David Seven: Mushroom Trip Gone Horribly Wrong Options
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As a youth I spent quite a bit of time in Oregon Youth Authority correctional facilities. In one of them (Tillamook Youth Accountability Camp) I met a quiet teen named David Seven. He was in for property crimes, nothing violent. Seemed nice enough, like I said, very quiet, soft spoken. Two years later I was back in the same facility doing a 30 day refresher for parole violation, and the guards were all talking about Seven. He ate mushrooms, had what I can only imagine was a bad trip, and killed his mother with a pair of scissors. When the police came he had placed her in the tub, put a bible on her, was crying and begging her to wake up.

Saw something in another thread about a friends mushroom freakout in younger years and it reminded me of this.
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I liked the part where he killed his mother with the scissors--I mean, as like for a horror story I might write :B But I'm gonna change the "he ate mushrooms" thing for something else.
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