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#1 Posted : 2/6/2020 12:49:25 AM

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ive been sitting on some mhrb for years and finally extracted using the q21 tek. i also had a gvg that i bought for it, but never used it. now that technology has changed, i still dont think ill use it thanks to the vaporizing emesh method!

this was my second time vaping using the emesh method (thank you Propello/Aum shanti Smile ).

the first time i started with 15mg and exhaled too early and got some mild OEVs no CEVs. i coughed out the vapor as things were starting to get weird.

this time was completely different. i started with 20mg with the intent to breakthrough and i held my breath while looking at at timer to make sure i hit at least 20 secs before exhaling. as the 20sec mark reached i could feel my visual field changing and by the time i wasnt able to hold my breath anymore, my field of vision exploded into a bright orange and red psychedelic matrix. there was a holographic blob made of the same colors rotating in the middle and i could see it all around me to infinity. my mind was blown.

it did however feel like a familiar space like - i had been there before (*mushrooms, LSD, mescaline, and ayahuasca in Iquitos) and i was ready to explore more. though the effect wore off quite quickly and when i opened my eyes i could see the room wavy and moving around like you would normally see while tripping.

very grateful to have had the experience. i was also quite nervous and finally wrote a note to my self 'everything will be okay' and 'please teach me, i want to see and i want to learn' to help calm my nerves and set my intentions. i find this helps from previous experiences in case anyone is looking for a way to easy the tension before taking a trip.

while it was an amazing 2nd experience, im not sure if i broke through. i didnt meet or see anyone or interact with any intelligence (it was primarily visual) and i was totally aware of where i was.

what do you guys think? im thinking if i have to ask the question i didnt Rolling eyes


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#2 Posted : 2/6/2020 1:48:36 AM

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When you break through you will not need to ask. You will know beyond any uncertainty.
olympus mon wrote:
You need to hit it with intention to get where you want to be!

"We have arrived at truth, and now we find truth is a mystery- a play of joy, creation, and energy. This is source. This is the mystic touchstone that heals and renews. This is the beginning again. This is entheogenic." -Nicholas Sand
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Hi cruisin, glad to hear the e-mesh method works out for you.
I think you are almost there. Did you fire the mesh after returning? Always check that it is all gone.
Increase with no more than 5mg per step, fx 25mg on your next trip. 25mg double re xd spice is my preferred amount, usually gone for 7-8 minutes. But different people got different levels for BT. You have to experiment to find your optimal amount.

BTW the gvg is also one of the best administration methods for spice, you got an excellent backup there.

Safe travels mate.
#4 Posted : 2/6/2020 4:27:09 AM

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No, but you are getting there !
Safe travels and godspeed.
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#5 Posted : 9/20/2020 5:54:56 AM

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Good stuff! I just blasted 20 mins ago (still feeling the bliss) Laughing It was only similar to your experience number 1 since I prefer baby stepping back into hyper. Any way about the break through, as for me more often then not I tend to find myself in a typical hyperspace where I get to enjoy my inner self as well as some amazing scenery and sounds....until some sort of question will come into my psyche where I need to solve, then once I have that epiphany things start to go quite a bit deeper Shocked ......of course if i'm feeling brave enough I will take a really big hit and skip right to it
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