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Hello Everyone!

So here's a little experience report.
As usual: I'm 5'11, 150 lbs, I do it around 9, after my ritual, before having dinner. Didn't have a drink in the last 24 hours or so.

I use the e-mesh technique and I can give you the specs if anyone needs it.

I went for 20mg this time. Probably got the whole thing in one toke, though, this time, couldn't manage to keep the whole vapor inside my lungs. I found myself kind of short of breath, so vape was coming out of my nose a bit and my heartbeat sped up. Not very comfortable. I exhaled a bit of vapor, unfortunately.

As I was gonna try to take a second hit, my bed sheets started to show the classic fractals and the room got filled with holy presence. I laid down, thinking I had to be respectful, and I could feel the spirits telling me to be in the moment cause this was serious. I kept my eyes open for a moment (which never happens to me), staring at the ceiling, feeling that "things were happening".

Ended up closing my eyes and, once again, my memories are blurry. But I came back with a couple of things.

1) at some point, around the end of the trip, it felt like I met the "chief", the chief of entities: basically a "ape-shaped being" made of those geometrical shapes, standing in front of me. I say "ape shaped" to say that "it" had a head, and arms, and legs, and was standing up. But that's it.
2) entities and the chief were clearly playing with me. They were showing and hiding stuff at the same time. Like "look here! too late, it disappeared!". I was laughing pretty hard. That "place" they were giving me glimpses of looked like a bright white room. Didn't get in.
3) I felt very intensely presences with me (that happens to me, all the time, like there's a sitter next to me). Among them, for once, there was an identifiable presence, my girlfriend (if you read me babe, love you!).

When I got back, I was out of breath, my heart was racing, and I felt on the verge of a hypoglycemia crisis.
It was SUPER intense. I kept laughing during the whole trip, though.

This was very, very impressive, disturbing, but in a good way, of course. This is so fascinating. I feel so grateful to have that in my life. It feels like it changes everything.

Love to all of you and thanks for reading : )

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Who is the commander in chief, the supreme commander, of all of reality? Where does he rule from and what is his rule? From one thing, know ten thousand.

Thank you so much for the trip report you beautiful soul🌼 Always here with you in pure helping spirit.
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May this world be established with a sense of well-being and happiness. May all beings in all worlds be blessed with peace, contentment, and freedom.
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