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Having read the Extraction with Acetone, I'm wondering if something similar could be done using IPA.


1. Does IPA, too, separate from water in basic conditions?
2. If it doesn't, does it separate from basic water in the presence of NaCl?
3. Does IPA lend itself to freeze-precipitation?

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Water ans éthanol are miscible. As far as i know rhey will not separete (unless distilled).
Take a look at drytek with sodium carbonate ans éthanol
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But they do separate when NaCl is added. That's how you dry IPA.
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Basic water and IPA do form separate phases. Strong sodium carbonate solution does deposit some crystals when IPA is added, however. I played with something like this about 5 years ago.
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Below is the gibbs triangle for IPA/water and some salts/carbonates. Tie-lines are not show, but you can see that two phasew form pretty easily when the relative water concentration is not too high (bottom right of triangle is pure water). Sodium Carbonate has the smallest region where everything is in one phase for these salts.

The point at 80% water, 10% Na2CO3, and 10% IPA is still one phase, but decrease water and increase IPA and/or salt and two phasew will start to form.
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The best IPA
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