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APS-Sydney presents:

A Visionary Approach for Hope and Action in the Era of Climate Shock

Dr. Bruce Damer is a scientist, designer and public intellectual working on the key question of how life started on the Earth and the future of humanity as we expand into space. He holds post in Biomolecular Engineering at the University of California and also works with UNSW colleagues researching the most ancient rocks in Western Australia which contain some of the oldest evidence for life on Earth. Bruce is a well known storyteller and thought leader in the visionary community and curates the archives of Timothy Leary and Terence McKenna as well as hosting his own podcast, the Levity Zone.

Find everything about Dr. Bruce at his personal page at:
Join his Patreon community at:

Where: TBA
When: 1:00pm, Saturday, 1st of February, 2020
Tickets: General admission = $25; Concession = $20

TICKET LINK (get' em here):

Facebook Event Page (let us know if you're going):

Hope to see you all there for this unique event,


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Don't miss Bruce Damer in Sydney this Sat Feb 1st:

Here is Bruce on The JRE talking about Burning Man, Psilocybin research, ancient civilisations and cataclysms, The Eleusinian mysteries, rites of passage, endogenous visioning, the origins of life, the new space movement, technology and virtual worlds, AI and biology, Terence McKenna's Timewave theory and much more !
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