Keeping the mhrb in the A/B solution vs separating Options
#1 Posted : 1/20/2020 4:06:59 AM
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I see that most teks advice to separate the bark from the solution in order to make a more pure end product but I never separate the bark (add acid, then add base, then extract with naptha while the bark is still in the solution) and I get great results. The crystals are not pure white, very slightly yellow, but the extraction is a lot simpler.

So is separating the bark from the solution really necessary?

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What you describe already has a technical name - acid-to-base, or A2B, extraction. Cyb produced a 'how to' guide to this effect.

So, no, separating the bark is not strictly necessary but there might be reasons for doing so, such as avoiding emulsions if the bark contains lots of very fine particulates.
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