a Qtip gives me peace of mind.

Now i need a mod. As this is the first MOD i touched. I ended up running it in wattage mode at 35 w. After melting the spice on whatever the setup was that read 400f but not hot enough to vaporize. One instant later i said fuck, it. lets just shoot for a 1 hit breaktrough and amped it up. Still i couldn´t as the smoke was a bit hot and had to take another hit. 2 hits are better than 3. That is a win in my book.

Again, huge crucible, dropped the spice directly into it without problems.


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