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#1 Posted : 3/5/2020 8:26:37 PM

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Had one of the best overall Rue-based experiences ever yesterday-- I know it's crazy, but I think some of it had to do with all the supplements and vitamins I loaded up on during the trip.
I can't describe how calm, centered, and good I felt.

My body felt like I was in my 20's again... and while my DMT effects were relatively mild (I only had maybe 100MG total spice to start with, and then the P. Viridis I have is very weak, so that 50g was maybe a 2/5 strength) but I can't tell you how open and connected my spirit felt to everything. Not quite euphoria per se...but... peacefully happy.
My soundtrack was mostly Sigur Ros and it was a beautiful match-- I even listened to his sleep album Liminal, which was so incredibly meditative...

I had remarkably detailed thoughts on the nature of our universe-- the thought of holograms seemed to key into something fundamental about how every facet of our existence contains the essence of all other events and things that have ever been.
If you look up how any piece of a 3D hologram contains the exact complete image of the whole, it was along those lines that the "wholeness" of our universe has literally no space between anything-- all being one thing. As is a hologram, one part is literally connected to every other part, "distance" being a creation of our limited view to filter and categorize like all the other simplifications our minds operate under to make life navigable.

Such a fulfilling, happy night-- I meditated on the love I feel for my wife, and how someday we will have a child that will carry in them every experience I ever knew, and that of my wife... and I looked at the tips of the branches of the trees outside, and realized that we are at the tiniest edge of a colossal history-- uncountably infinite branches and trunks yawning backwards into an abyss of everything that we somehow possess in totality within us by having been produced and shaped from it.

What a happy experience!
Big grin

(mind)Set: Day off-- good mood,
(physical condition) Set: Good-- a bit tired but felt OK
Setting (location): home alone with the cats
time of day: !10 to 12C Gray but bright into evening, Intermittent rain.
First round started at ~16:30, second at ~19:30
recent drug use: Took large array of vitamins and herbs at time of second harmala ingestion:
Cucermin + Piperine
Mineral (full spectrum)
Vit. A
B complex
Niacin (1500mg)
Vit. C
Vit D
Vit E
Lemon Balm/Passionflower/Skullcap herbal supplement (Swansons)

last meal: (Time and type) Avocado eaten at time of Ground Rue ingestion

Gender: (m / f) M
body weight: (in kg pls)70KG
known sensitivities: Average
history of use: Highly Experienced-- 15+ years extensive DMT/Shrooms/Cactus/Aya

Ground Baked Rue seeds (cooked 19min @350degrees) DMT crystal on herb base of Damiana, Caapi leaf, Passionflower, and Mugwort
Dose 1: Rue: encapsulated 4.25g; DMT ranging from 10mg to 30mg (GVG).
Dose 2 Rue extracted harmalas ~200mg in liquid followed ~1 hr later by 50g P. Viridis tea

Administration time: Round 1 Rue : T=17:30 Round 2 Rue extract: 20:30
Duration: Total 8+ hrs
First effects: 45 minutes
Peak: beginning ~2 hours after administration when DMT first vaped
Come down:through hour 7

Intensity (overall): 2 = "Moderately;" to 3 = "Quite a bit;"

Pleasantness: (0-4) 4
Implesantness: (0-4) 1
Visual Intensity: (0-4) 2


Hangover: 1 (lots of gas, but not painful-- no nausea whatsoever
Afterglow: Spectacular good mood-- at peace, in love with life


Good quality Syrian rue (Peganum harmala) for an incredible price!
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Very cool! Glad you had a good experience! Here's to many more!! I am contemplating a pharma tonight. Love rue.
olympus mon wrote:
You need to hit it with intention to get where you want to be!

"We have arrived at truth, and now we find truth is a mystery- a play of joy, creation, and energy. This is source. This is the mystic touchstone that heals and renews. This is the beginning again. This is entheogenic." -Nicholas Sand
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Good thoughts your way my friend!!!
#4 Posted : 3/6/2020 5:42:35 AM

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beautiful coastal, thanks for the report Smile me so happy for u. I'll check that sleep album out :o and of course the herbs affected the trip, thats how ayahuasca is actually taken xD but instead of suplements just the tea

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